The Ongoing and the Going On

So, this is one of those personal short posts that seeks to connect to the current situation in my life and the world. It has been a while since I did any real blogging or participated in the worldwide debates and discussions in which I was once a small participant. I have been blessed to have found a love in my life with a very special woman who was my classmate when we were in elementary school. We had not spent time together since the last year of middle school until we met again at the small initial planning and mourning funeral of the father of some mutual friends who were siblings. The son invited me and the daughter invited her. We are a few more than a few months into the relationship now. It is the best and most important thing in y life and she is the best and most important person. That is all as it should be.

Beyond that I am trying to make it, trying to do right and finding some satisfaction in some things I do and see. But there are no certainties and without the relationship that I have found the pain, misery and gloom would greatly outweigh any positive elements in my life’s tally. However, while I can be with her life is better than endurable.

I am just as much an unpublished novelist and a many times published writer as I ever was. I am just as interested in the future of space as I ever was. I am just as interested in Cajun history as I ever was. But life drawing to the years where almost everything I have done has been in vain. In the bleak decades remaining with no harvest for the years of clearing, tilling. sowing and weeding I have found someone who is able to give me joy and and share my life and enjoy the tiny rewards I am able to generate from the toxic wasteland in which I live my life. While I can I will focus on the joys and comforts of being with her.

Whether I will be blogging much in the future I am not sure. But I am still acknowledging this blog as part of who I am and have been.

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