Memorial Day Musings

This is being written in the wee hours of Memorial Day itself. The Monday holiday where Americans honor those who have died in the armed services for this country is underway. Last evening I watched part of the PBS concert for the National Memorial Day celebration when I could as it aired twice in quick succession. This Memorial Day is a bit different than most with fewer big barbecues and crowded sales. But neither have been much part of my own Memorial Day on an average day.

I have blogged about memorial day at this site here, here and here. I actually have quite a few other posts besides the three linked to the word here in the last sentence. The holiday means a lot to me. This Memorial Day we are also facing the  Pandemic and in the United States of America we face the deaths of about a hundred thousand Americans form this disease so far by the time of this writing.

I have another post in me, if I can get to it, about my own activities this weekend and about my own relationship with the military. But this post is a short and simple one to offer a prayer for the souls and bereaved families of all those who died in the service of the USA. To honor the memories of  all those Americans killed in wars is another purpose. Lastly to honor courage, discipline and sacrifice for love of country. Perhaps I  will get out my later post and perhaps not. But it is a comfort to me at least to post this. I am in some pain and it is goof to get these words out there.

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