Late Sunday Note

I will be brief today.  Although I get email notifications I just dropped in on The Norton View and I have been very interested to see what the virtual configuration of The House of Lords will be. But I also have been wondering if it will be the occasion to launch again The Lords of the Blog.  It is perhaps a biographical accident that I am engaged with those two blogs in the way that I am. But at this moment I have some time to work on restoring things that have lapsed such as my own blog. I also am thinking about that old place of discussion unlike anything else in the world.

We face a variety of challenges these days. I am facing some of these. But I am checking in because I have some data which may not rollover on to the next period tomorrow. I also have the hope of filing something online just after midnight. But I do not know if that will work or if there will be a lag of few hours.

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