Hurricane Harvey, the Eclipse and Other Events

One wonderful thing that has happened to me is the birth of my niece Esme Rose Granger to my sister Sarah and her husband Kevin.  That little child is a wonder and a wonderful addition to the family and I pray that she will be healthy and safely see her life develop and blossom in all the best ways. But I know that regardless she is born into a loving nuclear family and extended family too. It was a joy to meet and hold her. Her mother assured me that it was the easiest delivery of the seven children she has brought into the world. But as difficult as childbirth must be the challenges of parenting only begin there. The whole family is in my thoughts and prayers.

I am very aware of wonders right now although I do not feel as wondrous as I would like to feel.  Esme has been a wonder as all children are and in special ways as well. The eclipse that passed over North America was another wonder, it was not at its full glory here but was still impressive to me.  The fury of Hurricane Harvey largely passed me by although I have spent a lot of sweat and time cleaning up from the storm. There was little flooding and less damage than expected and I did not spend much time photographing the effects that were near to me.

In this part of the United States of America we had a 78 percent eclipse of the sun at maximum. It produced some very interesting effects but not so much up in the sky as down on the ground. The shadows between leaves under trees produced a panoply of blazing crescents amid the shade such as is never seen at other times. Each once produced by a sunbeam with a moon shadow built in. Those are the pictures here.



There has been a lot going on around me since my last post and this will do little justice to the whole picture and timeline of those events..

For details on Hurricane  Harvey coverage look at the stories linked in this post such as the ones  here and here.  For a map of what the federal government is doing see this link and this one. For places to donate funds link here and here  and here. Although my click through rate for this blog is low I feel that his discharges my duty  as a blogger for now.  For me other  than raising and lowering furniture, cleaning up debris and staying in touch with a few people I care about in the affected zones there is not much to say or write just now. and not many  pictures to support whatever I would blog.

I am just checking in for now and hoping for better things to discuss in my life soon.

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