DL Menard remembered…

I have looked back on recent years with mixed feelings and some troubled thoughts but one bright spot was meeting DL Menard a few times.;;
This is his obituary in the New York Times.  He was a legend in many ways…. My cousin Billy Massie’s death prevented my attending recent ceremonies in Erath honoring Native Son and local musician  and songwriter D L Menard. I was going to be part of a group of Acadian Museum related attendees. However I had seen him in recent months at the Acadian Museum Cafe in Erath where this picture was taken by me. We talked for a while.

Back in  time just a bit   in 20011 D L Menard
joined with L’Angelus to play for a Family Missions Company fundraiser called Music for the Mission from Madeleine Square.

I had quite a few picture of that including some with D L  but most are currently lost or inaccessible.  Family Mission has a tradition of raising funds through music.  The link here connects to music made by those involved in the FMC life daily. 

So Mr. D.L. Menard was part of my life and many others through the recent past but he is enshrined in a mural at the Museum Cafe and written up in the New York Times mostly for things he dis in the fairly distant past.  I listened to and sang along with his music then but I had not conversed with him at any length before 2011.

This post is just a mention of a man who was known for a body of work and for friendship, making  furniture and being a pillar of the Acadian  Community in Louisiana.  I was glad to have known him.

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