A walk in the Park

Yesterday Jude Meaux, Philippe Boudreau and a I — along with other people spent some time in Godchaux park while my brother John Paul Summers was (as far as I can tell) Director of Photography and Co-Director with Peter Ambrosio who is Director, Writer and Executive Producer on a new project that John Paul and his Infinite Focus business are filming in Acadiana. We got a chance to do some work and the home base for the day was at my parents house nearby.

It was great to see JP work. My general rule in recent years is that nothing ever works out in my life for the best but it was possible to remember better days and I was happy to see JP doing well. I taught him a home school film class when he was in elementary school and I have followed his growing interest in film since then.

Films are always interesting and the project was one which interested me a good bit for a whole variety of reasons. I am tempted to optimism by such events as good day but regular readers will know that the temptations never last long i never succumb to them entirely.


But the day was  a good one and local film community players such as UL Professor  D. Broussard were on hand as were many people with whom my brother has developed relationships.  Peter knows John Paul’s (and my own) first cousin Taso Smith who moved out to LA to work with his band Youngblood Hawke.  Tasso also spent plenty of time here (despite being a San Antonio guy)  and thus the connections were made. Jude, Philippe and I have all spent some time in Drama and media and so this was a good opportunity to reminisce

Titles may change and I am not really associated with the project directly nor entitled to speak for them but the whole thing looked great and the lead whose actual name is Dasha Nekrasova and who has worked with Ambrosio before  was an attractive and commanding presence even before the magic of post production.

Sunday girl Dasha Nekrasova 1

While these phone based bandit cam shots don’t really capture the magic they do create a sense of the project. I hope that more films will be made in the area and I salute the ones that are being made. I hope to here more from Peter and JP in the future as they make quite a team. Best wishes from me to all involved in this project.


I will highlight this film in this blog when it comes out if I can. All photographs were taken by me in a public park without encouragement  or discouragement  of the dour lurking relative cam…

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