Whip Steve Scalise and Others Shot

Today is President Donald James Trump’s birthday and tomorrow is mine. That is just one pair of several reasons why I am not covering the shooting up of the Republican Congressional Baseball Team practice as well as I otherwise might in this post relatively late in the day of its occurrence.

Violence is not new to American political life. The shooter in this case appears to have been a very highly politically aware citizen with a penchant for violence. He was deeply antithetical to Republicans, he was armed, homeless and living near the park in his car. As it happened this was a park where Congressional Republicans gathered on many occasions to practice for a charity softball game against Congressional Democrats. Congressional women play against the female press corps. Both games are important events in and around our Nation’s Capital. Steve Scalise  as majority whip had a security detail. Thus it was a gunfight and not a slaughter. But the shooter appears to have been a terrorist out to kill Republicans.

I am praying for the recovery of Louisiana’s own Steve Scalise and for his family. He’s a man of small government, pro-life and cultural conservative principles. A staffer, a lobbyist, two Capitol police officers and the shooter were also transported injured from the scene. I hope to post more about this in the future.

But for now, it is surely another sign of trouble.

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