Just checking in

Last night on the Academy Awards there was a faux pas. The best picture award was announced for LA LA Land and then turned out to be awarded to Moonlight. I am not above making a few jokes about that fumble. Meanwhile I also recognize how much success and organization the Oscars show otherwise and contrast that to how many points of infrastructure and organization in my own life are barely holding on. I fixed about ten things that needed fixing last week but the curve is still more to entropy than progress. So how can I criticize one glitch.  Hollywood is something I have posted about before here, here and here. In addition, I have often mentioned The Blob made in Abbeville and on which I worked as well as Louisiana Story, made in Abbeville about which I studied and wrote but have only published a little.  Today I am a bit sleep deprived and the weather is odd but I will try to get a few things done since I cannot party very much anyway. Feels more Lent than Carnival inside my head today. A different man would not watch award shows when his life has largely slipped out of the contentions where he once competed. But I still watch human excellence of various kinds and sometimes indulge in hope for some reward for some of my unrewarded labors. But I am more tired than excited and other than this post won’t be likley to discuss the Oscars much.


I have been staying fairly busy with a lot of things that needed doing, helping a friend get settled back into the United States of America after a long time away and working on lawns and trying to maintain various equipment with insufficient resources.Things like moving somewhere where I might thrive more readily, finding decent work for pay, editing my novel or dissertation for publication, real quality recreation or anything else is not able to be done just now effectively.  I need to try to use Lent to do the impossible by paring away some of the relatively necessary. it will take some real sacrifice to try to be good to myself in the long term. Not likely to matter much in all honesty. I also watched the Academy Awards last night. This is Lundi Gras, tomorrow is Mardi Gras and then Ash Wednesday.   I have also been spending time on things that just  concern me for now and take time.

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