A Personal Post Before the Pause

I am going to slow the rate of my posts now. At least for a while. It will not be easy to do the other things that I am going to try to do but I am going to attend to them as best as I can. that will involve slowing my posts for a while. Today , Wednesday February 8, 2017 — I did my laundry at my parents house as I usually do on Wednesday. I got up later than usual although not so late as a lot of people get up every day and when I woke up I put the plants from my little sitting room out and watered them as I usually do on Thursday mornings. So when I bring them in this evening they will be fine but when I don’t water them again until next Thursday they may be a bit parched.  These are among the little things that I do each  week that fill up my day. Sunday, I installed the new Snapper bag I got on E-Bay and cut and vacuum raked Mom and Dad’s lawn. Monday, I had coffee with my sister at Mc Donald’s as I often do, gave her kids little gifts and watched them play on the playset there. Then I went to the library and fired off one of these posts.  I came by   my parents afterwards for the purpose of contacting parish solid waste from my mother’s phone to complain that the many leaf bags, a Christmas tree and some other items had not been picked up by their trash pick up in too long, but I got some new that caused me to forget about that. I stopped by to ask them to pray for Maddie Briann Aldridge — the daughter of a former Facebook friend, Jamie Lynn Spears. Maddie had been caught under an ATV and trapped in the water. By the time of this posting she is off the ventilator, speaking and is believed to have no neurological damage. We had lunch. I went to pick up the burgers and fries. Later I showed a friend who is just back in the country and back in town an apartment that was available for rent and we visited for a while, smoked and he gave me a book on cigars and some candies from the country he was returning from. He seems to feel the department is not for him and I urged him to share that with the landlord  — but he is still trying to decide. We also talked a bout what an enjoyable time we had watching the Super Bowl at the party at my mother and father’s house.  I did a tiny shopping and that was about it until I got back to my current residence and shared one of the foreign sweets with the aunt who lives there and lived there before I moved in this time.

Tuesday after the news I stopped by my parents and did make that call to solid waste. Then I came by the library and fired off another blog post.  I did a bit more shopping (also very little) and stopped by a friend’s house to smoke and chat. I had arranged with Mom to bring by the DVD of Killing Kennedy and watch it with my Dad while she had her weekly meeting. Then I went back home and read for a few hours mostly.

On my way back, I brought them each a foreign chocolate and ran into my sister from the coffee and her kids. I watched the film and then went home and watched Louisiana Public Broadcasting’s airing of a show on Timothy McVeigh and the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building bombing.  Later I stayed up and was able to post good news about Maddie and find out about another friend getting out of the hospital. Later I watched a public TV show on Birth of  A Nation from an African American perspective. That brings me back to today, I blew leaves off the patio and did some dishes and ate leftovers from my parents fridge while doing laundry.  These things fill up my time but my life, not without merits is  not a workable concern in many ways. Early last year I was working a plan to make it workable and since then I have done a lot of interesting things but they are not working out to provide a sustainable life. This blog matters to me and I am invested in it but it does not provide and income. So I need to find the strength to work against hope and reason for something that could be  a life and a living despite all the reasons not to hope for such things. So I hobble forth licking life’s wounds and seeking to find a way back into the often unrewarding fray.

My next post will probably not be personal in this way but I plan to do a few personal posts and frankly discuss some of the challenges that confront me. But I really need to try to get an edge on a few of them and probably get back to posting about once a week. I have laid a foundation and we are  squarely in the Trump administration. Whatever, I post now will be about that administration in some way or another when it is about US politics.

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