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Monday, January 30. 2017 is the birthday of Fred Korematsu who died in 2005 and it is the event which graces the Google Search Engine. The connection between this Civil Rights Activist and the events at airports around the country as protesters disrupted the enforcement of Donald Trump’s travel ban is made more obvious by Google having taken a position on the travel ban. This has been reported at the last embedded link and elsewhere. Those reports will show other interests in Silicon Valley have joined in objecting to Trump’s travel ban halting most immigration from a number of Muslim majority countries.  the reaction to this executive order goes far beyond Silicon Valley however.  There is an overall sense of apprehension about trump that seems greater than normal even in our currently dysfunctional system. This has been captured in the Trump cartoon shown below. Some of my more regular readers and even someone just happening upon this post might wonder about how I am reacting to the new regime not in terms of comment on a specific policy but in more general terms. Do I think, for example, that Trump is likely to bring us as a country to a better future?

In discussing that I want to say first of all that Korematsu protesting the internment of third and second generation American citizens of Japanese descent seems to me quite different than the mobs of protesters and demonstrators disrupting the function of airports where a relative handful of migrants from a list of countries were subjected to extreme vetting. Trump is a pretty mainstream guy and a man deeply connected with such establishment institutions as the Wharton School.  I have posted about him anumber of times in this blog including posts linked here, here and here. However, a search of this blog will reveal far more posts. Obama however was discussed heavily for much of the life of this blog. It will take time to see how differently the two will be treated here in this blog overall — differently surely for they are very different men and very different Presidents of the United States of America.

As for the tone of this blog and of me, its author, my political ideas are outlined in many places. Those include embedded comments in posts such as the one you are reading. The ideas I espouse also appear in more general comments on ideas and structures such as those here and here. Finally, my ideas are put forth in the Model Constitutions of the United States and of Louisiana.   I think that taken together, the two very different Presidents Barack Hussein Obama and Donald JOHN (gasp! I used his middle name)Trump have together made such changes as I propose more likely. Before Obama’s election I would say the chances of those type of reforms were one in five thousand in my lifetime.  Through Obama’s election and during his administration the chances rose to one in a thousand. Since the election of Donald trump and the events ensuing there has been an increase to a chance of almost one in a hundred. I cannot help but think it would be great if such changes were to take place.  However, I still do not see them as likely. So more often than not I will discuss the events of the Trump administration from other points of view. Trump has an agenda that he has put forward which has nothing much to do with my own ideas and proposals but which he has made clear in his campaign as well as statements made before and after the campaign for election to the Presidency.

Trump has since elected sought to repeal Obamacare, he has created and executive order that is somehow a reminder of his famous “Muslim ban”, he has ordered that the wall on the border with Mexico begin.  Those are in line with his campaign promises. But he has done much more than that – he has been meeting with executives and CEOs of   various types. Famous deals including the Carrier deal have reputedly saved jobs and he has approved continuing with the Dakota Access Pipeline opposed by the Lakota and other Aboriginal American Nations. He has said he will cut regulations and now has issued a very strong executive order to achieve that. In addition beyond his campaign promises he has made specific choices of personnel such as Steve Bannon and Betsy De Vos who arguably are the first real representatives of far right political thought in many decades. These folks and General Flynn seem to be particularly controversial. They seem to me like intelligent people with a sense that the country is in crisis and that real disruptive change is needed. Whether they will do real good for the country or even intend to I really cannot be sure at this time — I hope to be watching.

As Trump frees up energy and money from the existing bureaucracy will there be a chance to undertake dynamic new projects like my crater cap colony projects or ones like this and this? I would say that there is no strong evidence for that so far. But it might happen, he does seem to have the high energy that he promised that he would have — that is even more remarkable for a man who is so much older than many others have been. The flurry of executive orders, the many meetings, the stream of tweets (now coming from @POTUS) and many other acts and speeches show the energy he brings to this task.  This could be a new Trump  Technology Tour de Force — or it might not be such an era. That depends on a great number of different factors. Renewal of the inner cities, the development of clean coal technologies, investments in a better oil industry and  updating our nuclear arsenal are all things Trump has shown some interest in achieving. We will see where that ends up.

My own life in many ways went from bad to worse during the Obama administration and has gotten very much worse during those eight years. There seem to be no real reasons to believe that there are good  chances it will improve under the Trump administration. But there is a sense that forces which have been continuously and ever more openly acting against elements of society with which I am associated have been called off. I have few real regrets but it is nonetheless true that in surviving, doing the good that I have been able to do and getting where I am — I have ended up in a situation with little promise or security. Nothing I see happening under Trump has a real good chance of placing me in a good position for the foreseeable future. But some calamities that I could list but will not seem to have been delayed or temporarily averted. That summarizes the view that I have of my won current position — from which I  blog.


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