A General Report and a Blog Report.

I was very disappointed that Word Press did not furnish an official summary of 2016 on my blog that could be shared. The performance of the Blog was fine. At least as good as last year. But it is not the same for me to report it as for you to read their review. Life is full of disappointment. This is certainly not the only one that I have to deal with at this time.

In 2016, my blog had visitors from over 60 countries. Only the United States had visitors that numbered in the thousands. Brazil made it into the hundreds and the United Kingdom and a few other countries were not too far behind Brazil. Most of the countries had a few visitors. But there’s a real difference between countries with a few dozen visitors and those with a visitor or two.

There was a decline in comments which have always been limited. I did gain some more followers while still having few of those. The same basic number of visitors had substantially more views than the last two years. So visitors were more engaged with the blog in 2016.

I moved to Abbeville, presented an academic paper, worked with the Acadian Museum and failed to get into LSU Graduate School. I began ministry at a church parish ( distributing communion) for the first time in many years.

Overall, my life continued the trajectory of the last twenty years with the exception of my time in China. It’s gone clearly from bad to worse every year and this was not an exception.

I am paying for a post office box that returns all my important mail to sender as well as another box. No problem I deal with here is ever reasonably addressed and my general outlook is horrific. I stay bust doing small but useful things for now without hope.  I often wake up amazed at how badly things have worked out. But I am also aware that they could be worse and probably will be next year.




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