Influenza, Influence and reading about Affluence

The occasion of having been sick for the second time this winter is the occasion for this post taking the form that it has. That sickness was very likely some form of the flu. But I also have spent these last few days trying to understand some of the people who will be persons of influence in the next administration. Pruitt, Price, Hayley, De Voss, and others who are up for significant appointments join the ranks of Matthis, Tillerson, Sessions and Mike Pence himself in either appearing before the Senate Committees or otherwise being more visible to the nation as a whole. I wonder at what influence each of these men and women may have and what other influences they will deal with and compete with. I am also aware of some of the limits and parameters of my own influence. I have certainly got a sense of the bleak and desolate quality of my own future which has become a more pronounced part of my life. But aside from that, I have been through a period of reasoning related to the transition period which is not always bleak. I do see some positive promise for the future in this set of changes. I have resented much of the nonsense of the Obama Administration. This period definitely promises to purify much of that.

I have been sick twice this winter. Perhaps, I will come through this time alright and perhaps not. It seems to me that at the time I started this post I had the flu, perhaps I still  I have the flu. I have also been smoking more the last few months than I have ever permitted myself to smoke before and over the last few years in general I have smoked too much. I don’t really aspire to never smoke. But nicotine withdrawal and somewhat abused lungs have doubtlessly complicated and worsened this bout with the flu. The day I spent on Wednesday was a day of accelerating recovery, dealing with irritating old news about problems with my mail which I cannot solve. I also worked on some problems with computers and household appliances at the home of my parents. But we also discussed the upcoming Inauguration Day on Friday.

While sick earlier this year  set up three Go Fund Me Campaigns. My sister is the only donor that has contributed to any of the three so far. This time I am working on those campaigns and other projects but also reading a book on flipping houses and related ventures. It is titled “Building Wealth in Today’s Real Estate Market” and is part of the assigned reading for a seminar my mother and I are supposed to attend in March. Our tuition is already paid up. The three day seminar we are scheduled to attend is in March. Wealth is much discussed this week. That includes the disclosure of the fact that the eight richest men have more wealth than the poorest half of the human race.

This is my interim blog post. Soon I hope to be posting about President Trump and other matters and people who appear to matter. While still remembering that we all matter.

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