The number of days in 2016 is waning–


I cannot promise that the next post will be a typical year in review post like this one and this one. But I guess that it probably will be.    This post is a little different. I am not very forcefully launching three gofundme campaigns. I am delighted if any readers will take an interest in the Acadiana Military Heritage Sites, Summers Progress Publishing or the Crater Cap Colony Concept campaigns.     But there are many other things going on in this voluminous blog and this year and I do want to just brush past them before the statistical  analysis of the year which I always try to publish.

This has been a different few weeks than most of the rest of the year. But it is also the end of the year. The holidays have been a different and worthwhile time of year. There are some fine things celebrated and said in relation to Christmas. There is not a lot that I can cover related to just the holidays at the end of the year that is in any way sufficient.

The picture below is something that represents a preoccupation besides the holidays which has filled my time of late. The World Heritage Site project. It has begun to get some notice in the media. There will be much more to say about it over time. The picture below has standing left to right; R. Martin Guidry, Raymond Berthelot, Alan Broussard, myself and Warren Perrin.  Seated before us are Bill Roberts and Christie Disher. This was the meeting mentioned here before at the Capitol Annex.




There is a great deal to be aware of in these days. But the totality of the year is complicated enough. I have been busy enough but not excessively successful or productive in my endeavors so far. It would be great to get some kind of breakthrough in my life that would put  2017 in a brighter perspective. But I know that i am more fortunate than many with things just as they are….


I am this year aware of the deaths of Muhamed Ali, Fidel Castro, George Michael, Nancy Reagan, Antonin Scalia, Patty Duke, Carrie Fisher, Prince, John Glenn, David Bowie and so many others. But the truth is that the deaths of years long past have also been on my mind. Not only personal losses but also the lives and deaths of ancestors long gone who worked to make some of the good parts of my life possible. Although they did not know me at all, they labored and fought on my behalf.  The tombs of ancestors I knew well and old friends rest among the tombs of people whose lives and times I am researching for various projects.

The political news has of course been important. There have been lots of political blog posts this year, although perhaps not enough. As I type this post my sister in law awaits the delivery of a new baby and labors in that precious cause. But I do not post regular birth announcements much.   However I may mention this again.


My guess is that perhaps my next post will be mostly the WordPress Year in Review with a few added comments and insights from me. Best wishes to you all for New Years Day and the New Year….

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