Christmas and Holiday Reflections

I am writing on the third Day of Christmas. In the song Twelve Days of Christmas this is the day that the true love gives  the singer a partridge in a pear tree, two turtle doves,  and three French hens — the beloved at this point has three pear trees, four turtle doves and three French hens which is a pretty nice set of Christmas gifts — even if it is not much compared to what is coming along. This is also the day after the Feast of Stephen. The first Christian Martyr and leader of the first set of Christian deacons, Stephen is an inspirational character. The Feast of Stephen is also mentioned in the Christmas Carol Good King Wenceslaus. I went to one very nice Christmas concert with lots of great music and played three good Christmas DVDs but neither of these carols were on either of those formats as I recall.


But the Christmas season is also in full swing in other aspects and I may have to recall it from a bit further into the future to do it justice. This is just a little blog post rushed in among other things. I took few pictures this Christmas Day. But I was present to the day from ministering at Mass at seven a.m. to  preparing a turkey  and to joining in the feast and family gift exchange. Yesterday I made turkey  soup and distributed it as I often do — i had a friend over for a simple meal. He knows who he is.

On Christmas Eve I heard from a woman who knows I think highly of her and it brightened my day but left me a bit lonely. She knows who she is as well. I was also aware that people were celebrating Chanukah this year at the same time. But I sent our few greetings of any kind this holiday season. I do say here Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


I will be back soon with a Year in Review Post if I do not have something more. I hope that all you who read this have a blessed and pleasant time in the best ways … till then at least.

Tomorrow is another deadline in certifying our election results. The States are to have sent in the certified results of each state’s Electoral College Votes to D.C. and the proper offices by close of business tomorrow.. One more step.

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