A Few Important Days in December

Today is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. It is a day in which I was privileged to serve as a Eucharistic minister at my parish Church at 6:30 a.m. Yesterday evening while doing laundry at my parents house while eating supper with my father and brother and visiting with my mother I missed the Commissioning of the FMC Missionary Intake Class of 2016. That morning I had begun the day as a regular participant at daily mass and as a participant in the rosary led by the Men of St. Mary. There we remembered the souls of those killed in Pearl Harbor and throughout World War II in our prayers.   Late in the evening I watched the film Pearl Harbor on AMC.  That is sort of a Pearl Harbor Day tradition for me.

At noon or so I got together with a friend named Rusty Chastant and we spoke about the work we had done on cultural tourism years ago and then headed off to the Organizational Meeting of the World Heritage Site Committee. The meeting was productive and included Warren and Mary Broussard Perrin, R. Martin Guidry, Professor T. Cauvin, Aaron Flejeance, Aimee and Al Broussard, Professor Mark Rees, Rusty and myself. Given the possibility of an error or two be corrected in rendering these names these people represented a good portion of the Acadian Historical-Cultural  community and many others were represented on the email list. Progress was made on submitting names for and setting up subcommittees. It seems as though there is a great body of knowledge and information as well as a good fund of energy in this project. I hopeful for good results



I am hopeful that as I observe this Advent, some good things will happen to help me solve my most insoluble  problems which have not shown any sign of being solvable for a long time. But in the meanwhile I go through life with a four pronged approach of life and survival in the now, seeking to relocate and start a simpler life, working on the great projects that I have long been involved in and which evolve daily and lastly being a participant in my time and society in the ways any good citizen would hope to be.

My interest in the meanwhile in the election, the coming presidency and many other matters goes on apace. I hope that I will also be able to deal with a birthday or two on my mind and other family related matters. But his post is a sort of round-up of what is going right now….

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