UNESCO? I Nesco, N’es pas Reconnaissent ?

Yesterday, I was part of a productive meeting in the Louisiana State Capitol Annex with Warren Perrin, Al Broussard, R. Martin Guidry, Glen Viltz, Bill Roberts, Christie Disher, and our principal host Raymond Berthelot who among other titles is Chief of Interpretive Services for the Louisiana State Parks system.  It was the first meeting of what may be the central committee for a ten to fifteen year process of creating a Cajun Nation World Heritage Site under United Nations auspices I have been asked to chair the Historical Subcommittee. It has been recorded that I offered to do so but that is not my recollection. The provisional minutes also do not mention other sub-committees and there were several formed. In a addition Glen Viltz took the only official group picture on Warren Perrin’s phone and so I don’t have that. But despite these challenges already emerging– I feel the meeting was unusually productive. It may happen that the process is blessed with real potential outcomes that are desirable.  I have consented to another meeting upcoming.


I hope to post more about that meeting itself over time. I have not spoken with Carl Brasseaux, Daniel Haulman,  Naomi Griffiths, Barry Ancelet, Ronnie-Gilles LeBlanc, Dr. Christophe Rivette, Claude Degrâce and Paul Surette– nor half a dozen others. None of them are people I talk to frequently. But I would be more than happy to have any or all of these scholars on the subcommittee. In fact in the case of Brasseaux he is well aware that I am a fan without restraint for decades, in a way barring real professional aplomb.  But I am not sure who will actually be on the subcommittee.

We shall see what we shall see. But for now I have a dozen more urgent if not more important things to attend to each day and so I leave this as an introductory post.

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