Too Little too late for no good reason

I started tonight to erase and delete some material in this blog. This will take some time if I have it. I didn’t attend Thanksgiving dinner, I never date, I am not able to find enough work of any kind. Things continue to look worse. My blog has been a blend of extreme sarcasm, proposed theory, personal experiences, and challenging essays that are not so well edited. But now, I must use what time I have to thin out what is most likely not within the boundaries of our complex social fabric. I have no reason to believe that this alone will see me in a good job or with a good girlfriend. But it is a theoretical step in the direction of conformity to social norms.

I will write more about this later if I have the chance. But I don’t seem to be sustaining even a position for such an edit of pages and posts. But I will try now. Meanwhile, I will add new things when I can.

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