The Trump Presidency: What ifs, Wherefores and Whens

The Trump Presidency has yet to begin and yet there is plenty to say about it. The place where it all plays out is as significant as anything else. It is not controvertible that there is something new and different about this campaign and transition. the remainder of the Presidency may not yet be set in stone. But a great deal is determined already. The cite of the transition at trump Tower, the enormous paid staff, the close cooperation with the NYPD. These all make this transition memorable.


As for as determining what will happen next there are snippets of information here and there. There are guesses and conjectures and a good number of reports as well based on some kind of presumably hard evidence.

The truth is that Trump is already a powerful and influential man and his election allows him to merge the new political power with a body of private power. The fame he has attained and the wealth he oversees may pose special challenges but they do not interfere with his capacity to make the transition any more than they facilitate that transition.  What else do we know about what is going on in the tower?download-2



Trump has appointed Mike Pence to oversee the transition since he removed Chris Christie.  He may or may not have named his son-in law to an advisory role and may or may not have asked for him to get security clearance. He does seem to have appointed General Flynn as  National Security advisor and Stephen Bannon as Chief Strategist in the new administration. He has appointed Rience Priebus as Chief of Staff. The combination of Bannon as right wing bloglord and Priebus as former head of the establishment RNC strikes people as a compelling tension built in. It is reported that Giuliani and Romney — both household names in the GOP world are on the shortlist for Secretary of State. But others have been mentioned.   There are signs that Capitol Hill is gearing up to work with the Trump administration. 

There are also reports that Paul Ryan will not work as majority leader to create a Deportation Force. Many cities have been clear that they will continue to operate as Sanctuary cities. in addition protest continue across many areas of the United States of America. So the Trump Tower does resemble a fortress these days in more ways than one. But there is a sense that he will be coming in from a position and base that he has secure himself and he seems well able to do so. download-5


I myself am hopeful that this can be a time for America to do some soul searching which many of my fellow citizens on the left have been eager to discuss. But I do not think the fact that America has chosen a privately rich and powerful man as  Chief Magistrate, President and Chief Ex

ecutive of our republic is anything to apologize for — it makes plenty of sense to me. Those aspects of his life are not enough but they do not detract in themselves. But I have heard many people imply that the opposite is true– that his wealth is a handicap that cannot be overcome. 

download-7I think that the country realizes that there are many challenges to be faced in the world and America must face them. I think Americans realize the very urban Trump Tower is the site of a political revolt in large part centered in midsize cities, small towns and the true rural parts of the country. Many Americans realize  that the Democrats presence in Congress is historically small.

Trump will make a difference. He already has made a difference and there will be many things for me to criticize as time goes on but for the moent he is setting a tone that needs to be set and revealing a great deal to our nation and society that needs to be revealed. There is still a good bit up in the air and there will be a leadership election after Thanksgiving — yet some of the team seems to be set. The defeat of the Hillary ticket and her plurality (or possible majority) in the popular vote have also sent ripples across the face of the pond of American feminism. There are many voices addressing these energies directly and some voices addressing these issues more subtly.

download images-1 images



For those awaiting possible deportation there is a great deal of a sense of urgency. But for those inclined to consider policy there is much yet to know about the number involved and the nature of the deportations which a President Trump may enforce.

Likewise there is discussion as to what a wall on our border with Mexico will look like. How will such a wall be built and how will it function? The details can matter a great deal to many people.
It willl be interesting to see if Newt Gingrich gets a place in the administration. He has at least one part of his portfolio which would give a different spin to Trump’s desire to Make a America and unrivaled super power — he seems to share my belief in the desirability of space colonization. I think such a goal could enoble and improve Trump’s agenda. Trump’s view on space are not entirely clear but have received attention in places like this, this and this.

This is a  time of big change and space is one of the areas where big change is possible. It is also a basis for justifying real suffering . If one believes as I do that real colonization is possible. If, like me, one has labored in that vineyard. There is a Mars series on National Geographic Channel just now starting up. I posted this picture as my largely mute criticism of the plans it demonstrates:
15078648_10211213163866355_1169294305110545054_nI will not get into its interpretation here. I will only say colonization needs a different paradigm than we have been discussing. But space has been in discussions and communication here, here and here for example.   trump is aman hungry for glory, triumph and growth and Space colonization offers a hard, challenging and dangerous chance for all three. But it is in my view a necessary risk. We will see if someone can make that case to the President -Elect. The issues that I plan to look at with Trump in mind in coming posts include: immigration reform, American cultural identity, space issues, growth, sexual politics and business culture as well as the threats of ISIS and other extremist  Islamist groups. But I don’t have to govern the country right now. The GOP knows that it soon will have govern the country and they are trying to get ready to do so.


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