A Visit at the Acadian Museum

I already have most of my next blog post on the Trump transition written. I have another on after that sketched out. But today I was at the Acadian Museum. I spoke to the Acadian tour group and their companions from Lafayette and New Orleans. I also got to visit with distant relatives and reminisce about my own pilgrimage to those Northern soils.



I spent some time with Cajun music legend D.L. Menard, with another LeBlanc living legend related to General LeBlanc and to whom my father often brings communion. But the guests from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick were the center of attention. Their leader, a Boudreau was inducted into the Order of Living Legends. My time was limited.

I went to Mass after leaving –the anticipated Mass for Sunday. Tomorrow I will be celebrating my mom’s birthday with family. But soon I will return to discussing national politics….

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