Proclaim Conference, Some Football and Other Matters

This weekend was on of several in my life spent at the Proclaim Missions Conferences. I have not posted as much about Family Missions events on this blog as I possibly could have. But there have been posts about intake, Faith Camp and other things.

This weekend was one of several I have spent at the Family Missions Company sponsored Proclaim Catholic Mission Conference — one weekend each of the past several years.  It is something I always cover on my Facebook profile.  But have not included in a blog post until this time as far as I can tell. The call to missionary evangelism is indeed a very important part of the Christian message. It is indeed vital as a part of my own life.


I rejoice at what is being done in Family Missions Company and elsewhere in that holy cause. However, I am not involved in the inner workings of the conference. Nor am I able to say that I have done more than assist with some logistics and contribute some of  my very meager supply of money. It has been a desire of my heart to see this conference prosper over time.




It takes quite a bit too put on a conference like this. I was happy to participate.  I helped my mother set up the hospitality suite on the  Friday. That was a blessing but mostly I went to the sessions. I listened and met some friends and associates.


The care of the dog my parents left at home fell to me as well as I live nearby. But other than that I did not do much except attend. However, I did attend almost everything. I did miss Saturday evening to watch my nephew Eli play football. He and the John Paul the Great Academy Guardians won their state football championships. It was a good game and a fitting conclusion to the a fine season.

So that was my weekend. Now there are new concerns. to deal with and I will as best I can.

But it was a good way to spend the weekend….

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