On the Way to the Conference

I have one more meeting tomorrow that is pretty important to me and then am all involved with my trip to the Gulf South History and Humanities Conference. I present in Mobile, Alabama on the 14th. My topic is “Emerging Views: Reemergence of American Identity in Postwar Acadiana and the SONJ Documentary Projects.” I am glad to have the opportunity to make the presentation.

It will be a simple paper reading as part  of a three person panel. But it is the most I have gotten so far for my Emerging Views book project. My parents will be coming with me and this will be the longest I have ever stayed in this immediate area without traveling in my lifetime so far. So I am hoping the trip will be a break. in the meanwhile I am busy with and enjoying things in Abbeville and Acadiana as well as I can.

The life here can be and at times is quite rich but my own best interactions with it may well be in the past. Nonetheless, I am fully engaged in this time and hoping for success in some endeavors that are worth a little hope at least.

I hope to report on the trip and the talk over time and on the outcome of my meeting tomorrow eventually.  For now I am still preoccupied away from as frequent blogging as might otherwise be the case.

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