Falling and Rising into Autumn

I hope to do at least one post and maybe several posts about a presentation I am scheduled to make in mid October. It’s going to be my first academic presentation in the United States in many years.  I hope that it will go well. However,  It’s most urgent that it go. Preparing my paper and presenting it will take up most of my discretionary and creative time and energy.

This comes in a season when some other good things are happening and there are also many challenges. But the presentation is a special opportunity.


This is related to my thesis and there will be some influence from the Acadian Museum exhibit I worked on. But it will also be a unique presentation.

This return to academic work cooincides with my continuing to try to make it in my hometown. I spoke to Mayor Piazza yesterday and he said about two hundred homes in town had significant flood damage.  A fire station is also badly damaged.  But my life in town is in a pretty positive mode.

I have been serving as a Eucharistic minister at my home church. It’s been a blessed duty.

I’m trying to keep track of things that need doing around the lawns and take care of those things. This region has a severe lawn moth infestation.

In October I am scheduled to present a paper to the Gulf South History and Humanities Conference. I will try to focus on that work and while I do I will be living in a society where national conflicts exacerbate the problems we already have which in turn complicate recovery from disaster.

Just yesterday i took many of the pictures below of protesters outside the Abbeville central monument which is the Vermilion Parish Courthouse. They were objecting to their friends and relatives being categorized as gang members. THe recent past before the food has seen a full press against gangs in this area. Many of us locally feel law enforcement was doing a good job in addressing a problem. But the total national environment is what it is and the racial overtones become part of the conversation as well.

I am also aware of the ordinary joys and challenges of being a citizen of the country and city in which I live. The challenge of facing a variety of crises which involve me not as an individual but as a part of human society. That will hopefully be part of my conference presentation as well.


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