Not Dead Just a Deadbeat Blog Father

I am totally neglecting the blog so far in 2015. I have many problems in my surrounds, situation and life I am not able to fully address. My novel is very time consuming and I have other reasons as well. But, GOD WILLING I will return someday.

A few days ago this plant was almost completely dormant.

One of the plants in the space I tend to quite assiduously


I am now doing something truly foolish and placing a link to my disorganized, unedited and assorted google photos as a substitute for getting back into the swing of things today.

Almost half the year is gone and I have scarcely stopped by here. But perhaps there will be some good wind that blows my way and that will allow me to get here and do so in a better way than before.

I may edit out this link later but here it is for now. We will see if it functions or not.

I have gotten a chapter one hundred and fifty written of my novel about Jesus. I intend two hundred chapters so that is a good bit of the way there.  I have relatives who are ill, personal health distractions and in general am not doing as well as I could be at getting by — But I have not forgotten the blog and do appreciate those who stop by and read something or even post a comment.

I hope to get back to a post  or two a month now. But that may not happen yet.

That's me with docent Casa Vice at the Acadian Museum

That’s me with docent Casa Vice at the Acadian Museum

The truth is that there are a lot of other things I cannot do much about right now.  If I could I might prioritize them.

2 responses to “Not Dead Just a Deadbeat Blog Father

  1. It’s fun putting up our unsorted stuff every so often!

    I am intrigued that you have nominated your work on Jesus as a novel. A biography would pose certain problems and boldness might deter a wider readership, perhaps?

    No matter, it will help keep me occupied in the months ahead. No pressure…

    • Lady Tizres,

      I have written and posted on a Facebook account the first 150 chapters as links to Google docs. I need to get groups of them into posts on this blog.

      However,to use an American boxing term, life has been ringing my bell enough lately to keep me from getting to everything that I would like to do.

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