Last Day of Early Voting

The election to determine the Senator from Louisiana who will  hold the seat of Senior Senator Mary Landrieu will be held December 6, 2014. The last day of early voting is today November 29, 2014. Mary Landrieu’s party will have lost its chairmanships no matter who wins. In addition if Cassidy wins he will be the Junior Senator from Louisiana and David Vitter will become the Senior Senator.  A great deal has changed regardless of the outcome as regards this seat. But a vote by those who read this blog and can vote is important.  I have already discussed the election which includes many issues already decided here.  I have set out some of the impressions the Election Day experience made on me here.  I have set out some of the signs of Obama’s declining stock and discussed its meaning here.  I have discussed Louisiana politics and politicians in a way different than most media have here.  I took two side journeys one on the military and one on race but still part of this election cycle of the blog. But I have not discussed every aspect of the race, I have voted for Landrieu in the past and I voted for Cassidy this  time. I hope people vote according to enlightened self-interest and their consciences. I hope whoever wins will do their duty well. I am giving Cassidy a chance to prove worthy of my support.



The voting booth remains a powerful part of our society.

The voting booth remains a powerful part of our society.

Landrieu tied her reputation to the sing of her party in directions that neither I nor the majority of voters support. America is in a time when many transitions must be made. The GOP will have a chance to show that it can make things better. There will be a lot of conflict with the White House.  Next year will be interesting.

To safeguard liberty we must be able to adapt to the changing times.

To safeguard liberty we must be able to adapt to the changing times.

In all this readers should remember that I belong to no political party. My own political ideas for America are put forth throughout this blog including here, here and here. I am a radical who is committed to the society I would like to change and to its constitutional well-being. I encourage those who can to vote.

3 responses to “Last Day of Early Voting

  1. Hi Frank, I hope I don’t disappoint you in that I have no specific comment on your post. Rather, this is by way of an apology and an explanation of my comment that was somewhat lost due to LotB unable to cope with transatlantic weekend chit-chat:

    I hope, I’m sure you know that I am fond of you. For me, the final scene of the linked film means the last man standing is no more. You were the last man standing for common sense, ploughing on despite the obvious decline of standards on that site. Nothing more was intended and I really must stop assuming people know what is is my mind at any given moment.

    It is too early to send Christmas greetings but, just in case stuff gets in the way, I wish for you every happiness throughout the festive season.


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