Coat of Arms

I once wrote on salary for periodicals more than I do today. In recent years this has greatly diminished. So I am trying a few new ways to show how I connect at least with the larger internet. This is my first re-blogging ever and I am considering hosting a contributing blogger now and then. This is part of a series of posts by Lord Norton on the Coat of Arms and a much larger series of posts in which he and I have communicated in some way. Any reader can see some of his other posts on the coat of arms  here and here.

The Norton View

By popular demand – well, at the request of Frank Summers and the Duke of Waltham – I reproduce my Coat of Arms. 

When I was offered a peerage, I had to see Garter King of Arms to discuss and agree my title.  That actually took little time, much to my relief.  (I had heard various stories of new peers running into objections from Garter as to their preferred titles.)   He was keen to explain to me that it was possible to have a Coat of Arms.  The College of Arms is self-financing and designing Coats of Arms is part of their business, not that he said that.  I was initially inclined not to have a Coat of Arms, but decided that as it was a once in a lifetime event and I would have one.  I told Garter what I would like represented on it and he then came up…

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