American Rights & The Workings of Black Power as We Know it

This post is my effort to address a crisis of the lack of white racial consciousness in America. It is my effort to communicate the truth clearly on those issues related to that in those terms.

This is the kind of post I avoided writing for much of my life. There are many more things I could write and don’t. I do not wish to inflame passions outside of the right and proper conduits and outlets for their best and highest expression. I know that divisions can become very serious indeed. I do not wish to unwisely divide the country.  I do remember all my life being part of a regional remembering perhaps illustrated well in a video clip found here. Besides my connections to a long interest in the history of the States which formed the Confederacy I am a ware of how complex it can be to maintain that history. I am aware of how honoring it can be a means of empowering people who are the enemies of that heritage and always have been as well as those who have very different visions and wish to corrupt those goals and dreams and traditions for very different ones. Nonethless, Confederate feeling survives and the reader can come into contact with  some of those who make a strong effort to publicly preserve its essence here and here.

The definite connections I feel to the South have strong connections to the sense of loss, defeat and desperation which I associate with the end of the War Between the States and the aftermath of that war. The significance of race in that conflict is a subject for many books and not so much for a brief blog post. But the Confederates were fighting against Black Republicanism among other things and elsewhere in this blog I have discussed how that is relevant to our current situation. My Model Constitutions  both State and of the Union are among the permanent pages of this blog and also are among my most serious attempts to address these issues although of course they address many other issues as well.

It should be clear that I am not living in shame and secrecy. We will face the future are it will devour us from behind regardless of whether I try to write about it. But America should be aware of what Black Power , Black Africanism,  the continuous massive assault by a conscious pan-Black group which is willing to lead an anti-white legion of identities. White racists often make anti-white unity easier. In South Africa the ANC got Indians and Zulus eventually to side with the rebellious Black common folk but once freedom was achieved rule of the streets by black common criminals was much more of a factor than the many defectors from other identities had feared. Black crime emasculates white men in America and creates a unity of destruction and subversion functioning much as the wave of Hitlerism functioned for a different group in Germany during the Weimar Republic — it is an infrastructure of violence and identity. This infrastructure of violence, rape and intimidation is tied to more serious art, scholarship and politics which seek Black Power  and Black Supremacy in this country and Americans need to see this trend  to see what these factors tend to as conditions of power and organization.

Meanwhile every effort at  universal and national concerns not related to race is condemned by some or many open white supremacists. David Duke and his ilk tend to see Jews as making Whites somnolent when in fact much of the language comes from very Euro-Christian historians of what is called our Civil War in explaining away and lying about factors involved in understanding  the nature of race. political organization and slavery. I am aware of how many neighborhoods, schools, jobs and women Whites have surrendered specifically to Blacks. I am aware of how many people have adopted a life of fear and cowering to black racially conscious violence. I am aware of how many other groups find it safer and better to play a small role in a black supremacist political and social agenda than a white supremacist one. These facts of life in America and around the world are real and important. But I do not want the kinds of extreme solutions which may become possible in a rise of white identity. My Constitutions are my proposal. Blacks should be citizens, they should hold property, they should  hold office. A white supremacist America can offer justice here and address similar problems around the world by being a small contributor to the right solutions.  In addition, racism itself is nothing I greatly love or aspire to foster. White Supremacy and racial consciousness for all I admit to espousing. But I have other values too. Neither my politics nor ideologies are capable of being easily compressed and summarized  into a few simple phrases.

One notes the passing of former poet laureate Maya Angelou, the struggles of the Black African Mariam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag and the latest achievement of some black artist, author or athlete coinciding with this post. It is easy to think that his is not a good time for such a post or that there is never a good time for such a post as this. Martin Luther King, Thurgood Marshall, Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey and President Barack Hussein Obama deserve to be treated as American figures. They contributed more up to now to America than to Blacks. But their contribution is always racially conscious and racially motivated. A nuanced White supremacy is needed which can deal with that reality. First we cannot deal effectively with theoretical or idealistic foundations of racial interaction and race policies in this post. The general theory I proclaim here is that when the structures are such that organized race behaviors in favor of Whites are made illegal in America that is a gross distortion of properly functioning social fabric. It also tends to most energize the Black racists who now have an undue advantage over all other players in the new and distorted environment. Here one can find an account of how race plays out in the streets of America which should be disturbing to White people and others in many ways. One wonders how many young White and Asian girls are never on any radio show who have somewhat similar experiences with far less to bring to the confrontation than this person did. One also knows that there are risks posed to innocent young black American men when persons like the victim are made insecure and edgy for a lifetime by certain kinds of confrontational events.

On May 31, 2014 I failed to attend a funeral of a white friend at a largely African-American church. I am who I am and am not hiding much about my politics including a concern about race and yet in the many reasons why I did not attend that funeral the racial issue was probably the least. My own health was a factor but not the principal one and there were many more reasons related to the dynamics of the day. The truth is that race is just one of a number of areas where it is very easy to make false generalizations. This post is about race and US politics from a particular point of view.  I have recently outlined some of my larger political views as they affect the near future here.  This is not South Africa or Zimbabwe. So how much can Black Power really be much worth discussing in the American context?

I am going to argue in one of these rambling and complex blog posts that Black Power has something very much to do with the American present. I think President Obama devoted to making many improbable things come true. His administration makes it possible for people to see things not often considered possible before. Dinesh D’Souza has followed Obama’s anti-colonialism and is putting out another movie that may have insight into his vision of the future. But this post has to do with many things besides the Obama administration. This post is about my life and times and experiences in a variety of contexts.

I just recently posted a couple of blog posts which have been important to the understanding of this subject. Any reader can access those two here and here. One of those is about Memorial Day and about two very different men with very different lives who both served in the US military and are both tied to the memories of Memorial Day for me. The time has passed when I would have done an ordinary and complete obituary for either one of them and I did not attend either of their funerals. Sev was buried in Arlington and his funeral related to that although there were probably closer places that participated in the ritual. Graham’s funeral was out of Our Lady Queen of Peace a mostly Black and  Creole of Color Church with a white pastor whom I have long known. I have attended that church before with Graham. But we have had a complicated relationship and it continued to be complicated even in his passing and so although my parents were participants in the rituals I did not attend his funeral. I did attend a series of lectures my sister gave to a Charismatic group in that same church.

I am writing from the Black Supremacist United States of the Occupied South as well as from the United States of America and the former Confederate States of America. This blog post is about Black Power and Black Supremacist reality as it actually occurs. There will be many struggles along the future and my own role in those struggles hardly portends to be very significant from where I stand just now.

I am writing as one who has already committed himself to a powerful reform of the country. I believe there are others who I do not know well who believe in the possible variety of American truths, one such speaker can be found here. In addition, in a small world and a smaller part of it one cannot help but feel a need to interact with others who may be struggling to achieve some of the same goals even if one does not approve of the large part of the way one expresses certain things in these days. Such is the case with my own connection with the principal author of this short video clip.

This may be a time when France and other powers in Europe can be amenable to conversation. See one possible place for conversation here. I am committed to the certain principles and I have spelled out my positions fairly carefully. But let us be clear that any path forward will be a risky and costly one. I am a man comfortable with travel, familiar with hardship who can work with his hands, I am also the holder of a graduate degree and one content to read a great deal. My political profile has gone from obscure to more obscure. But I am not here looking to join someone else’s vision I am putting forward my own vision.

The title of this post is ambiguous. I meant the rights of Americans have a racial aspect and also that all those on the right in American politics have a responsibility to discuss and understand the racial implications of our lifestyles and policies.  This post is one small part of a life but it is an effort to be direct. It is an effort to say that narrow minded fanaticism can still be averted. A truly American future can still emerge. But we must face the reality and complexity of the threats undermining America’s future.

American whites have long failed to replace the number of white children leaving childhood with babies. That need not be all bad but in our somnolent state is is disastrous. Read this whole article for one take on some implications.    The problem is far more than an American problem, as some have noted. The realities are everywhere complicated.

I believe an America with mixed marriages, social interaction and a future of ambitious projects is possible. I believe we must have a new level of white racial consiousness for that dream to have a chance.

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