Representative Mickey Frith Dies

A former State Representative who represented the district in which I reside has died. One of his family members is well established on my Facebook list and two other have been active or inactive Facebook friends but I had little to do with him in politics, education or in the family home. I subbed a bit at the E. Broussard school which was the successor of the school which was his high school alma mater but it was solely an elementary and middle school when I worked there. We also attended the same university and for a few years I owned some in Forked Island where he was always well known.  He is further off from my life than someone I would normally have as subject of a blog obituary. But he was a significant figure throughout my life. Mickey Frith and I  spoke perhaps no more than thirty times and all of them relatively briefly. But I spent many hours, days and weeks on various parts of my father’s family farm in or near the Forked Island area. This was throughout most of my life. Mickey Frith was a presence in that area whether he was there or not.

There was a time when Mickey’s Drive Inn had  amusement games, food, drink music and air conditioning and was a center of gathering and activity for the small community of Forked Island, Louisiana. Later this business was sold and Mickey’s became a slightly different place with some of the same menu items in the nearby town of Kaplan, Louisiana. He owned a number of business he founded and he bought the well established El Camino Restaurant and ran it at a higher level than before in a town where many such enterprises do not survive sale by the first owner very well. I have sold food to hundreds of restaurants in Louisiana but as far as I know in none of these years did I ever sell or even offer to sell any directly to Mr. Mickey nor in fact sell to his restaurants.

In the pubnlic recor it is mainly the case that former Louisiana State Senator Mickey Frith has died. Of course students and teachers also mourn their dead more than most groups and he was a teacher and assistant principal at his alma mater as well as teaching in a Catholic school, Maltrait Memorial in Kaplan.  His involvment with youth was extensive. He served three terms in the legislature. The article which appeared in the local press including the front page of the Abbeville Meridional should link through here. There is also a website which does not always welcome links but many be available here or by copying this address into your browser:

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