Mariam Yashia Ibrahim Ishag: Post One

There is no real time to do the type of work this post demands. But here is an which defines the name Mariam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag beyond a foreign sounding name. There is so much to write about what this means.

However, at minimum we who are Christians should prepare to honor her as a martyr regardless of what branch of the faith we adhere to in our own lives. If she is killed she will meet the standard ancient definition of one killed because of hatred of the faith. That is one thing we can prepare given the short time to try to save her life.

Secondly, as Americans we can urge Congress to declare formal war on Sudan. Given America’s adventurism and wars in so many place and so many attacks on foreign soil in it s history we must not confuse things by allowing this woman to be executed for marrying an American. Once war is declared the court house where she was sentenced, the palaces of the national government, airports and air bases, the jail she was held in, the place of execution and the infrastructure supporting quality of life for the court should be reduced to flaming rubble as a stimulus to further conversation and negotiation. Once this is done well the possibility of a real war can be explored. WAR WITH SUDAN NOW!! should be our battle cry and political objective despite the fact that this is not an ideal solution.

If this cannot be done those of us with private consciences and resources must consider what we can do ourselves however small it may be. God bless the family of this woman and her struggle.

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