Personal Round-Up: a Distant Grief, a Dream and Preparation

This is a post which summarizes are rounds up the events and concerns in my life and sphere of activity in the last week or so. I used to do more of this type of thing but now I rarely post such things. But here is one which seemed worth posting.

The most significant thing that happened in my world this week in many ways did not affect me very much.  But it reminded me of how things could have affected me and of connections that have slipped away. That was the passing of Suzanne Bercier at forty from cancer. I had posted in this blog about her before in the end of a blog about more newsworthy events. On Facebook, I wrote a bit more but not all that much:

Suzanne Bercier has died. I posted the following update on March 17, 2014 and did hear from the Bercier family but nothing I felt the need to repeat in public. My prayer and thoughts are with Suzanne’s soul and her loved ones especially. I will leave it to all of you to inquire about arrangements through third parties or as seems proper. Here is the post from before:
” I understand that a dear friend of our family with whom I have long fallen out of touch is probably losing her long battle with a terminal disease tonight. I remember Suzanne as a sweet spirit and my thought and prayers go out to her family. I post this for anyone who may wish to know and may be able to support her loved ones in this time.

I am tagging three of her family members on my list: Edwin L. Bercier III, Edwin L. Bercier IV , and Anthony Bercier .”

However, I did not make the funeral. My mother did and blogged about it and you can find the post here. I have only just the chance to note her passing now and to say that that while she is a person I remember well, she does stand in for a whole group of people I remember — many of whom she never met. One wonders how life leads down the paths it does to the places it does.

I went to see my nephew Eli in the John Paul the Great Academy play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” last night. He played the “changeling child” with gifted pantomime and acting but there are no lines spoken by this character central to the plot. Eli is only in fifth grade. I brought a shrimp and diced tomato pizza to my sister Mary’s and a Coke to join with her pizzas and Cokes.  We had a nice meal and drove on to the play together.

I  have spent quite a bit of time in the lawn and garden every day of the last few weeks.  Burning out and digging up pests, clearing weeds out of desired plants, gathering up branches and raking leaves to join the weeds in the new compost bed and transplanting sod and turf patches  to replace the most distressed areas. This most distressed soil goes into the compost bed. These and other activities are all part of making this a house lot and not what it was.  In addition I have had some unforeseeable equipment repairs I may discuss later, have had to fill in the holes left in the pasture by the sod and turf I have dug out with horse manure.

Beyond that there is string-trimming and spraying stubborn  broadleaf weeds with Round-Up. I could work full time in this small place for months with the resources I have and the needs it has to get it into the shape I’d like.

In addition to all of these things I am trying to get my blog and other things into good order and that is no small thing. It is hard to say that I ever feel happy with what I am doing over all. But I am well aware that things are going to get worse because they are not getting better. I have decided to try to comply with Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act. But so far have not been able to create a workable account. I have printed up many refusal screens but not accomplished much else.

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