Malaysia Airlines and the 777 which Means Something

Malaysia is among the most tolerant and diverse Muslim majority countries in the world. It is one of the countries with whom Christians and others could be fully sane and conscious and wish for peace.

Given those facts it is natural that people have been reluctant to cry “Islamic Terrorism and Atrocities!” when the Malaysia Airlines flight on the 777 disappeared. But we now believe the following to be facts:
1. There were devout Muslim pilots in command.
2. Two Iranian Muslims were on board with stolen passports.
3. The Chinese Martyrs Brigade, a Muslim Autonomy Subversives Group and tied to Islamist terrorists has taken responsibility.
4. Most passengers were not Muslims and many were Chinese — with Americans on board as well.
5.There were two separate communications instruments were turned off deliberately at separate times.
6. The plane changed headings and was flown for hours thereafter.

My heart goes out in emotion to all those who have almost certainly lost loved ones on this flight. If in fact this was a terrorist act did they contact someone who refused to negotiate or even report the conversation or is this slow and silent killing a new mask of terror?

Whatever happens Islamist terror in China is on the rise and partly this may be due to the changes in geopolitics. Even as I look at the Crimean crisis I remember that the themes of the last twenty years continue to evolve. One can imagine how the Cold War and the Global Jihad/ Worldwide War on Terror may share billing on the world stage in the coming decade.

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