State of the Blog

The time has come when all of the work of a lifetime is at least a little connected to this blog. The traffic here is not what it was at its peak nor is it currently as slow as it has ever been. Instead it is a suitable temporary fall-back position for much of the rest of my life’s work. I am able to urge those who visit the blog to read the text box near the top right hand of this total screen. That set of paragraphs has lots of useful instructions for navigating the blog.

It is probably more than unreasonable that I am planning to deactivate my Facebook presence or destroy it. Perhaps it is yet more unreasonable to keep this blog going which has about a third of the traffic it once had. But I am trying to find my way amid the remnants of my hopes. Should things change I might restore what can be done elsewhere was well as improving this blog. However, I do feel pretty good about the functionality of the blog at this moment in time.

That functionality is what makes the blog sustainable for now. It was lost function which made me cut back on it use use and promotion so much at one time.

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