Physical Geometry an Overview: my personal unified field theory


Origin: God who may also be almost anything other than this within certain parameters.
Universe origin: The point from which our dominant time radiant begins.
particular origin: That point at which the four dimensions of any spherical system are derived
fractal origin: the point which can be regarded as intrinsic to but other than a particular origin.
Relative origin: an origin not regarded for its intrinsic relationship to the particular origin.
Magnitude: the distance on a radiant from an origin and the relative and determined size and volume of the sphere occurring at that placepoint.
Moment: the point in time and progression at which a given set of values exists and operates.
Longitude: One of an infinite interlocking set of circles of equal length sharing two points with all other longitudes when regarded as lines in a perfect sphere.
Latitude: One of an infinite set of independent circles of paired length when regarded as lines in a perfect sphere.


Time absolute: That set of radiants which leave Origin defining moments and creating temporality.
Time: That radiant along which by definition our Universe is arranged
Space Absolute: those sets of longitudes and latitudes relative to and connecting with all Time radiants.
Spacetime: the principal subject of this discipline.
Matter: That which is primarily derivative of criticality of dimension in spiraling a realine across the surface of a sphere and which is inherently dormant in all latitudes.
Energy: That which causes the propagation of all radiants and is inherently restive and present in all latitudes.


graviton: one of what may be regarded as an infinite set of a geometrically complete form of rays and line segments equal often to a radiant and usually having negligible mass but possible having any mass whatever proceeding toward the particular origin or any origin in any spherical system. Each graviton is paired with a radiant which tends strongly to be identical in length.

radiant: one of what may be regarded as an infinite set of a geometrically complete form of rays and line segments equal often to a graviton and usually having negligible mass but possible having any mass whatever proceeding toward the particular origin or any origin in any spherical system.. Each radiant is paired with a graviton which tends strongly to be identical in length.
reproductive fractor: a point at which a new spherical system intrinsic to and derivative the previous particular origin functions as a particular origin.
transmission fractor: that system by which new reproductive factors are communicated and established.
natural union: the evident dominant surface of a spherical system.
subordinate union: the evident surfaces of spherical systems which are not dominant.
accidental union: the joint spatial system created by the interplay of multiple spherical sytems interacting in ameaningful way.
Dimensional Spiroid: a spiraling line defining and revealing the dimensional fabric of a system or accidental union.

In space (which is intrinsically part of space-time) there is a basic structure which it is essential to understand for there to be much progress in other areas of thought. Here are the basic principles:
All points in space are points of origin.
Space is what is measured when a distance from a point of origin is brought out to any of an infinite number of points of magnitude in any direction from any point of magnitude.
Once any value magnitude is reached that point is reached by a ray or radiant which is numerically identical to an infinite set of such rays or radiants and that set together form a sphere.
The sphere formed has two principal dimensions. Those are latitude and longitude. These are distinct dimensions which effectively map the surface of the sphere.
The sphere and all related elements of it are seen to travel forward on the time radiant progressing to increasing values of our times radiant’s universal moment. Moment is the fourth dimension.
Thus magnitude, longitude, latitude and moment define space time.
Most of the relevant facts and realities of physical geometry come from following the implications of these principal facts carefully and honestly. These six facts of general structure provide the basis for organizing all other data properly. Radiants have a counterpart proto-element called a graviton which are nobly and generally related to them as their obverse inverse coterminous component. It is not absolute but the general rule that all real space is occupied by an infinite number of radiants and gravitons. All radiants and gravitons are conical in shape and have a real thickness and dimension which is too small to be measurable and cannot be properly expressed as a rational number. Both gravitons and radiants have a thickness of fS*M/∞ which means the physical geometric function of its conical shape multiplied by it magnitude divided by infinity. The surface area of all spheres in space is / 4πM^2∕3
The cone surface increases as a function of the increase in the magnitude of the observed radiant. It decreases with the decrease of the magnitude of the graviton and these are separate functions and proto-elements. But all gravitons and radiants have a thickness of (/(4πM^2)⁄3)/∞.
While this is not a rational number it is a testable and observable physical fact.

Having established this basic description of the universe of space-time it is from there that in other components we can map the origins of the universe and the relations of space –time theory as described by Einstein with quantum physics as described by Bohr. Thus we have the simple observable space time revealed in a matter which rationalizes energy and matter as well. But that is not discussed in this brief introduction. Nor do radiants and gravitons have an infinite length, their length stops when it can no longer be measured or observed and has not absolute meaning otherwise.
First, the mass of the Universe equal the average weight of the units of space contained in the dimensions of longitude and latitude at the magnitude the sphere of space has reached as affected by the function of moment throughout that sphere orU=[(L.f.l)M]fm — Of course we do not presume at this point to know the function of moment and do not start believing a priori that all mass, energy and information is preserved across time or the moment dimension in the universe as we know it. Therefore we marry this fact of the mass of the universe to the fact that time is a radiant which is four dimensional space as much as it is anything else and that also the same mass U={[(4ΠM²)/3]/A}fm given that A represents the number and functional value of radiants in the system from which the time radiant derived. Thus we see that if this theory is correct the mass of the universe ought to be [(L.f.l)M]fm={[(4ΠM²)/3]/A}fm and we do not know much else yet. This is what physical geometry can tell us about the mass of the Universe just from basic principles. When the radiant is remapped into a three dimensional sphere most of the mass is transferred into dark energy by simply shifting the manner of perceiving it. Other mass is made into dark matter as it recedes beneath the surface of the sphere and its near surface..

However, while allowing for some deviation which flows from complex problems not to be reached in this note the whole of space should behave as though it were in a radiant if in fact it is a radiant and therefore its base behavior should be that it expands over time and its rate should be predictable.
The area of all space in our universe in Physical Geometry is 4πm∕3where m is the absolute moment. Because three dimensional space is the surface of the time radiant of a different universe. The cone surface increases as a function of the increase in the magnitude of the observed radiant which from our point of view is an increase in three dimensional space. The rate of expansion of our universe ought to be r ={ [ (4πM23)b -(4πM23)a]/(mb-ma)} There are often crucial typos in my equations and also ambiguities so let me say that where b is greater than b , the base rate of expansion of the universe should be 4 times pi times the square of the magnitude of the line from the point of the big bang regarded as a radiant divided by three times b minus 4 times pi times the square of the magnitude of the line from the point of the big bang regarded as a radiant divided by three times a divided by the product of the moment and b minus the product of the moment and a. Thus if the size of the universe is relative X and b is 4 and a is 2 then the universe is expanding at a rate 4x-2x divided by 2m. Moment in universal terms is the amount of time it takes for the universe to expand from one size to another as a function of the surface of a sphere. However the reason for the apparent and real increase in rate can be determined from physical geometry as well but that is for another document. It has to do with the decreasing graviton qualities of space in our universe as we separate from the mother universe.

Physical Geometry, Succinct Cosmology: External Structure of a Radiant — Temporal implications

This is, as with the note on the internal structure of radiants, relevant to all radiants but most of the variable remain zero or unmeasurable. So it is most relevant to transformational radiants and gravitons of which the most important is the central temporal radiant which contains all space and which we call time. For any radiant there is a line in its center returning to its point of origin whether it is transformational or not. By intersecting line with this line and proceeding to the end of the dominance of the radiant where it is obstructed by another dominant radiant or where it ends in the case of an escaped transformational radiant like time which does not exist in a perfect spherical system but is formed for and has the qualities of a component of such a system. This line across the surface of the radiant is denoted in our fledgeling discipline as δ. The area which is defined as the thickness of a radiant is (4M²3). And in the case of transformational radiants we replace infinity with A. We define the central structure of the radiant as occupying an area equal to area=Πδ² and it is to this area which the previous notes applied directly as to the internal structure of the radiant. There is in every radiant an area not in this central structure. That remaining area of thickness equals remainder = [(4M²3)A]-Πδ² for a real number or replace A with infinity for almost all radiants and it is a real pattern with no knowable numeric value. In a perfect spherical system the radiants remainder is about equal to 2δ²-Πδ²allowing for distorting effects of a curved surface so that we would say the remaining area is f[(2δ)²-Πδ²]These remainders would be made up of a fractal array of micro radiants functioning in large part with neutral dynamism or as gravitons with the largest near the central structure and the smallest near the corners of the curved square. The rest of the space will be filled with nothing. In the eight dimensional universe from which ours descends the corners would be the places defined most by flexion, counter-moment and spatial temperature. In our universe they are mostly normal spacetime in spherical systems with a few aberrant qualities. In the four dimensional temporal transformational radiant in which our universe exists we have an escaped system where the central radiant is able to expand without much resistance being surrounded by a set of one dimensional proto-universes which largely resemble nothing in the abstract sense. Thus we have very little development and in our universe this is aberrant and chaotic and unpredictable space-time. It is in this space at the surface that when curved into a three-dimensional sphere exotic quantum effects, wormholes, time-travel and other magical physics would exist. These are rare because time is an escaped transformational radiant and not part of a perfect spherical system after the event described as the Big Bang.
While standard physics and trigonometry propose to solve the problems of dark matter only with relatively greatly difficult and dubious means our fledgling discipline proposes a somewhat simpler answer. Physical Geometry proposes that by regarding the four dimensional space radiant’s functional surface to be equivalent to the three dimensional sphere of space otherwise equally true to the model predicted by physical geometry. However this begs the fairly obvious question: what of the rest of the radiant?

First of all by surface we mean some functional value of thickness greater than zero when one in measuring not around the radiant or across the surface of the sphere but down into it. Nonetheless, most of the sphere is not involved in these surfaces nor most of the radiant. While similar proportions apply to the other radiants the structure of the time radiant specifically may be said to be:fT={fm[(4M² /3) /A] +[((43M³) /A)-( ( 43M²) /A)]} . The greater portion of the content of the time radiant would not be part of the functional surface which is translated into the sphere of three dimensional space but would consist of the string like wakes and shadows which connect the surface to the Big Bang and earlier points in radiant history. From the point of view of the three dimensional space sphere we would then believe that while dark matter we detect today is in fact in a sense the active energy and matter of time itself the whole universe is haunted by and in a sense soaked like a sponge with an ether after all. That ether in coarsest terms is past time. While time moves forward and expands it also remains behind. Thus the big bang and the previous universe we call the mother universe are in a certain limited sense still happening and deep strings of dark energy of fluctuating and finite number which is enormously large join the present universe to its origins and the mother universe. It is in that vast body of undetected energy that the destiny ultimate human science must be found if it endures a long time and progresses.

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