Some Personal News and Thoughts

I am more devoted than not to my own Facebook timeline over other outlets these days. But this is going to be discontinued as of April 15 (or 15th of April) if nothing large changes in my life for the better. I will perhaps keep this blog as it is for a while. On June 15 I will probably radically simplify my life and not in any ideal way. But I have simply no reason to maintain such a substantial web presence when my personal life is so weak and poor. Without a job, fortune, regular church parish or anything else this nexus of work and a kind of fame is a consolation I cannot really afford. I will let my connections there and in some other places go and admit my life has been a long struggle in more or less defeated causes. I am eager to live each day meanwhile with as much meaning as possible. One thing going on is that my sister Sarah is moving into a new home with her family.

My sister Sarah Summers Granger and Kevin Joseph Granger are moving their furniture today into their new house. all the rain and a now repaired pipe leak have made the ground near their new home soft and deep where the turf was scraped away. I pray nothing gets stuck or buried in that soft ground during all of this. I will try to help them move a little bit.

I have not been able to resolve my own problems and difficulties with any number of people throughout my life. I have become more or less isolated and it has perhaps been God’s will that all would come to such isolation. But I pray for Sarah and her children to have a long and happy life and much of it to be here in the new house at Big Woods. Better than I could hope and without the things I might fear.

For any who still read this blog regularly I wish you all the best. I am not yet sure how much time and energy I will devote here. It may actually increase in the short term,

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