Obit: Lottie Lucia Miller Massie

My great aunt Lottie Lucia Miller Massey, the former Mrs. Charles William Massie II has died, I may post more later:
The second of three children of the late Dr. Preston Joseph Miller and Laura Broussard Miller and the last surviving of the three. She is survived by her son Charles William Massie III and his children Charles William Massie IV, Christian Chadwick Massey (Chad Massie) and Catherine Massie and her grandchildren born to Chad and his wife Tricia Dwyer Massie. She is also survived by her daughter Laura Lucia Massie Hayes Roberts and her grandchildren through Laura both Paul Hayes and his daughter Patricia with his former wife Elizabeth and two children with his wife Stacey Thorne Hayes as well as Laura-Lucia Hayes Carothers. Paul messaged me with correct information and did not mention nieces or nephews as we stay in very loose touch these days. She was an alumna of Louisiana State University and a long term supporter of various educational causes along with other interests in her life.

One of those interests was extended family. The descendants of her sister and brother also remember her fondly and several of them are on my FB friends list as well. She was a public school teacher and a devout Roman Catholic who lived that faith at a time when her divorce was unusual in small town environments of Catholic Acadiana and south Louisiana. Descended from Joseph Broussard “dit Beausoleil” through her mother she never knew or remembered very well – who died in her childhood she was always deeply attached to her father until his death. She held land, mineral interests, financial interests and family concerns which occupied much of her time before and after her retirement from teaching. She was known to some as devoted to a long process of caring for her home, garden and surrounds for many years in a large sun bonnet or hat along one of the principal streets in Abbeville.

She threw parties for the family on occasion which were often memorable. However, in most of the two most recent decades she has been in assisted living and long term care facilities. I called her “Nannee” and knew her very well. She had many friends and associates and relatives with whom she stayed in touch for many years but many have died or become homebound themselves. I know nothing yet about funeral arrangements but will share any links I receive. This little obituary is posted from Memory without research.

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