Risky public accusation

This is a long status update with two points:
1.The novel that I just wrote has a lot of horror elements in it although they are not the predominant elements, But my sense of horror is based on my experiences in life and reporting more than anything from literature. I read little in the horror genre and my fiction is more influenced by mainstream and Sci-fi lit, But horror is everywhere.
2.My parents and I have very few choices on television and ABC is the only big reliable network after years of many channels. We have been watching the Bachelorette and Desiree has a brother she does not want to ruin everything by meeting the guys, guys have been freaking out and leaving the show without a rose ceremony, Desiree also acts oddly and looks odd in some angles. We know ABC had a transsexual on DWTS. On the basis of all these things and at the risk of insulting publicly a real woman. I think there is an almost fifty percent chance Desiree is a transsexual. If the men did not know this then I would count this show as real life horror and also horror for the audience. I have known some pretty convincing trannies and think it is a wrong thing to have done to anyone but this would be a new low in the ever accelerating rush to perdition in my world . . . .

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