Boston Marathon Bombers Apprehended: A first thought

I applaud all those who participated in the apprehension of Dzokarh and the killing of Tamerlan Tsarnaev. This has ended with the capture of the malefactor. We can rejoice in any number of bad outcomes avoided.
I also remember the families of officer Collier, the Lu and Richard families and the family of 29 year-old Chrystal whose last name I forget. In addition the twenty-five people who lost their limbs and their families as well as Officer Donahue and his family and the other one hundred and more wounded in Monday’s bombing. The cost of today’s shutdown was 350 million dollars and there are many issues in this crisis that must be addressed.
Let us hope that the society we live in will continue to progress in its ability to respond to and anticipate such acts. Let us include these improvements in our honoring of the dead. Boston stayed on the job and for that virtue there is no substitute and we are all in their debt for such perseverance…

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