Anomalies in Aurora

Thoughts and Questions about the Mass Killing and Shooting In Aurora, Colorado
by Frank Wynerth Summers III on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 at 6:15am ·
Here are some facts or else things that appear to be facts about the night of the Killing as of this time:
1. All agree that on an average night there were off-duty police acting as security guards at the theater in question.
2. We are asked to believe that on the night in question when there was a midnight showing of a popular and violent movie with people in costume and many other things going on there were no police officers on duty.
3. The Chief of Police has said that the shooter weas wearing all the details, elements and equipment of a member of his SWAT team except for a gas mask which was not regulation.
4. shots were fired largely from a handgun and the police did not confront the shooter until they allegedly caught James Egan Holmes getting into his hatchback.
Here are some facts or else things that appear to be facts about the time after the Killing as things seem now:
1. All know that the police department entered Mr. Holmes’s apartment from the outside and had ample opporutnity means to put anything in there prior to photographing it.
2. All know that the police claim tha Holmes has been uncooperative.
3. He appeared both drugged and psychologically brutalized at his hearing.
4. His hair which might be the only physical feature other than height which victims could have noticed was not Holmes’s natural color but was dyed and therefore the only part of the accused like to be a visual identifier is a false and fabricated part which we are encouraged to believe was his effort to enter into a fictional persona.
Here are some facts or else things that appear to be facts about the time before the Killing as things seem now:
1. Mr. Holmes has no criminal record or history of mental illness which is serious and of public record.
2. He is the sort of loner whom dirty cops have framed to protect departments from accusation when one of their number has run amok in dozens of countries for centuries.
3. People would also be able take advantage of his ethnic and racial background under current law. If a high profile case were framed on a black man there are many pro-black organizations who would seek to support him just because he was black. Pro-white organizations of that kind are not legal and he is not part of any very assertive.
4.We know the police in the Denver metropolitan area are more aware than most of mass shootings, Thwy have more training involving mass shootings and they have failed in ahuge way to stop a previous mass shooting in progress.

I think it is quite likely that this is not a case of police framing this young man to cover up the murder committed by some unknown redhead in the SWAT team who had worked security in theaters before as well. However, the fact that such a scenario has not been seriously proposed by anyone simply affirms to me once again that our society is both dead and rotting….

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