Discussions on the Model Constitution (23d in Series): Direct Imperial Government, Democracy

Why and How I am a Committed Radical (23d in Series): Direct Imperial Government, Democracy
by Frank Wynerth Summers III on Wednesday, May 9, 2012 at 3:07pm ·
This Note will be about the Third Section of Article Six in my Model Constitution. For those who want to see the Model Constitution I propose as a whole you can go to the following link:


“These are the researches of Herodotus of Helicarnassus, which he publishes, in the hope of thereby of preserving from decay the remembrance of what men have done, and of preventing the great and wonderful actions of the Greeks and Barbarians from losing their due meed of glory; and withal to put on record what were the grounds of their feud.”
Introduction to the Book Clio, The History by Herodotus of Helicarnassus written about 450 B.C.

I choose to open this Note with the quote from Herodotus for many reasons. I will be discussing the Greek aspects of Americanism in both this Union and the proposed union. Herodotus is both an important figure and an important source for the Hellenic tradition. Next, I will be discussing what democracy means in a broad context and, believe it or not the quote above has a lot of relevance to such matters. This is a note that one cannot fully understand unless one knows that most people in the new regime live outside most of Direct Imperial Government and vote for Congress in districts and for state of other legislators. We simply lack the space to rehash all of that here. This is a small piece of the democracy proposed.

Herodotus did the enormous amount of work involved in writing his history for a number of reasons. Those are reasons that I relate to as I work on my Model Constitution and try to explain it. That is true although both the projects and authors are different. Let me put myself and my project aside for a moment and discuss only Herodotus here. Herodotus was a Greek and very proud to be one. He did not pretend to be otherwise and he called the enemies of the Greeks in his History Barbarians and he meant it. But he did not hesitate to know, announce and make clear that there are at least two sides to every war. He did not deny that the Barbarians could deserve Glory. This is part of the combination of chauvinism for one’s own and respect for diversity which are needed to understand the many kinds of places and people which will exist in the relatively small Direct Imperial Government Jurisdiction if this Model Constitution is adopted. Even more pertinently, most of Herodotus’s friends and colleagues were in Greek republics. These republics could even be brutal in opposing royalism and yet he both communicated well with remaining Greek royals and was able to understand the very kingliness itself in the kings he wrote about in his books.

When Obama and his administration committed America to attacking a very bad enemy in Libya and his family and followers there was a real and familiar sense in which the discussion we had as a nation in the eyes of the world was contemptible. It certainly seems to much of the world that America believes we are responsible for stopping someone from possibly bombing Benghazi but not responsible for the violent bombings of Benghazi and other Libyan cities that result after we act. America feels little responsibility for the political order that may follow and our poor preparation for political conditions there and elsewhere. We need a little Herodotus in our point of view and a little mixed government theory in our policies I think.

When Bush and his administration decided to reprise his father’s war with Iraq they were attacking a man who was one of the more critical hangers back in the whole worldwide movement led by Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda but there were sign that he was part of the movement and also that Al Qaeda operated in Iraq for and against Saddam Hussein. In addition his atrocities against the Kurds and the Marsh Arabs and brutal repression of anyone who might be an Iranian sympathizer certainly poisoned the regional ambience and encouraged the worst elements in Turkey and Iran. So from that we have two groups of Americans who either say Iraq had truly nothing to do with 9/11 or else others that show the world that America thinks we get credit for stopping Saddam Hussein but no blame for the fact that this was the first Christmas in perhaps almost 2000 years when almost no Christians could gather for public worship in Iraq. Sects of heretical Christians who combined the religion of the Magi with original Christianity lived in Iraq and were celebrating Christmas in the early centuries when orthodox catholic Christians had only the great feast of the Resurrection at Easter as a full-blown Christian holiday . Marco Polo would find traces of these churches when he traveled to China. We also feel no real responsibility for the fact that we gutted our own federal heritage and almost all that might have worked in our political and cultural initiatives before we got started. We need a little Herodotus in our point of view and a little mixed government theory in our policies I think.

We manipulate money without a conscience and are involved in all kinds of amazingly immoral shenanigans to maintain a wasteful model of superior wealth without building up true secure wealth. We tell the world to show initiative and make a profit in this mess. The world sees that America believes war should be made on people who sell us drugs but we claim to understand how the markets work. The demand for drugs is high and the social cost of policy is high and the war on the world’s farmers and freight-forwarders is endless and costly. We need a little Herodotus in our point of view and a little mixed government theory in our policies I think.

We constantly announce to Spain, France, Holland, Sweden, Russia, Mexico and and less interested countries that America thinks we have a special relationship with Britain. This important country is the only country to invade us twice, to burn and sack our capital. A country that has a huge Commonwealth and is in the European Union which do not include us and has been happily involved in the decline or limiting of our sphere of influence at every stage. Britain’s United Kingdom is the same country whose diplomats and elite misrepresent and mislead our diplomats and press corps as a daily pastime. We need a little Herodotus in our point of view and a little mixed government theory in our policies I think.

America thinks that we know how many nukes the Russians have but we do not know how many aliens cross our borders or how many reactors can withstand a super quake in this country. We cannot ship our waste to the facility we have agreed to build in Yucca Mountain and have built. We cannot tell when and why an oil leak starts in the Gulf of Mexico for days and days and we cannot stop the theft of nuclear secrets from our own super secure labs– all since the treaties supposedly abolishing Russian nukes have been signed. We need a little Herodotus in our point of view and a little mixed government theory in our policies I think.

Americans are not safe to live and work in Afghanistan or Iraq or Libya. We were kicked out of Vietnam. We gave up Subic Bay, Clark Field, the Panama Canal and Micronesia for almost nothing. We are often excluded from the emerging super trading blocks. America believes we are the world’s only superpower. We need a little Herodotus in our point of view and a little mixed government theory in our policies I think.

Acknowledging and defending a royal monarchical and an aristocratic estate in society is a denunciation the spurious ideals and absurd belief that we do have ar should have a pure democracy in this Constitutional Union and society. It justifies more complex thinking and discussion at more levels. Liberals and leftists can make a contribution in this renewed American Conversation but American conservatives with ties to public life must lead the way here.

So I thought I would start with a quote from Herodotus because explaining the function of democracy and democratic elements in what is till an imaginary part of a proposed regime was not hard enough. To make things more challenging I added the quick and easy task of explaining democracy in the context of a subject that I could cover well in a few thousand words—that would be Western Civilization.

The text discussed in this note on this model constitution will not discuss “first past the post” or “two party” structures. There is little in it that is normal in current discussions of democracy and so I want to relate it to the whole discussion of democracy in Western Civilization. I suppose that prior to really discussing Western Civilization one ought to define the terms “Western” and “Civilization”. That is certainly how Socrates would have gone about it and he is certainly one of the major fountains of whatever Western Civilization turns out to be. However, there is no group of people here to stand in for the young Athenian aristocrats I would speak with if I were him. Socrates is a major literary figure but was not a writer. His talent was for leading discussions. From his example of course we get the term Socratic method. The socratic method whether written of in upper or lower case letters is still the principal technique in American law schools. I of course attended one such twice.

I have a fondness for Western Civilization. It strikes me as a thing worth learning about and keeping in perspective as one of the biggest and best things humans have done. I think that all of human greatness is a subject and a reality far broader than Western Civilization. That is perhaps why it sould not be surprising that there is very little mention of race or color in the coming text. The regime I propose here is a regime of constitutional White Supremacy not socialized White racism. The very complex structures bring in the history as well as the skins of North East Asian, Aboriginal American and Black peoples to the public life. Western Civilization is a big part of this constitution’s creation and background but not the only part. Civilization is a mode of being which is not an unmitigated good in fact. Western Civilization, the evolving civilization portrayed in this model and every other civilization causes us to all give up many things we want and could want more. Civilization causes us to feel a need for and consume things we might not otherwise consume. It is important to have projects like this Model Constitution to keep a society healthy. A vital and basically good civilization has an element of oppression it’s efforts for institutional preservation but this element is balanced by liberties almost all members enjoy which they would lack without institutions requiring costly planning some structured sharing. Civilizations so Libertarian in nature as to lack those things soon cease to exist or be civilized or both.

I believe it is time for radical change and it happens to be less democratic but not because our society is all bad or democracy is all bad. Nor will the new society be all good, this is a calculated risk for us all. Those civilizations which do not have an element of gambling in their structure are in fact not really civilizations. These static societies are to real civilizations what Stoker’s fictional vampire Dracula is to an average human. They keep up the appearances of life but without many of its most vital processes. Dracula is all about death and in the sun he is ashes but he claims to be immortal and does go in a sort of life for a very long time. That is not what America must be. We must change in this direction for now – not for eternity.

So let us overview Western Civilization very succinctl, including for some readers who despite this being in English have little direct connection with Western Civilization. In these notes on the Constitution I have written less about religion than in some other contexts. But in the blogs and Facebook profile where these notes appear I have written a lot about Jesus.. I have also dealt a great deal with other forms and leaders who were Jews, as he was. Jews have played a large role in Western civilization but (though oddly Jew has come to mean someone who does not follow Jesus and is sure about it ) Jesus is their greatest flowering out into the world and is one of the very tiny number of people bron before 1500 who truly envisaged his legacy as bringing something to all peoples and cultures of which he knew or did not know during his lifetime. He was an outgrowth of Jewishness and its highest expression in that regard. We may turn to this subject again in this note. But to sum up the Jewish thing is too much about just Jews on the one hand and about all humans on the other hand to be the direct foundation and centerpiece of Western Civilization. Founding father John Adams wanted America to rest with one foot on an Anglo Saxon base and the other on a Hebrew base. He was quite serious about both and wanted to take them into the future always.

Democracy is a Greek word, our current Capitol building and White House have strong Greek architectural elements. The Emperor proposed here already holds a Hellenic title and so it seems right to discuss Greece and Hellenism here. If one wants to make a silly and ethnocentric error which is the least incorrect then this would be it: “Western Civilization is spelled -G-R-E-E-K”. If one wants to speak of Eastern Civilization one should know lots about Japan, India and the Eastern part of Arab tradition. But if one wants to make the ethnocentric silly error which is least incorrect then it would be, “Eastern Civilization is spelled -C-H-I-N-A”. Greece and China aren’t even close to the whole story but nonetheless one could never exhaust either of their contributions to Western and Eastern Civilization respectively. I am proud to say that I speak truly deplorably horrid Greek and surpass it with almost superhuman butchering and botching of Mandarin Chinese. I think when one speaks these languages as badly as I do there is a sort of automatic respect which is born within one for the cultures where they are spoken well.

I think that reading Homer, Plato and Aristotle are essential to being well educated in the lore of Western Civilization I certainly openly advocate such readings. I have occasion to teach a few young boys whatever I wished for a few months full time on several different occasions and I have always set up a schedule of a number of subjects rotating through each week one subject was the Hebrew Bible and another was the Classics of Homer, Plato and Aristotle. But Greekness and Greece is much broader than this. The Greek world is truly very vast and very diverse. The Greece of Lykos the Wolf-man king of Arcadia and of Alexander the Great are very clearly connected but are vastly different from one another. The Greek civilization of Septuagint and Koine New Testament and the Ptolemy dynasties are profoundly different again.

Christianity is extremely important to Western civilization and relies on a foundation involved in the large world of Greek-speaking Jews and Greek Gentiles who studied the Greek Old Testament and began to read the New Testament in Greek. hIn this or any other age just as to understand democracy some Hellenicity has to be involved Christians must absorb a bit of Greekness too. A good Pope must be especially loyal to the city of Rome and also have a love for Jerusalem and have in his vision the Christian hope for Beijing, Delhi and Lesotho. This Christian hope is founded also in a Greek experience of universal human values that reach out not only to the people who live in a given place but even the pre-Christian cultures that flourished there. To be Vicar of Christ and not a great scandal is to be the vicar of the one who sent the Good News to the ends of the Earth.

The pre-Latin people and other Italians, the Celts, The non Hellenic Egyptians, The Ethiopians, the Germans and the Norse each have a substantial history with Greater Greece that predates their own written history outside of Greek history. All of these groups who made a substantial contribution to Western Civilization from the inside were at least a bit Hellenized before they emerged as there own sort of thing. On could describe modern Western Civilization as that cultural system which emerged from: 1.The Hellenization of Ancient Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.2.The Romanization of the Hellenic World.3.The Christianization of the Roman Empire.4. The Barbarization of the Christian Roman Empire. 5. The Fashioning of Christendom from the Teuton lands and the crumbling Empire’s pieces.6.The survival and change of Christendom under the assault of Islam and the Norse raids and settlements. 7. The Renaissance process of remaking Christendom mostly with ancient Hellenic ideas.

In the rise of Rome and its decline and in the resurgence of a new Norse culture while Islam boomed into the Western world that great vast wonder of Greece as it was is lost. But to understand democracy in a narrow comic book way is not to understand it at all. This constitution seeks to assure many advantages, outlets and right to all the people and to the mass and popular groups of people. This Plethos or many is respected and addressed by the law and governance. Whiteness was an issue of concern in the Greek world but not in isolation from other values – that could only happen after the Western Europeans chose to forget the vast former Christendom and vast Hellenic world and see only themselves and a few slivers of the Roman Empire and Israel as forming a Christian Civilized history.

This constitution rests on a Hellenism that goes back to the Bouletheria and incorporates the original from before republican democracy. But this constitution which is founded on a vision of Western civilization which is so Greek in roots also remembers with gratitude the preservation of Greek Lore in the Monasteries and the Germanic swords that beat back Norse and Saracen to found the Middle Ages and then the renaissance out of the dark ages twice. We hold the Basileus Arkadios goes all the way back through all this and was clearly a hidden and often a minor player in these great struggles. Thus Democracy is tied up with the Manorialism and Western Monasticism that developed over time and this constitution shows these connections and developments. One can say this is Greek, Hebrew and Roman Constitution in large part and yet say also that it is Teutonic. This writer could answer the following questions:
Do I think the Hapsburg’s empire for so long was one of humanity’s great achievements? YES, I do.
Do I think Charlemagne was deserving to be called at least a Father of Europe? Yes, I do.
Do I think that Goethe, Saint Boniface, Meister Eckhart, Bach, Mozart and Beethoven made stellar contributions to Western Civilization? Yes, I do.
Do I think the Germanic English despite murderous scandals, silliness and stealing credit from other Celtic Brits or socio-morally solvent? Yes, not rich but solvent.
Do I think that the right wing Teuton chauvinistic Austrian Patriot Prince Meternich was a collossus in modern times and a fine Christian as well as a good role model for many constitutional thinkers? Yes I do.

How much more then could I list the British and French antecedents of elements of this constitution with pride and without apology. The Western European elements and the Near East Elements are seen close together in this text.
So how can I justify my point view? This is the history that leads us to where we are it is not artifial nor simplistic ike that in many books. The erasure of sane temporal politics from Christendom is only one of the aspects of the nightmare world in which I live. The world we live into day is deeply deluded about everything including the US Confederate experience tied to the history of the new regime. Race and slavery are different issues and never totally merge nor are totally alien. Greek Lords and elite persons had slaves of several races. It is not absolutely horrible to imagine slavery compared to other evils in the world even if whites were enslaved in some cases. Genocide and chaos can be worse. In a Whte Supremacist society White slaves with white children by free masters would be in a somewhat different position than black slaves behaving in the same way but the difference would not be about hate. That was how Greece built the Western world 4000 years ago and I do not think that the way we behave today is better, I really do not. I think there have been better times in between but they are not these times which are better. However, this constitution recognizes the progress made to manorial serfdom and then improves upon it for a society which allows some servitude but up near the borders of where servitude is most amenable to true human dignity. A dignity absent in many conditions of life endured by people to day is present in the proposed manors.

So we can tell from a document discussing the fact that Socrates was indeed a white man what race meant in ancient and this constitution continues White Supremacy but limits it in the constitution, it acknowledges in this Direct Imperial aspect of things a role for that great Christian element that ties us not only to American experience but to the pagan kings on the borders of Constantine’s Rome or Armenians who declared the first Christian state and to all the varied and many people in the West have struggled for a long time to understand how Jesus and the Pagan Hellenic political science, British love for Royal dignity or Teuton Kultur go together. Many layers have been added to the thought of the Roman African Saint Augustine in seeing how the City of God goes with the City of Man. The rights of Democratic Man rest also in this Christian context. Jesus himself left us vast wisdom and quite a bit of room to maneuver in working out a truly Christian Politics but it has always been the battleground of many determined and very different people. This has made a difficult task nearly impossible and that is one reason that this is an officially post -Christendom society.

If this Constitution sets out a full understanding of Democracy in Western civilization it is a shame that less is made of the benefit we hope will be achieved by the advance in dignity and glory of the Imperial Capital City that is now Wshington D.C, If Greece is the single most significant Western culture and Jesus is ultimately our conscience then what is missing? Neither Jesus nor Greece gave us a capital city, Jerusalem is a mother to all nations not a capital . Rome is the Capital of Western Civilization. That is actually Rome’s greatest achievement in my view. It is not insignificant. In Rome our center hold in some way none of us really understand but for reasons that fill libraries as well. This Constitution is going to be tight about money but the idea of a glorious capital will be brought to bear on our society as the founders of our current union intended. Bit by bit we will make it great and glorious and the common man will also know a real benefit in that certainty which television and modern media will make more shred than ever.

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Section Three: Democracy
Subsection One: The Lower Chamber of the Direct Imperial Government Proper
Provision One: Introduction and Orientation
The Direct Imperial Government will have a democratic element in the Lower Chamber of Compact Assemblies , in the governance of localities themselves and in the governance of the Imperial Household to the degree that it is part of the DIG. It will bring democacry and other values to areas of a social wasteland where currently there is no governance through Guilds and Kindreds but we will focus first and foremost on the Direct Imperial Government Legislature because it is a that level that it really has something more to do with this Constitution than its own.
Provision Two: Seats in the Lower House (or Chamber) of the Direct Imperial Government Legislature
Item One: Compact Seats
1.There would be two delegates elected from the Lower Chamber of each Compact Legislature of the Thirteen Compacts of Jurisdictions making up the empire.
2.The Empress would also appoint four outstanding female delegates from throughout all of the Lower Chambers of all the Compacts.
Item Two: Zone and Fiefdom Seats
1. The lower chamber of every Compact Zone in a State would send two delegates to the DIG Legislature on years ending in 0,1,2, 6,7, & 8.
2. The lower chamber of every Compact Zone in a Territory or Possession would send two delegates in years ending in 0,1,3,4, & 9. They would send one delegate in years ending in 2 & 5.
3. The Advisory Council to the Seigneur in each Fiefdom would elect two delegates each three-year term to this chamber. The highest ranking Mistress certified by the Mistress of Ceremonies to a Peer Elector or(if there is none such) to an Heir to the Peer-Elector who is Seigneur of each Fiefdom who is not an aristocrat will be seated in this chamber perpetually.
4. All other zones would elect one delegate for a three-year term and the delegate would always be seated.
Item Three: The District of Columbia Seats
The District of Columbia would seat forty delegates according to its own constitution.
Item Four: Crown Colonies and other Colonies
Based on a set of criteria in the DIG Supreme Charter shall seat either one, two, five or seven delegates. There would be no colonies above one seat in the beginning of the DIG.
Item Five: Imperial Services Seats.
Every Imperial Service shall elect two members from it Employees Association. Every Imperial Service will also have one member appointed as a delegate by the Imperial Civil Service and one member appointed by the GRIHHA. Military and Civilian services shall be equal in this regard and members of the Nobility of any kind may not serve in these seats.
Item Six: Guilds
Every Guild that conforms to the Supreme Charter and has a Guildhouse on DIG land will be represented in this chamber.
1. Senior Invited Guilds will have four delegates each. These shall include and mostly consist of the following groups if they form guilds: California Vineyard Guild, Old American Sugar Guild, Louisiana Oyster Guild, Louisiana Crawfish Guild, Texas-Oklahoma Cattle Guild, Seaboard Tobacco Guild, American Brewers Guild, New England Shipwrights Guild, Chesapeake Shipwrights Guild, Gulf of Mexico Shipwrights Guild, Louisiana and South Carolina Rice Farmers Guild, California Fruit Guild, Great Lakes States Apple Guild, Florida Citrus Guild, Idaho Potato Guild, Wisconsin Dairy Guild, Old Southern Cotton Guild, Silicon Valley Electronics and Information Products Guild, Wall Street Financial Services Guild, The Guild Named for the Johnsons that Joins American Family Manufacturers of Consumer Products , the Kentucky Distillery Guild and the Old Steel Guild.
2. Every other Guild will elect two delegates.
Item Seven: The GRIHHA Appointed Family Seats;
The GRIHHA will appoint a whole set of seats to four-year terms by general vote of their assembly.
1. The GRIHHA will appoint ten grandmothers at least nine of whom are not aristocrats from Family Associations.
2. The GRIHHA will appoint twenty mothers at least eight of whom are not aristocrats from family Associations.
3. The GRIHHA will appoint fifteen Family Associations who will chose their own delegates.
4. The GRIHHA will appoint five first wives or high wives of men with harems or licensed mistresses who are not aristocrats.
Item Eight: The Imperial Chaplain’s Seats.
The Imperial Chaplain will appoint ten Catholic, three Orthodox and three other member of religious and clerical classes of low rank to the chamber.
Obviously, the lower Chamber will be large and therefore somewhat unwieldy. However, it is meant to be large and there is nothing unnecessary about its size. The Supreme Charter and the Constitution would only assign limited powers to this Legislature. However, the work it would do would be essential and vital to the whole regime.
Item Nine: The Diego Garcia Seats
The people of the Diego Garcia island ethnicity who are citizens of the Direct Imperial Government Jurisdiction shall have fourteen officials in their tribal government appointed to serve in the legislature by their chief, five more such officials elected by the tribal council at a full meeting. In addition they shall elect two from each of four composite districts which will consist only of Diego Garcia people voting in each of the zones which together will make up the entire Direct Imperial Government Jurisdiction.

Subsection Two: Democracy in the Varied Councils, Polls and Agencies

Provision One: Subsection Preamble
There are more limits on the non-aristocratic Citizen-Subjects of the Direct Imperial Government Jurisdiction than is likely to be the case in the Constitutional Jurisdictions. People are required to show certain courtesies of address and entrance and departure by rank. Dress codes are more common and challenges are easier to issue and uphold. Crimes of sacrilege and blasphemy, torts of alienation of affection and breach of promise the Laws of Natural obligation all govern life there. It is to be seen that to many life in public is better perhaps for the common man in the other jurisdictions — although some may disagree. However, the public life is not the whole life of the Jurisdiction nor or all aspects of public life equally public. This Constitution is primarily a Constitution of the Union, secondly of the Empire and thirdly of the Full Society. Each of the Constitutional Jurisdictions has their own constitution and it is acknowledged here but little else. The Direct Imperial Government Jurisdiction is not so completely separate from the Direct Imperial Government Proper and so it rates more mention in this Constitution but as a Jurisdiction it is mostly outside this Constitution. The Constitution of the Direct Imperial Government Jurisdiction will be the Title “Jurisdictional Constitution” in the Direct Imperial Government Code. That Constitution will complete the plan broadly sketched here.

Provision Two: Fiat Zones
Fiat Zones are under the direct Control of the Emperor or Empress ex-officio or of the Direct Imperial Government as such, or the Grand Imperial-Royal House and Household Assembly as such which may act through agencies. They recognize no permanent residents other than members of the House or Household or employees and officials of the government and their close dependents. There is no local council and polling is rare.

Provision Three: Autonomous Domestic Regimes
Autonomous Domeestic Regimes shall be under the cloak of domesticity which must be pierced for any action. The representative of the Autonomous Domestic Regime shall be informed in the event of any lawsuit, arrest or criminal inquiry involving any member of the Autonomous Domestic Regime. The Autonomous Domestic Regimes of the Direct Imperial Government Jurisdiction are entitled to have an account in the Public Section of the Imperial House and Household Bank. the Commoners who are members of the Autonomous Domestic Regimes are immune to the duites of the Imperial Militia and Robot so long as they are in good standing with analogous duties in the Autonomous DOmestic Regime.

Item One: Fief-Manors
Each Fief Manor shall have either an Upper Grand, Grand, Modest or Lower Manor Council. These shall be governed by the Title “Autonomous Domestic Regimes” of the Direct Imperial Government Code. However only these four templates must be used and individual Manor variances from the templates all in the gift of the Emperor alone and limited to what is a simple variance per year. All four templates shall provide meetings with and without the petty-monarchy of the Seigneury and Seigneur and Seigneur’s Lady if the Seigneur is a Lord, representation by rotation of any Heirs, and other officials on a dais. The Dais shall have a veto over all bills passed by the Council Floor. The Council Floors shall consist of no less than half their member drawn from male-preference Serf-Pettyholders and also include Pettyholder family members who are domestic servants, any Maitress en Titre descended of the serivle population, militia member who are half-free and residents of the free quarter if any elected by the Servile population. The Council shall have the following powers:
In the Floor alone,
1. To appeal for Imperial review of any case in which local remedies and appeals are exhausted.
2. To declare two exceptional half-holidays each year.
3. To censor the entertainments in the Square and Commons.
In the Whole Council
1. To enact sumptuary laws within the limits of the constitutions
2. To hold three or fewer unique festivals each year in the Manor
3. To direct the Police and Manor Watch and the jail
4. To file for a Hostile or Friendly emancipation with the Emperor of any Serf not a Pettyholder.
6. To participate in the succession of the Seigneur according to the Manor Charter with the Consent of the Emperor and any intervening liege.
7. To ammend the Manor Charter with the consent of the Seigneur.
8. To counsel the Seigneur.

Item Two: Monasteries
Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Monasteries shall have the most high rank and privilege in the Direct Imperial Government Jurisdiction. However regardless of current Church Practice both governance and succession of an Abbot or superior must be certified by the Imperial Chaplain with the Emperor’s Consent to have both effective institutional unity with the larger church and real autonomy in the particular Monastery. The very fact of a logically perfect sytem will argue that this ancient balance has been lost and the monastery discredited.

Monasteries that are not Roman Catholic or Greek Orthodox shall have an observer in all cases from the regular courts of the Direct Imperial Government and appeals thereto but shall in many manners be subject to the ecclesial courts of the Imperial Chaplain and his laws titled “Civil Derivations of the Canon Law” in the Direct Imperial Government Civil Code.

Item Three: Special Palaces

Seraglio Palaces are under Harem law even if the achieve autnomous status and Harem law and governance apply in all practicable matters.

Imperial Tribal Palaces Proper are governed under the laws of the Bouletherion.

Provision Four: Compact Zones

Within the Direct Imperial Jurisdiction the Compact Zones shall offer the greatest public equality of manner in law and honor to commoners. The Compact Zone residents shall have special priveleges within their network of Compact Zones and each network of Compact Zones shall be governed in many ways by the Compact Assembly. The Special Vice President Appointed by the Emperor shall appoint a mayor for the goverrnance of each Compact Zone in his or her network. Each mayor shall be subject to scrutiny by a Zone Council who shall also pass all ordinary ordinances, collect all taxes and appoint the Chief Constable for the Zone as well as holding up to three unique festivals and organizing the local militia. The Zone Council shall have a Dais with two appointees each of the Bouletherion, the GRIHHA and the Compact Assembly the Dais shall have an inner majority veto over ordinary legislation and its members an equal vote with Floor members in all matters. The Coucil Floor shall include The Chief Resident of each licensed Guildhall in the Zone, 12 residents of each sex chosen at random for one term, the official reperesentative for each licensed political party with members in the Zone, three at large members elected for life by direct vote from and by all Zone residents and two sets five representatives serving two year terms in an election where all family associations belong to one of five blocks and all memebers of those families vote equally in a single slate election twic in the five year cycle and have no direct representation in one year of the cycle.

Provision Five: Special Districts
Imperial Military Districts will be governed under Imperial Military Law. General or Unclassified Districts will be either small anomalies or else be divided into five subdistricts each with a cultureal commerce and legal objective of its own. These five subdistricts are The Emperor’s Own, The Empress’s, The Imperial Mistress of Cermonies’, The Honor Guard Commander’s and the Imperial Solicitor’s. These subdistricts shall be governed seprately in most local and municipal matters but where district wide decisions and actions are needed the government of each shall send delgates to a District Assembly. The District Consul shall be a member of the Inner Imperial House and shall work with the council to discharge such law and governance as are needed. A random jury of twelve commoners from each subdistrict shall have the power of petty tribunes over this District Council.

Provision Six: The District of Columbia

The District of Columbia known also as the Imperial Capital City will have a Constitution in the Section District of Columbia Constitution in the Title Jurisdictional Constitution of the Direct Imperial Code. I t shall be governed in accor with the same.
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if you have the energy to discuss this with friends that would be great. But the basic point here in this Section Three “Democracy” in Article Six “The Direct Imperial Government” is that for our system to work there must be broad respect for a Direct Imperial Government which is necessary to that political life which we all share. The Direct Imperial Government is very complex is not entirely subject to this Constitution although it approaches that in a complex way. This is more different from the current Second Union in a variety of the largest ways one can conceive. But in the midst of such royalist and aristocratic changes one can still see our heritage of mixed government. Not all democratic representatives are elected in the same way and there is a complex variety of means for electing those who represent the large majority of the Citizen-Subjects in this Jurisdiction. There are few traditional American elections of representatives who are in population based districts depending and a great variety in the case of district voting as to what type of district is being drawn. This country is not now nor ever has been a democratic republic but rather is a mixed government Constitutional Union of mixed government republics. However, under this Model Constitution the society which has evolved into an Empire and Union uniting various kinds of polities and with a royal monarchy in an Imperial framework has a House of Representatives which is more true to the democratic and republican principles than ever before in many ways. The Direct Imperial Government functions to help achieve many goals already espoused by many elements of our society but facilitates these ideals more directly with the many new institutions under the Model Constitution than anyone addresses these problems under the one currently in force. The democratic elements and functions of the Direct Imperial Government are delineated in such a way that one can see that although they are in subordination to the lead of a Monarchy and Aristocracy their functions are important and carefully preserved in a system which is broader than their diminished importance in legislation proper.

I have tagged a few FB friends and I will in some or all my notes. Any kind of political radicalism at any time is a risk for those associated with it and so I am keeping the tagging to a minimum and while a great deal of endorsement will be needed to effect these changes there is no indication that someone tagged in a note in this series is actually endorsing the note. As always I am willing to respond to posted comments, chat and private messages.

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