Discussions on the Model Constitution(14th in a Series): Second or Deputy Executive Vice-President

Why and How I am a Committed Radical (14th in a Series): The Second or Deputy Executive Vice-President
by Frank Wynerth Summers III on Saturday, April 21, 2012 at 10:17pm ·
This Note will be about the Fourth Section of Article Three in my Model Constitution. For those who want to see the Model Constitution I propose as a whole you can go to the following link:


This language which is discussed in this note from my Model Constitution is a part of the development from continuity as regards the Vice Presidency as it was long defined and also as it was redfined in the traumatic events following the Kennedy assassination. During LBJ’s administration the 25th Ammendment came to be:
The 25th Amendment was proposed on July 6th, 1965
The 25th Amendment was passed on February 10th, 1967.

This was one of the many steps in stripping away all respectable genius for legitimacy which had existed in our original constitution and which has been continuously eroded. While there were some improvements effected by the twenty-fifth in that it allowed for clarity and prompt action and also there was a great deal more wisdom in confirming the new appointed Vice President throught both Houses of Congress it was not the right direction and is not necessary under the new royalist regime proposed here. The new system of that twenty-fifth ammendment system has been used and it was not terrible but neither was it all that good.

The first person appointed to the vice-presidency under the terms of the 25th Amendment was not confirmed by subsequent election of the people and was defeated by a candidate who became a President usually seen as mostly unsuccessful and divisive. Gerald Rudolph “Jerry” Ford, Jr. was born Leslie Lynch King, Jr. and took the name of his mother’s next husband and was never formally adopted and changed his name late in the game. Long after his July 14, 1913 birth he was receiving some financial support from his birth famiy while going by another name. He was to pioneer a new sort of title iregularity as Presidentwhen he took office after Spiro Agnew resigned Then he became President upon Richard Nixon’s resignation — the only President of the United States who was never elected President nor Vice-President by the Electoral College. This new Constitution is not like the First Union’s Articles of Confederation which seeks to make parties as weak as possible. However, the royalist institutions added do strenghten some other aspects of the society and at the expense of the party and the kind of party leader which a current president is in our system. Before becoming vice-presidency, Gerald Ford had been a distinguished Member of Congress 25 years as the Representative from Michigan’s 5th congressional district, eight of them as the Republican Minority Leader. He was very far from representing the consensus, mandate or even choice of the Country and under this Model Constitution’s system such a person could not be First Executive Vice President until several other points in succession had been passed. I have nothing against Ford who was a pretty good President in anumber of ways and whom I met and spoke with personally after his retirement. In this system proposed in my Model Constitution as throughout much of American History the Speaker follows in Succession after the two electees of the Electoral College. In this system that can be a succession even to the Second or Deputy Executive Vice-President’s office. That can be opted out of unlike thesuccession in the event that both posts are vacated. The Speaker is elected by the entire society of Citizens through their representatives and is involved in governance and so is uniquely qualified to follow in succession. The Emperor and royal house would secure both legitimacy and continuous administration in crises. This system will keep a clear difference between the ideal of the elctoral college and the other parts of the regular election and anything else. The Union must be able to function but there is no reason to pretend that circumstances are entirely normal after this kind of crisis occurs.

The other area of reform in this position compared to the current position of Vice President is that the Second or Deputy Vice-President has more duties under this constitution. That is partly because there are many things that need high level attention, partly because the Emperor and Imperial House make it harder to justify having a grnd official waiting around to fill a gap and partly because these duties will still leave open some time for this official to have a schedul open for pinch-hitting when needed in the Executive game as Vice Presidents have sometimes done. Right now the office of Voce President is a bit more like fishsitting than we can afford to continue. I use the term fishsitting in memory of a time when a great percentage of the people here at Big Woods and others whom I knew were headed off to a wedding in Georgia for a family friend and her soon-to-be husband. I was not invited and very possibly would have dedclined the invitation. I planned to watch the British royal wedding and tend to the little things I often attend to and I had a reception as Outstanding Graduate of ’89 at UL which I was trying to be sure that I was ready for on that Monday which is an important thing I am invited to every four or five years. Nonetheless, if I were prone to loneliness I might have felt hurt and lonely.

However, a small child who is a friend and lived on campus here but now is older and lives in Peru had asked me to care for Squirtie, the freshwater Beta she and her even younger brother own together. This fish seemed a rather well-behaved and quiet companion. Along with the horses and dogs we got along fine that weekend. The fish did not respond particularly alertly to his name but he iwas good company nonetheless. In fact he has did nothing to offend me all day. e Squirtie survived this weekend and some more days and never complained of feeling ill. Fishsitting is not a bad job but it is not really that great either. America will have to get rid of the luxury of having one of the most qualified politicians in the country looking mostly like a fishsitter. There will still be some waiting around to see if anyone dies but it will not be as significant a role in the office of the junior electee of the Electoral College.

Given all of what could be said this is a brief note which brings us to the end of Article Three’s text. The next note will deal with Article Four on the Judiciary. So here is the text as follows:

**** ***** ****** ***** ***** **** ***** ****** ***** *****
Section Four: The Second or Deputy Executive Vice President
Most of his office is described elsewhere in this Constitution than here.
Subsection One: Interbranch Affairs
President of the Senate and Chief Consul of the Senatorial Police Council as well Chief Deputy of the First Executive Vice President his office shall receive due information on interbranch affairs of all the Federal Government and he shall issue a recorded report on such matters to the first Executive Vice President and also to the Emperor annually.
Subsection Two: Succession
Provision One: The Second or Deputy Executive Vice-President is to be seated as the sole member of the Federal Government’s Union system on the Empire’s Succession Review Board. He or she must report on issues related to successions which affect the Federal Government to the Censors every year. If the First Executive Vice President is a woman then she must have served or serve from election day for one month in the Empress’s Court.
Provision Two: Whenever the Second or Deputy Vice President and two-thirds majority of either the Cabinet officers of the union executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the Clerk of the GRIHAA, Chief Censor, the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives a copy of their written petition to the Court Physician and the Surgeon General theat they jointly cerify that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President. Once this is certifeid by the two medical officers of state then the Emperor will decide whether the First Executive Vice-President is out of office or temprorarily disabled. The Acting First Executive Vice-President will have all the powers of the First Executive Vice-President but shall have agreater duty to report to the Emperor and the First Executive Vice-President will be examined frequently for fitness to return to office.
Provision Three:In the event of the death or removal of the First Executive-Vice President the Second or Deputy Executive Vice-President shall be sworn in as First Executive Vice-President, pay fealty to the Emperor and assume the duties of office. At this time the Speaker of the House of Representatives shall be offered the post of Second or Deputy Executive Vice-President for the remainder of the existing term. If the Speaker is a woman who has never served in the Empress’s Court she shall do so for one month and during that time the new First Executive Vice-President shall appoint a United States Senator to serve as Acting First Executive Vice President during that time. Should both the First Executive Vice-President and the Second or Deputy Executive Vice-President die or be removed in the same even or at almost the same time then the Speaker of the House of Representatives shall become First Executive Vice-President and the Emperor shall select a member of the First Executive Vice President’s Cabinet to assume the office of Second Deputy Executive Vice-President from four nominees listed by the GRIHAA sitting without him. Should the Speaker also be killed or removed in the same event, then the Emperor shall appoint both of the Executive Vice-Presidents from three nominees for each post from the GRIHAA. Should the Cabinet be greatly disgraced, killed or unavailable in these circumstances the Emperor shall appoint a Sentaor First Executive Vice-President and a Member of the House of Representatives to the post of Second or Deputy Executive Vice-President.
Subsection Three: Protocol The Second or Deputy Executive Vice-President shall maintain for the Union a cooperation with the Empire and the Ministry of Protocol most of all. They will seek to make the attendance of this official both very proper and suitable in dignity for attendance on those ceremonial events which the Union Executive should attend but which the Constitution or laws do not require the First Executive Vice-President to attend. Most of all, in this regard attendance upon foregin courts and governments and the United Nations should become an area of such expertise as can be mastered in a such few years as the office is held. The oath of fealty sworn by the Second or Deputy Executive Vice-President will speicfy such duties and cooperation for the Union Executive with the Empire.
**** **** ***** **** **** **** **** **** ***

If you have the energy to discuss this with friends that would be great. But the basic point here in this Section Four “The Second or Deputy Executive Vice President” in Article Three ” The Executive and the Monarchy” is that for our system to work there must be an effective executive and in both the royal Imperial portion of the Monarchy and Executive and in the Union Government portion of the Executive there must be plansfor a smooth succession even in emergency and more care for competent and legitimate succession as well. This portion of the article introduces to us in the Executive the idea of an official who has a great deal of continuity with the Vice-President of the republican Union. We have seen a good bit of his regular work indirectly and directly in Article Two “Congress” . We also see that as the Empire and its agencies are better understood through other article we will be able to see better what he would do in connection to the new structure. We also see varied provisions for having a man in a more familiar pattern of transition or a woman who has additional responsibility for preparation at the Empress’s Court. This is the only person of the four officials in this Article who does not hold much executive power and never serves as head of state. We are made aware that the principal function is to be prepared at very short notice to become First Executive Vice-President who is a figure much like the current President of the republican Union.

I have tagged a few FB friends and I will in some or all my notes. Any kind of political radicalism at any time is a risk for those associated with it and so I am keeping the tagging to a minimum and while a great deal of endorsement will be needed to effect these changes there is no indication that someone tagged in a note in this series is actually endorsing the note. As always I am willing to respond to posted comments, chat and private messages.

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