Discussion on the Model Constitution (7th in a Series): House of Representatives

Why and How I am a Committed Radical (7th in Series): The House of Representatives
by Frank Wynerth Summers III on Saturday, April 7, 2012 at 8:01pm ·
This Note will be about the Section Two of Article Two in my Model Constitution. For those who want to see the Model Constitution I propose as a whole you can go to the following linK:


In the text from the Model Constitution which is the subject of this note there will be little or no scandal from the aspects of the inclusion of a royalist monarchy. That will not be the dveiation from the current state of affairs. In this section the change will be in the area of Race and White Supremacy. It will be the way these two principles of organization are regarded that will chart the deviation from the current constitution in ways most likely to shock. However, this will not be the only way in which this institution called the House of Representatives shall have been transformed. Under the current Constiution the Vrigin Islands, Puerto Rico, the District of Colombia, the Northern Marianas, Guam and American Samoa are on the outside looking in at a huge monument to hypocrisy in a society which constantly evokes democracy as it mantra and ‘no taxation without representation” as its founding principle. Under the proposed constitution these will be regular constituencies in the democratic structure of the House of Representatives. That is the case even though the idea of a complete democracy is denounced and a more correct constitution is established with democracy, aristocracy and monarchy joined in the dynamic constitution which is a great force driving Americanism and American politics.

While these changes have been propounded there has also been a change in the entire context as the same lands already under the flag of the United States of America have been divided into States, Territories and Possessions as well as the Direct Imperial Government Jurisdiction. States provide ordinary representation for Whites at X persons per district and as near to X persons per district as can be done for the largely equally treated North East Asians who have a few constitutional restrictions and may sometimes be over or under represented in a given State. This may lead North East Asians to move from California to other states in time for example, but right now North East Asians are poorly represented. The States also pool all their colored districts for a total of four seats elected at a convention. These representatives are also given an advantage which can survive demographic threats because the States are in possession of a nearly total monopoly on the power of the Senate.

The Territories provide representation primarily for Aboriginal American Peoples, Creoles of Color and Mestizos at a rate of 1.25X persons per district. The Possessions provide representation for Negroes and African-Americans at a rate of 1.5X persons per district. The Territories and Possessions will also elect Tribunes to monitor the Senate.

The Direct Imperial Government Jurisdiction will have between three and five representatives with most of the powers of a regular representative but some restrictions on bills void in the DIG Jurisdiction. The Military Bases will have representatives at a rate of 2X persons per district. However, some persons may count as a half a person or a third depending on their connection to the base thus being as 6 persons to one in the State to achieve the Count of the district. However, all of the voters in the district are entitiled to vote in their hjome jurisdictions as well.

The Censors will define the districts then so that for example if there are one hundred thousand (100,000) White persons in a State District there will be as near as possible to that number in the NEA districts. In that case there would be one hundred twenty five thousand (125,000) territorials in a district. There would also be one hundred and fifty thousand (150,000) Negroes and African Americans in a district. There would be two hundred thousand Count-Value-Persons in Military base Districts. For any number the same principle would apply.

Should we adopt this constitution, we will surely have people claim and argue that our constitution is not legitimate. However, the truth is that it is very legitimate and yet the one we have now is not remotely legitimate. That is all that supporters of this constitution will need to prove out and argue to make it clear to those who have doubts. Although the government will defend itself it will include citizen’s making arguments in that defense. The presidency of Barack Obama is proof that far many Americans the current state of affairs and trajectory of our politics is suicidal. His commitment to destroy our civilization is thorough, fairly popular and well-organized. His election shows how little chance there is of our society surviving as a functional and powerful civilization. He embodies the choice of a civilization that neither understands itself nor is suited to survive. Yet in the long struggle between Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama they did achieve a great good in practice which was to have primary which a sane and not deluded person could call a legitmate party election in our union. I salute them both on that account. This very judgemental country which questions Putin’s election in Russia has been a treasonsous joke most of my life in terms of party selections of the presidents.

As we discuss the Presidential election and the party nomination by the Republicans I am not a member of an early contest state nor a Republican but I did pay close attention. Almost before any significant percentage of voters had voted the media and other forces were seeking to call the election. There have been many insane and ilegitimate polities but this makes America’s political system just as insane and ilegitimate as any — we must work with it but it is already a horror and an insult to all kinds of legitimacy even as it polices the legitmacy of the world. Louisiana is entitled not only to its normal share of delegates by general formula but to an additional bonus delegate for having Republican Governor Bobby Jindal, another bonus delegate for having Senator David Vitter as a Republican voice. Further Louisiana has a bonus delegate because the House of Representatives in the Louisiana State Legislature is majority Republican. Frankly, I am not sure if the Louisiana State Senate has a Republican majority, nor if the Louisiana delegation to the House of Representatives has a Republican Majority but Louisiana may be entitled to other bonus delegates there or not. All these details and agreements and distinctions show how tied the Conventions are to the whole struggle of either party as well as to our Federal Constitution and our political theory. The desire to call forth and create a nominee of either party after Iowa and New Hampshire has been part of the campaign of treason by large television companies. Santorum did win Louisiana, Gingrich won Georgia and South Carolina and Santorum won a good number of other contests. America’s adherence to constitutional principle is horrible. It would be far better to hav low standards and achieve them than to live in the insane asylum we have created over generations. This insane asylum is largely supported and shaped by big television — everything else is secondary. These powers are invested in showing the importance of the big television buys and excluding anyone who cannot make big buys from being considered a candidate. When given broadcast spectrum the large networks take on a public trust in the spectrum rights they do not pay for which form the basis of their fortunes. They should be forced to uphold public trust and pay for the spectrum of frquency and they should have been prosecuted for treason. Remember Dan Rather calling Florida for Gore? That was the tip of the iceberg. The treason they have long perpetrated has been an attempt to play the role in our elections which the Communist Party played in Soviet elections in the seventies. There is still a popular vote in such systems but its meaning has been taken away. America tells other people how to have elections but our own system has very little legitimacy. the party conventions are supposed to nominate after elections and caucuses in all the States. Yes we will say to the world we are having a revolution to legitimacy.

The television networks have a tradition of treason and used to call the election night before California polls had closed. The media as a whole still disenfranchise military and overseas voters. We3 have an electoral college and a long delay that would cover such matters. It may be we cannot afford such delays but then we should admit that we cannot afford constitutional government.

The question of race in American democracy can be discussed at great length, more or less fruitfully. There is the fact that the laws of our own era have created an expectation of supposed racial equality which is violated in all possible directions all the time. This does require a new Constitution to change and that is what we have here. But this is within our constitutional tradition. Among the phrases of importance in our constitution currently is the phrase that indicates the framers are acting “For ourselves and our Posterity” America is meant to be a White Supremacist society. Of course by the same token it is true that preference would be given to descendants of the revolutionary population over others. I do have ancestors from among that group but also want to incorporate traditions from outside that group into the center and heart of the national structure. I believe both the founding at its best and the best of human culture and my own very relevant background indicate that the racial all-white quality of the past institutions was unjust and would be more unjust today. That is why being stupid is bad. Stupidity acknowledges only zero percent and one hundred percent as answers. We are grown stupid as a world. But we know our ancestors framed a constitution with fractions for slaves and with treaties for Indians and with ideas of universal humanity under distinct types. So this constitution is a perfection (to some degree) of the one we have in effect.

However, there is the reality of the Black race as it acts politically after the Civil Rights era and the insanity of America’s response to the crisis. The Blacks must be noted as a special class in the good ways and the bad ways that they are who they are both as a people and in our society. They will still be vastly more powerful than the Chamorros, Inuit or Samoan people even if this regime works like clockwork. But the truth is that it will take courage to honor the system even as many blacks try to break the workings of this and every other clock that lifts us above a world in which the significant moinority of Blacks who are bruitsh in their view of things have every advantage over all other human types. The Trayvon Martin rallies are part of the force pushing America to the point of crisis. When that point of crisis is reached it is not at all certain that a sane and constitutional outcome will be available on the other side. Trayvon’s parents are clearly entitled to grieve, maybe they are entitled to be outraged and maybe not. But they seem to find a national cause in championing the national coercion of Florida municipal police to arrest a hooded kid who was very possibly wandering around a community in the rain, confronted a watchman with physical force and was shot. Our huge affirmative action programs in law shools has not produced the right black lawyers for them to sue the department or th right black journalists for them to combine this suit with media rhetoric. In fact what they have the need to do is create what is really violence all though we call it nonviolence by grouping huge crowds of screaming people who interfere with traffic, public spaces and public order and who act throughout the country.

An America that can stand up to the Trayvon Martin movement and want to negotiate with leaders who have the enlightened self interest of the Black, African American and larger traditional civil rights coallition is what we must have but may not get. An America that can stand up to the Occupy Wall Street movement and want to negotiate with leaders who have the enlightened self interest of the unpropertied classes is what we must have but may not get. An America that can stand up to the Grover Norquist tax pledge group and want to negotiate with leaders who have the enlightened self interest of the tax paying classes is what we must have but may not get. An America that can stand up to the Atheist rally in Washington and want to negotiate with leaders who have the enlightened self interest of the non-religious classes is what we must have but may not get. An America that can stand up to the Gay Rights movement and want to negotiate with leaders who have the enlightened self interest of the vsried sexual preference groups is what we must have but may not get. An America that can stand up to the feminist movement and want to negotiate with leaders who have the enlightened self interest of the women and actually increase many feminist position in balance with traditional values is what we must have but may not get. I BELIEVE THAT THIS HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES IN THE OVERALL STRUCTURE OF THINGS WILL BE ABLE TO PRESERVE THE DEMOCRATIC ELEMENT AND TRADITION IN OUR SOCIETY. i BELIEVE IT CAN DO SO IN A WAY GOOD FOR ALL. HOWEVER, I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT NO OUTCOME IS GUARANTEED.

I am writing this note to explain and justify radical constitutional change in the future of the United States. This is not a pleasant or rewarding thing to do. I am not sure that radical political change is ever something to rush towards enthusiastically. This is a case of trying to explain how many factors work together to create a situation where people are pushed into the somewhat familiar patterns where a strong man leading a focused political transition is very serious. The imperative of radical change in general and how it will possibly shape our future are the central topics of this note.

Race is a significant part of my unhappiness. I think that blacks terrorize white children in lots of schools and neighborhoods, they commit sprees of violent crimes that control the lives of poor whites in many areas. Black violent supremacy and African American tyrrany is a reality for many millions of Americans. I think having this disciple of Rev. Wright in the White House will plunge many people into a deeper pool of horror and despair. Obama will energize the violent and stubborn blacks full of anger and resistance to defy all sense of civility. Life has almost certainly ended for some large number of white, North East Asian and other kids because violent black criminals have been surer of themselves. Among the meekest members of poor white communities nobody will denounce the Blacks. The Black tyrants of the American social order are out there killing, terrorizing and destroying with a new zest every day now. It will not likely cause more positive cohesion in the African-American community. Most mixed populations with black chief magistrates have seen rising crime rates, a black machine that defends itself over public interest and which energizes black violence and animus against whites. This is now our national future.

I do not think that America will ever have another real chance at finding a path towards progressive civilization. We have in Barack Obama elected a man with a long-history in a white-hating church, a man who has no real ties to the Civil Rights struggle but a great deal of ties to the Afro-Islamic demographic invasion of recent years. He is a sign of ending the old legacy of progress in the African-American Community which had been brutalized by white racism from time to time. President Barack Obama is a way of realligning Black Americans with a huge foreign web of people with centuries of history in exploiting, enslaving and slaughtering white people. My Model Constitution is a chance at survival for all peoples here in our lands and for our civilization.

So in this context I give to you the relevant text from the Model Constitution:

***** ******* ****** ***** *******
Section Two: The House of Representatives

The House of Representatives shall retain most of its functions from the 1789 legislature and add relatively few. It shall be the House of the People and must initiaite all but a small class of Apropriation bills The People’s Congressional reforms would include increasing the House 800 members and creating seats for somewhere two at large seats from each Territory and one at large seat from Possession. Beyond that the general rule would be that all seats would be apportioned with X people per seat in each State.The amount for districts charted afterwards might be negotiated but roughly come to 1.25X people per district in the Territories once they have passed almost that amount in fixed two seats and 1.5X people in the districts in the Possessions once they have passed fully that allotment for one fixed seat. Each State with a significant North East Asian heritage population shall have one or two but no more fully or majority Northeast Asian Constituted seats that will probably be more than twenty but less than forty districts. All military bases in the Empire and abroad will be allotted seats but military voters will also belong to another home district. These federalized or single districts will be given seats at the rate of 2x people per district. Their will be four sets reserved to represent the Colored Districts in the States.Each state will have these districts with some municipal governance and seats in the State Legislature for those who are not White or North East Asian and are not related closely to the peoples of bordering Territories or legislatures. These four seats in the House will be represented by those elected by a convention of the colored State Legislators every four years. There would also be between three and five seats fro those living in Direct Imperial Government jurisdiction. These DIG reps alone would be of limited powers because of some restrictions in the areas of law that have no application in the DIG areas. In basic terms, the House of Representatives will be between 791 and 793 seats apportioned by population. 800 = S+T+P+M+4+(3to5), is the structure but the representation is of the total population plus the eligible military population on bases. There are more sophisticated ways to do the math but the actual decsions of alottment and districting would be a complex cooperative effort by the Censors and the Jurisdictions. The Censors would be a board of retired very senior officials of several kinds who would run the Census Bureau and actually work with the dsitricting and would form a magistracy for ethics and public morals
***** ******* ******* ******* ****** *** ***

if you have the energy to discuss this with friends that would be great. But the basic point here in this Section Two “House of Representatives” in Article Two “Congress ” is that for our system to work there must be a great respect for a Congress which is at the heart of that political life which we all share. The Senate is not entirely shared although it approaches that in a complex way. This is different from the current House in the largest way in that Military Base Representatives and Representatives of the Colored Districts in the States are not tied to any federal partner autonomous jurisdiction in the Union. Also many new new Jurisdictions have been created including full territories where there were once observers allowed for outside lands and some lands now represented by the DIG representatives, therefore the reality of democracy is more perfect than before. The racial nature of the democracy and the principle of a limited constitutional White Supremacy are recognized in law and structure. Not all represpresentatives are elected in the same way and there is a complex formula for electing the large majority who are in population based districts depending on what type of district is being drawn. The Censors work with Jurisdictions and the Military to create the population based districts for the House. This country is not now nor ever has been a democratic republic but rather is a mixed government Constitutional Union of mixed government republics. However, under this Model Constitution the society which has evolved into an Empire and Union uniting various kinds of polities and with a royal monarchy in an Imperial framework has a House of Representatives which is more true to the democratic and republican principles thanever before in many ways. The House of Representatives and the Senate were always different but are more different in the Model Constitution than under the one currently in force. The functions of the Congress are delineated in such a way that one can see that although they are a legislature their functions are broader than legislation proper.

I have tagged a few FB friends and I will in some or all my notes. Any kind of political radicalism at any time is a risk for those associated with it and so I am keeping the tagging to a minimum and while a great deal of endorsement will be needed to effect these changes there is no indication that someone tagged in a note in this series is actually endorsing the note. As always I am willing to respond to posted comments, chat and private messages.

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