Discussion on the Model Constitution (5th in a Series): Congress

Why and How I am a Committed Radical (5th in Series): Congress
by Frank Wynerth Summers III on Friday, April 6, 2012 at 11:23am ·
In the current Constitution the first Article is about and empowers Congress. Here it is the Second Article which does such things.

This Note will be about the numberless preamble type section of Article Two in my Model Constitution. For those who want to see the Model Constitution I propose as a whole you can go to the following linK:


Congress has some resemblance to the Parliaments of Westminster and elsewhere. It has resemblances to the legislatures of all sort of places but it is different from Europe’s Parilaments in it strong direct influence from Classical Greek and Roman examples and fromthe Chiefs Council of Iroquoia in those days. It is also a partial product othe Acadian influences which trickled and were fed into its founding members and their advisors. Then it formed itself in a revolutionary process.

As for the Acadian element in all of this it is particularly important because of the proposal at the core of the this proposed constitutional transformation. That portion of the Acadian tradition which is similar to the Parliament or Congress of other regimes is of great imporatance and still functions in an irregular and somewhat impaired and decayed state. That is significant because the idea of having a royal monarch always involves having a particular royal monarch. The House of Saxe-Coburg was vcery successful in filling out much of the royal dynastic needs of Europe in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. That House brought week ties to what might loosely be called the legislative or conciliar aspects of governance. This is a constitution which proposes a particular Monarchy not just a monarchy the fusing of an Imperial title to the existing particular royal title proposed. This is the moarch Basileus Kai Basilissa Arkadios. The word which begins the title is Basileus A Latin lettering for the Greek word for King. Used to describe and identify the king of the secret Acadian government of the Ethnos Arkadios. The next big important word is Basilissa A Latin lettering for the Greek word for Queen. Used to describe and identify the queen of the secret Acadian government of the Ethnos Arkadios. The influence of these higher Kings and Queens whose titles come from before the Archons who give use our word for Monarchy is so great as to bend the scales of modern rank and protocol. Among the facts of this general title are that it appears in the New Testament and on the Rosetta Stone. However, there are so
many things owed that one cannot exhaust them all. While it is a truly Pre-Christian title it has countless ties to the founding and formation of Christianity which continue to this day. That includes buildings in the Vatican and Mexico City which are important to millions today. The word I am suggesting is basilica which means a building based on the format of ancient Greek “pre-archonic” kings and queens and built for a public or ceremonial use. This term has been most used by the Catholic and Orthodox Churches for special Houses of Worship. The Roman Catholic Church has a set of requirements mostly not architectural in nature which a church must meet to achieve this designation. The Basileues Arkadios is under the proposed constitution entitled to many titles more often used but his highest and in a sense most correct Title of Announcement would be “His Imperial Majesty America President and Emperor the Basileus Arkadios First and Father in Title of All Earthly Kings” or in Louisiana in French with the final formulation being “Roi Premiere et Pere en Titre de Tout les Rois de Terre”. Many Americans accept the importance in one form or another of the Bibile and often the Proposed Imperial House will have reason to cite it which are not populist. While most Bible-loving Americans know Nimrod as a King in Genesis 10: 8-12 they believe the Bible says he was personally the first King in human history. However, the Bible makes it clear he was a mighty woarrior and hunter who drew his primacy from a series of Primary cities he more or less conquered. the chief of those cities was Accad and he married and Acccdian Princess to secure his title and submitted to its rites of kingship and thus gained not only Accad but Babel and Erech which were cities federated with Accad. From this title as king of Accad he was entitled to be styled “the first King and Potentate on Earth”. Despite the very demeaned and pinched circumstances of Acadian royalty if the regime proposed were to occur there could be a risk of greatly imbalancing the system of politics here in favor of the One, the Royal and the Executive principles. That danger is not real because the Acadians also bring a counterweight to the proposed role as Imperial Tribe. They have an institution which can be weighed in reverence against any king and hold its own in dignity. That institution is the Bouletherion, a very large and sacred council of the Ethnos Arkadios which alone has constitutional dignity and importance equal to the Basileus and Basilissa. In myth or legends nearly forgotten even in Acadiana it is the first and most of ancient of all legislatures. It is presided over by five Presidents on nominated by the Grand Famille des Boulets, one by the Grand Famille des Theriot, one by theother Princely and the High Chiefly Families acting as one group of the High Chiefly Families, one by the mid and Low Chiefly Families and the last appointed by the Basileus. The Greek Boleutheria of ancient times were all descended from this council. Because it can be held in abbreviated forms and because it is so senior and sacred it endures in right even when disused. While the ties of the Bouletherion to the COngress and State Legislatures and the proposed regime will be minimal compared to that of the Emperor who is Basileus there is still a real set of ties. In addition, the example of the Bouletherion’s function in the Imperial tribe will strengthen Congress in our society.

We need a very strong and vigorous Congress. We will be empowered under this new regime to say it represents all Maerican Citizens which it does not now. It will be in many ways more effective as a democracy even as it denounces democratic demagoguery in favor of a much better constitutional model. We are a country with a history and a set of geographical and cultural parameters that are distinctly ours. We are also a country of certain racial and ethnic components. We have never intended to be a pure democracy when we were sane. We must build not only for the present but for the foreseeable future. We need a basic framework that is familiar but which will see us into the future. Our ancestors used many ancient elements that had fallen into disuse to refashion these lands into our union. We will also have to look into the past for some of the elements of our future. But it must be a real forward- looking future. We need a vigorous and evolving NASA right away and not to evolve towrd the programs of Kenya in the Kennedy years. We need a Congress rooted enough to deal with realities and constituencies in all that is America whioch can also be wise and expert enough as well as romantic enough to spark vast new industries of space colonization and desert and seamount colonization. We need a Congress which even when it is not directly responsible will be able to deal with Imperial and Jurisdictional efforts to grant awards , contracts and licenses for companies to engage in extreme environmental rescue for practical profitable use. We need a Congress practical enough to act for right now, to right the wrongs of the past and to prepare for the next few centuries. That is not a fantasy it is just what we need.

I have been to several town hall meetings with Senator David Vitter and another one with Congressman Charles Boustany recently. I am not in favor of abolishing Congress and though I am one of the few voices both truly radical and truly American voices they ever here there I correspond politiely and in limited fashion with them with Senator Landrieu and with others there when the occasion suggests it, Those of you with more money and influence should do more not less for the causes you believe in. I am not eager to abolish very many institutions within the larger institution of Congress even as we experience radical constitutional change. We mostly need to reform some of these procedures and groups and create some new ones. Government itself under the new regime will recognize more of its competitors, will be limited but address the totality of forces for anarchy of various kinds on this planet. More rights for families, guilds and religious institutions will be secured which are competitors with the game of a governed and civilized society. Congress will play a vital role in the messy world in which government must be efficient and limitedbut it must not be slaughtered for the pirates who favor a dictatorship of the market. We must expect government to grow but grow very differently.

Somehow we have to get into a position where we can make wise decisions. Congress must be the main place where those ideas and plans can be discussed. Those kinds of decisions can be more difficult and costly at first than changes that come from yelled invective, apathy or fear. One reason for the most dangerous kinds of apathy arising is that a people has wasted its energy on spasms of ill-conceived response. America is in a crisis and there are serious consquences looming if we shirk our duty. there are no guaranties of success if we do our duty. But we are a great country and America has been built by taking daring informed risk backed up by well-directed hard work. But we have the makings of a major crisis.

Congress is among other the things America’s Great Conversation — Conversation Topics Include:
1. America has a nearly negative or negative personal savings rate.
2. America is at not having a satisfactory outcome from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as in a worldwide struggle in which instability is increasing.
3. America has as many as 20,000,000 people in its land without documentation.
4. America has very little public transportation in a world with soaring transport fuel costs and other compelling reasons to add public transit.
5. America has ties to a Europe in which church attendance, marriage and personal freedom all seem to be declining at the same time.
6. America has ties to an Africa in which a series of crises leave wastelands and corpses abounding.
7.America is part of a world which has generally abandoned traditional ideas like chivalry, honor and sacred truce which used to limit violence in crises even across religions and nationalities.
8.Multinational corporations, global terrorism and the rise of other non-national forces is putting more pressure on all countries than I think our leaders realize. America can become just another failed state more easily than in any other century in her short political history.
9. America has many lingering problems that have not yet been resolved. They are source of conflict which can bubble up to the surface at any time.
10. The environmental problems in the world are a long way from being solved.
11. America’s coastral wetlands, seafood spawning grounds, levees and harbors are all in sub-par condition at the same time.
12. An entire generation of below adequate staffing of intelligence, diplomatic and Peace Corps positions has left us poorly equipped to deal with a world in crisis.
13. There are huge numbers of very capable people in the world determined to bring civilization to the ground and the leaders of civilization only know about the loud and obvious ones.

America would not reach perfect stability in this new regime. Nor do we seek a kind of passive stasis. But the struggle to have more productive politcal conflict in a Congress which is also a community that cooperates would be the ideal under the new regime. More of this trouble should be in Congress and less should be outside of it as general political unrest.
I think that we can look at our history and possibly reach some conclusions that we are happy about and some we are not happy about. We may find that there are quite a few where honest people can agree that America is constitutionally a certain way without too much regard to whether that is the way we like things to be arranged. In the Revolutionary Era there was armed force and civil disobedience involved, the Civil War was exquisitley violent, the Prohibition Crisis, The Depression and other eras were marked in part by violence. All of them were grave crises. We can expect that there will be a great deal of violence and chaos if we do not resolve some of the underlying problems in our society. Therefore we must persuade citizens to support the new consensus with arms, governors to organize home guards and national commanders to remain open to changes in the chain of command. We time when it is clear what the current quasi- legitimate government is not working well and we must be prepared to do all we can to ease the transition to a new status quo. America has been a place of struggle. It is a place worth struggling for and, sadly, I have not yet struggled very hard for my future America. However, it has been acostly and hard life dealing with America as it is — “You betcha” I am aggrieved and wronged. Not a mere victim however I will willingly go down fighting against the piratical interest that have stolen my country.

While I am eager to distinguish Congressional principles from Europe’s Status Quo and Westminster’s direct influence I do not do this as one hiding from Europe and the UK. One of the most sustained and developed public correspondences of my life has been with Philip Lord Norton Baron of Louth. A created Peer and a prominent Conservative in the UK’s House of Lords, he is the author of many books including the British Polity and others that deal with issues of Parliament governance and civil society. He is a professor at Hull University and leads a Parliamentary academic internship program as well as being active in varied fora in Europe and the Commonwealth. He is the blogger on Lords of the Blog with whom I became most involved in dialog and later followed to the newer The Norton View. I have been a commenter and have twice won the quiz on the website called the Lords of the Blog which is a collection of blogs united and inteactive to some varying degree over time which relate to the life and work of the House of Lords. This collection allows comments with a moderators doorkeeping function.

America’s Congress can and must both evolve and be itself and as it does so it can communicate more effectively with other legislative and conciliar portions of government. The new regime will allow this to happen. Here then is the passage from the Model Constitution in discussion in this note.

***** *********** *********
Article Two: Congress
The functions of Legislation, Representation and Scrutiny are among the most significant functions of the United States Congress. All constitutional Ammendments begun in Congress must be approved by a two-thirds majority of each chamber and then be certified for the Circuit Approval stage by sixty percent of the Grand Senatorial Council. All Apropriation bills must be initiated in the House of Representatives unless they fall into a class known and certified to be minimal and incidental spending bills linked to other objectives of law. In the ordinary course of things the Congress has the power to subpoena the Executive of the ministerial and Cabinet ranks and below but no higher. Bills must pass by a majority in both Houses of Congress. The two chambers or Houses are however quite different.
***** ******* *********

So if you have the energy to discuss this with friends that would be great. But the basic point here in this Article Two untitled preamble is that for our system to work there must be a great respect for a Congress which is at the heart of that political life which we all share. This is not now nor ever has been a democratic republic but rather is a mixed government Constitutional Union of mixed government republics. Under this Model Constitution the society has evolved into an Empire and Union uniting various kinds of polities and with a royal monarchy in an Imperial framework. The House of Representatives and the Senate were always different but are more different in the Model Constitution than under the one currently in force. The functions of the Congress are delineated in such a way that one can see that although they are a legislature their functions are broader than legislation proper.

I have tagged a few FB friends and I will in some or all my notes. Any kind of political radicalism at any time is a risk for those associated with it and so I am keeping the tagging to a minimum and while a great deal of endorsement will be needed to effect these changes there is no indication that someone tagged in a note in this series is actually endorsing the note. As always I am willing to respond to posted comments, chat and private messages.

Thank you for commenting if your comment does not appear in five days contact me by e-mail or Twitter

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