Discussions of the Model Constitution (2d in Series): Sovereignty and Government

Why and How I Am a Committed Radical (2d in Series): American Government and Sovereignty
by Frank Wynerth Summers III on Wednesday, April 4, 2012 at 8:50am ·
Is America a democratic republic? If it not was it intended to be one? Then we should ask, regardless of the answer to the first two questions “Should America be a Democratic Republic?” America must understand itself if it is to transform itself in useful and worthwhile ways. To see my Model Constitution in full got to the link below. This is just a guide to a small passage within it:


Now let us return to a brief discussion of what kind of Union we ought to have. America has become an advocate with guns and lies and corruption for international regimes configured around an idea of democracy which was not the ideal in the founding of our union of republican states. Nor is this a minor difficulty. Our fundamental inability to understand our government as a society has horrible effects.

Tonight many people will remeber the anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King. The only American with their own holiday now is Martin Luther King Junior. He and not even such a figure as Justice Thurgood Marshall has a monument on the Mall and is proof to anyone who counld actuallly think of the fact of Black Supremacist America. This perhaps suits many people because Black American are less prepared to exercise leadership than Confederate Americans, Spanish (White Hispanic) Americans, Cajun Americans, Jewish Americans, Mestizo Americans or other groups. Thus one can opt out of the national mainstream easily in a society where the legal aristocracy and dominant group is one of the poorest in true wealth, least dsiciplined, most criminal and least respectable large populations in the country.

I have been the victim of violent racism against white people in a number of countries anumber of times. When I was not a victim it was sometimes because I prevailed against five or more attacking memebers of the other race at the same time. I have seen the white-murdering negro establishment of the United States in all its racist horror. I invite anyone who can think to compare Bill Clinton’s casuistic and careful white lies about the Lewinski affair with Herman Cain’s bald faced lies about sexual purity. The lines between races are not hard sealed and airtight but there are real differences and our racial policies are destroying us. I do not believe things were alright before the Civil Rights movement but do believe that they are worse now. What would the government do if when the most recent white-hating black murderer and rapist was released on to the street and white mob was on the street demanding redress for the abuse of their civil rights? This country is a moral sewer. But a one-sided racially obssessed regime is almost the last thing this country needs. The typical black organization in America is about as racially hateful and obsessed as the Ku Klux Klan. However, the Klan is criminalized and the many Black identity and African-American identified groups are all fostered and supported by countless laws.

Direct Election of Senators was a terrible constitutional mistake. It undid the fabric of much of our country by keeping the Senate tied to the local knowledge of the State Legislatures. The intention of the Founders was in part to preserve Ferderalism as a great principle we will return to in my next Note in this series it was also to have the legislatures appoint as manyh members as possible of the unofficial aristocracy that exists in Each state whether recognized or not. These were people who might never run themselves. In an era when women are in the Senate I think of my recently deceased grandmother as such a person. Royalist systems have always had some female office holders and republics are usually more misogynistic. Someone like her might have been a Senator and this might have been done with a grateful acknowledgement of a loose kind of privilege she would have richly repayed to Louisiana and the Union. Who knows…

Here are some facts about her one would not find in a typical campaign spot but that a legislature might know.
Beverly Miller Summers was the daughter of Dr. Preston Joseph Miller who moved into Vermilion Parish and Laura Broussard who was a native of Cow Island and tied to old and prominent rural landowning familes. The Broussards also held important positions in Acadian life and culture which cannot be adequately described in this brief note. My grandmother had owned in her life quite few thousands of acres of lands nearby acquired, owned and transferred in quite a varied and complex range of property rights and conveyances. These lands were all in the region traditionaly known as the Terre des Attakapas. This was a land including almost all of Vermilion Parish and most of several neighboring parishes and it is named for Aboriginal American tribe known for small numbers, ferocity and cannibalism who were very diminished in wars with other Aboriginal American nations, the Spanish and the French before the Acadians under Joseph Broussard came to this region. The Prairie where Abbeville and Lafayette sit is the Attakapas country in Acadian and Louisiana parlance. A good number of Atakapas (or Attakapas of Atakkapas) were killed in skirmishes and there wives and children taken as mistresseses and second families by the Acadians. Some of their descendants joined the Houma who also interbred and intermarried heavily with the Acadians. The Attakapas name was so hated by neighbors that only people who are almost pure European White have ever dared to use it since first contact. There are remenants but no tribe. The remnants are spread over a large area.

My grandmother’s mother’s family were descendants of Joseph Broussard, obviously he was also my ancestor. He was a resistance leader in Acadie, Captain of the Attakapas, little understood he stands tall as the founding Basileus of the New Acadia. He held a uniquely high status for a colonist with the British, French and Spanish although he did not have an easy life as a result. Joseph Broussard is known Broussard dit Beausoleil. “Beausoleil” means beautiful sunlight in French among other things. It is also the name of a town in Acadie where several families including the Broussards lived. Part of the identifying handle of Joseph Broussard dit Beausoleil. Beausoleil is also a code name for Basileus which is Greek for King. The original name of Acadie in Canada was Arcadie or in English Arcadia before it was Acadia. While my grandmother was never popularly elected her husband was elected to several posts in the Louisiana judiciary. He rose to his post as Chief Justice based on seniority. But in his day the elections of Judges were more nuanced than today — less democratic in the sense that democracy is bad for the judiciary. She had a full life with him and without him which was relevant to public life in this State and region. My grandmother Beverly Miller Summers and I spent a great deal of time together. We knew each other extraordinarily well and we had quite a few enjoyable times together. We were not really all that much alike in most of the terms by which most people would measure people being alike. We did not have mostly the same vices or virtues. We did not have an infinite trust in one another. Much of what bound us to gether was sharing in work which most people would find odd and esoteric and many would not recognize as legitimately being work. So much time spent is now safely locked in the past sealed with deaths twenty years apart of Chief Justice and Mrs. Frank Wynerth Summers. In her death his death is somehow completed for me. Although Christians recognize death as ending a marriage there is something of the “two become one” which that faith and others cannot help but feel as well. They survive in their descendants but they also end their tenure in my life as the couple is gathered beside one another in death’s rest. Head she served six or twelve years in a US Senate I think the matured ideals of the Founders would have been perfected in that institution. Arguing that it needs to be more democratic misses much (but not all) of its point.

In my Model Constitution I recommend three Seantors for each State with two popularly elected for terms as they are now and one appointed by each State Legislature for a twelve year term. That is not directly the section being discussed in this days note however. We are in the article on Sovereignty, we may get to Article Two on Congress eventually.

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Article One: Sovereignty
In understanding governance in this union nothing is more imperative and few things are more intrinsically difficult than understanding the concept, function an operation of sovereignty in the Federal American Empire of the United States . Sovereignty in this American Empire is at once much richer and more complicated than in the governing charters and social contracts which bind together most nations and polities
Section One: Mixed Government
The head of state in this Union is the person who most embodies the Sovreignty. That is the Emperor. However, the Sovereignty is held and administered in a complex way. This government is a system in which the elements of Monarchy, Aristocracy and Democracy are all included and subsumed. In recent decades America has become known for Democracy. Most Americans have grown up only praising Democracy. However, Federal government in the United States of America under the Constitution of 1789 was designed to be monarchy established in the President, an aristocracy established in the Senate and the Supreme Court and a democracy established in the House of Representatives. Monarchy, Democracy and Aristocracy are terms intended to be very specific and technical in their meaning.
Section Two: Balanced Style
This government blends elements of the royalist and the republican style of government. Now the post for which I gave the link above states briefly how our Founding Fathers expected America to follow the path from royalist agrarianism to republicanism and into Empire. ”One must remember that this would be a revolution that leaves the vast preponderance of resources in a slightly altered set of institutions that have evolved within a republican structure. This is a very American approach since America’s 200 and more republican years have merged from a relatively slightly modified version of British and Arcadian-Acadian royalist regimes mixed with Iroquois Chieftainly confederated mixed government seen through the lense of Greek Classical political science and the Roman republics emergence from the Kingdom of the City of Rome. In the tradition we now would move like Rome from Republic to Empire. However, the American enterprise has never been a purist enterprise and this is not a purist’s proposal.”
Most of our words related to theories of government have Greek roots and are basically Greek. These include democracy, oligarchy, aristocracy, monarchy, tyranny, politics, police and others. However republic and republicanism are Latin in root and origin despite the prominence of Plato’s account of the Socratic dialog Republic. The real name of the book is Politea which more or less means Politics. However, since English has called Aristotle’s great work Politics it is easier for us to call this earlier book Republic. It is also true that “City-State Politics” might better translate Plato’s title. The very Roman concept of republic had not been invented in Plato’s time but they did get most of its elements from Greece. Greece had conquered colonized and formed much of the cultural environment in Italy in which Rome grew to maturity. That is true although ancient Rome was one of the less Greek parts of that world until they started conquering Greeks of the aging and crumbling Hellenic Empires that also did not exist when Plato wrote or Socrates spoke. Republic is the joining of two Latin words: res and publica and begins as a phrase res publica before being contracted into republica. The phrase means the public thing. There is a difference between a true Hellenic or Greek King and a Norse or Teutonic King in classic times. There is even more of a difference between a true Emperor and such Northern or some far Eastern despots. Christianity which is Hebrew and Greek and Roman as Hitler rightly pointed out brought to the North of Europe the balance that Henry VIII and the Lutheran Princes began to erode. In Christian Europe of the Middle Ages the King might own a great deal but God owned a lot as well through the democratic and aristocratic structures of the Catholic Church. Thus the Public Thing survives and the realm is not merely a possession of the King. It was against this resurgence of a state which is not really public and constitutional that the Americans fought the revolution. While this Constitution does establish a royal monarch it is not largely a rejection of republican values which have formed this country and union. Royalism and Republicanism are terms intended to be very specific and technical in their meaning.

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So if you have the energy to discuss this with friends that would be great. But the basic point here in the first portions of the article on Sovereignty is that our system is not a democratic republic but a mixed government Constitutional Union of mixed government republics. It was intended to be capable of change to an Empire and Union uniting various kinds of polities and we have reached the time for that phase. It is time for a new Constitutional Union.

I have tagged a few FB friends and I will in some or all my notes. Any kind of political radicalism at any time is a risk for those associated with it and so I am keeping the tagging to a minimum and while a great deal of endorsement will be needed to effect these changes there is no indication that someone tagged in a note in this series is actually endorsing the note. AS always I am willing to respond to posted comments, chat and private messages.

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