A Sort of Manifesto: Recopied from Two Facebook Notes

Moving to a D Minus World Part One of Two.
by Frank Wynerth Summers III on Tuesday, March 13, 2012 at 11:36am ·
I want to write about a large political vision. My Facebook notes and other writing I do is usually a sort of blend of writing about some large theme and writing about my personal life. There is very little talk at this moment about a huge political vision or movement based in America. America does spread lots of political ideas and has spread others and it is an heir to a variety of ideas generated here and those both born here and either truly inherited or simply borrowed from elsewhere. In some countries Rooseveltism is actually studied as a philosophy of political position. My own perspective is distinct than that of many other people vecause I regard the world I live in as largely and endless and infintiely vile horror movie which manages to combine intense stupidity, moral depravity and almost every other horrible quality at a high level at the same time. I am not yet in prison or condemned to death or in a mental hospital but I accept that any of these things could happen. That they have not makes me feel a little lucky but does not make me feel that my dismal view of things is wrong.

Today and on other days I have spent a bit of time editing one of my videos to post and it records the images of some parts of the life I am living today. There are many pleasant enough images. Making these videos reminds me that whatever I am and am not trying to accomplish my life is not all about rushing around and striving after great goals. In my life I do many other things and observe countless small events which seem sometimes to be very important. I even believe in living a life. I think of the importance of the human lives people live in a much more serious way some people who have aspired to make great changes.

There are many things I am and many things I am not. I do not have a really workable life in a number of ways and yet I am engaged in doing things. Many of these things are in some sense political. I am a sort of political activist. Not a real full-time committed on who does only political things but a different kind with a different kind of radical commitment. My slogan if I were to lead mass rallies ofr a world-wide movement might have to be trans;ated to other countries with different systems for evaluating students. My slogan instead of “the Fuhrer is the New Siegfried”, or “Liberty, Fraternity and Equality”, or “God Wills It”. or “Workers of the World Unite” my motto might be different. I might say “Join Me and Build A D Minus World for Your Children”. Perhaps it could be boosted with posters saying ” The Leader Has a Plan That Won’t Be All Bad!” I like to imagine millions roaring their fanatical support for these slogans back to me.

What if we taught the life of George Washington had always been taught as the life of a man who lost more battles than he won. What if we had taught that he liked and mixed with Black people too much to please the real White racists which have abounded in the world since before the time he lived and on into each time since but that he was an ardent and committed White supremacist. Supposewe had always taught that he would have killed and dies for Vriginia’s right to hold and institutionalize slavery but spent a good amount of time and money trying to fee his own slave and even considering ways to abolish slavery. Suppose he had more than an eye for the ladies and yet was in many ways a devoted husband to the point of self-sacrifice. What if he was an Anglican who sometimes leaned to Roman Catholicism and sometimes to true Protestantism while at the same time being deeply involved in Masonic Deism. What if he was ofgen nearly a poor man and a victim of a deprived childhood who was connected to weatlhy families, had numerous good jobs, made good investments, and was determined to acquire a fortune. What if this same money motivated man sacrificed and contributed from his fortune to pay the expenses of many aspects of a struggling patriot cause. What if he helped start what America calls the French and Indian War which really was a world war when that was far above his paygrade and the event combines in small ways a combination of courage, basic military competence, skill, disorganization, daring, miscalculation and impetuousity . What kind of “Father of Our Country” would such an unsual figure have been?

What if he was tall and wore a fine military unifrom in Congress and campaigned for commander in chief but did it with a great deal of modesty, propriety understated grace? What if he had a love affair with a woman aon the low edge of the British aristocracy, won the Revolutionary War in large part because of the following factors:
1. The suppport of the French King and Court which were deeply anti-democratic.
2. The friendship of the Marquis de Lafayette who was a very elegant and wealthy mix of royalist, aristocratic, democratic and republican principles and ideas.
3. The training provided by a German social climbing General Von Steuben who took many aristocratic claims and titles of the shadiest and most unlikely provenance.
4. He inspired countless foot soldiers who were committed to fairly radical democratic ideal inspired by Paine, Henry and others to fight with many foot soldiers who hated radical democracy more than anything else.
5. He was a very provincial man who could deal with Acadian, American Indian, Spanish and even more mysterious forces that were able and willing to support his cause for a bit of influence or mutual advantage.
6. He inspired the Officer Corps of the Continental regulars to believe that they could be the foundation of a new Republican aristocracy.

The point is not that Washington worked and fought alone or that only he matters. Yet he does matter as we try to understand what the United States is all about. The truth is that in what wa really a bad situation he was a man with a vision and an ideal that was good enough to secure a position for his new country as a solid second or third rate country with a hopeful future. This note is about how to create a world which is very bad out of something worse.

I am not worried about those who may think I have too high an opion of myself the truth is I can list a pretty substantial catalog of my my faults. I also have admired many good qualities abundant in some people which I do not have in great abundance. However, it is also quite possible that if you are a successful person with a high opinion of yourself and we met then I would think myself vastly superior to you and even possible that I would despise you if we met and that this would be unfamiliar to you. It is also possible you might be clever enough to correctly assess what the mixtures of like, disike, respect and contempt make up my feelings and attitudes towards you.

I am proposing twelve interests which I think will affect the entire world for better or for worse and which are essential to making a better world, Each of these areas where we need to improve and can improve is real and is interconnected with each of the other areas of concern. I do not believe a country capable of electing Barack Obama is likely to be able change in these ways — his election is the epitome of a desire for total self-destruction. The same areas apply to other countries but are not addressed primarily to the citizens of those countries. I think America is more likely just going to become a bigger disgrace than ever. Here are Twelve Transitions Americans Can Make From a Failing to Surviving World:

1. Having a Clue Should be Required

One thing that Ameirca cnnot sfford is the level of freedom of expression which it currenly has. Almost anything written as an opinion in a paid for newspaper, hulge liberty in art museums, Free Speech allies, Personal Facebook pages and fictional expression in movies, novel and poetry can be tolerated. However, textbooks, political speeches in mass media, political parties platlforms and other forms of expression must be more accountable.

2. Understanding and Hating Darwinism

Darwin is buried in honor in a church of some note in the United Kingdom. Darwin was a remarkable man who accomplished agreat deal in understanding evolution. He did lay out much of the science but he has been selected as the central figure of the discipline for many reasons that have little to do with scientific evolution.

3. End The Big Delusions

America must assert itself in a more orderly way and assert order upon itself as well. There is no real time left for us to tolerate the unmitigated corrosion of forces not committed to our welfare. We can afford a citizenry that includes many nonwhites exercising many powers if the forces of Black Supremacy are kept down and those of white supremacy are exalted and yet kept in disciplined check as well. The recent instance of a single infantryman of smoe description or other possibly murdering sixteen innocent Afghan civilians is tragic. But the idea that because he shot them fafe to face it is somehow infinitely or almost infinitely worse that innocent people being slauhtered by the car bombs, IEDs, drones, rockets and misplanned airstrikes used by many combatants throughout the world. With large numbers of infantry there is a high probablity that one or two will run amok and murder people face to face. There is no great improvement in losing the infantry tradition and killing thousands of innocent people without face-to-face murder.

The nuclear wastes in and Chernobyl and the new Daichi site in Japan have a terrible cost and it should inspire us to see this as a very serious matter. However, while the durability of nuclear radioactivity is a unique problem and must be taken seriously the exact implications of these problems are not so obvious. We should have gone a long way to building up a banking system for soils and wad waters in a way that we never have.

I am rembering Election Day, the first Tuesday of November 2008. I am sure I will not finish the note on this day. I am starting early in the morning before any polls have closed. I have to try to determine in my own how the outcome of that election affects the final shape of this note. I am writing about Sex, Race and Religion as political factors in the modern world. The United States of America on that night was about to elect either the first woman Vice-President or the first openly African-American President. I voted for Palin.

The truth of the matter is that we faced many challenges as a country and it had not been easy to say how much the Sex, Race and Religion of various candidates and voters wil matter in this regard. America is a single country even if it is also a diverse federal unioon of States in a larger and more complicated world. It is not the largest country in population, does not have the largest land area and faces many problems. Nonetheless, it is a very strong country and a great one by many measures as well. We all divide ourselves into categories and labels within the totality of who we are. The same woman is sister, wife, mother, friend and daughter. In the same way we must say that none of us are only Americans or only American citizens. In my case I have spent so much time abroad that some people could legitimately wonder if my own attachment to the United States has not become very attenuated indeed. However, the last four years have further changed the percentages in favor of time spent here in the United States. I have spent virtually the entire Obama Presidency in the United States of America. I find that living in the United States is troubling oftentimes but never do I think that any other place is my home. Further, I also find other places troubling which is added on to the fact of being a foreigner in the midst of those troubles.

I was posting a Facebook Note which I had been writing as they began to call many states at about 8:30 Central Standard Time on Election Day. It was starting to look like Obama and Biden have won. I really felt that for me the country is simply moving further and further into a cosomolgy and view of the country’s future that cannot include me. I don’t like Barack Obama and I think his election is a good reason to believe that the country is not one for me to rear children in and makes me glad that I have so very litlle to lose. I may choose to live out what’s left of my life here or not but really it merely confirms all that is wrong with me and America as a long-term match. Perhaps Michelle Obama and I have more in common than I have articulated in that prior to the election she had never felt proud to be an American. I have often been ashamed of many things going on in my country. I still get sick thinking of how much celebration there was of the Obama Presidnecy. I was then on that Election Day and still am tonight tired of struggling to find a way to fit in with this country and tired of the nightmare its future is for me.

I am not a Republican and I value the idea of re-empowering Labor and Trade Unions if that were done properly. I value a more vigorous regulatory climate than Republicans support. I value the idea of challenging a stranglehold by corporate America over economic policy. There ought to have been some part of me that was happy about this outcome but I think that I am almost totally unhappy about the outcome.

Race is a significant part of my unhappiness. I think that blacks terrorize white children in lots of schools and neighborhoods, they commit sprees of violent crimes that control the lives of poor whites in many areas. Black violent supremacy and African American tyrrany is a reality for many millions of Americans. I think having this disciple of Rev. Wright in the White House will plunge many people into a deeper pool of horror and despair. Obama will energize the violent and stubborn blacks full of anger and resistance to defy all sense of civility. Life has almost certainly ended for some large number of white, North East Asian and other kids because violent black criminals have been surer of themselves. Among the meekest members of poor white communities nobody will denounce the Blacks. The Black tyrants of the American social order are out there killing, terrorizing and destroying with a new zest every day now. It will not likely cause more positive cohesion in the African-American community. Most mixed populations with black chief magistrates have seen rising crime rates, a black machine that defends itself over public interest and which energizes black violence and animus against whites. This is now our national future.

I do not think that America will ever have another real chance at finding a path towards progressive civilization. We have elected a man with a long-history in a white-hating church, a man who has no real ties to the Civil Rights struggle but a great deal of ties to the Afro-Islamic demographic invasion of recent years. He is a sign of ending the old legacy of progress in the African-American Community which had been brutalized by white racism from time to time. He is a way of realligning Black Americans with a huge foreign web of people with centuries of history in exploiting, enslaving and slaughtering white people.

Women did not vote for Palin in exceptionally large numbers it seems. This is a sign that her kind of womanhood is not unifying but the path of radiocally unbalnced feminist madness often is mobilizing. For me there is no marriage at stake here but I do think that this adds a nother reason why someone like me would be well advised not to marry here. In my own marriage philosophy and politics were a real source of tension and stress. However, the lack of energy for political change affirms to me that most American women do not share my admiration for many of the qualities of Sarah Palin. When I add that to the mismanagement of the pro-life movement, the belief that gay marriages are a right and the sense that my own life in this country is really pretty bad it is easy to be thankful to be separated from marriage’s promise of a future.However for someone like me to be glad not to be married is really a kind of sacrilege.

The inability of people of faith to come together in positve ways during the Bush Administration was very notable to me. Reverend Wright’s sermons were the sermons that our time and place seem to deserve. This is not the liberalism of Habitat for Humanity, Bread for the World and other quasi-religious groups this is a mess of angry and alienated groups. Clinton managed to kill families at Ruby Ridge and Waco despite being willing to deal with religious people at a variety of levels. But it seemed to me even then on election night before the coercion of Catholic charities, before the mysterious coonections and coincidences within the radical Islamic world had come to light and before Obama had trashed the secular temple of the Space Program I sensed that a Saracen raider had ridden into the White House with a coallition built on hate and desire for destruction wearing a mask.

4. Waste and Accounting

Waste is perhaps tha biggest and most dangerous problem of the world in our time. If that is the case then America is among those countries most at fault for this crisis of waste. We need to rethink our economic theory in ways which allows us to do more to deal with reducing waste and using it to create opportunities.

5. The Space Imperative.

Pure sceince as found in the great atom smashers and and neutrino detectors is the wrong priority. We should have those things as they can integrate into the science of space colonization. Highes sceince must be bridled to the social goal of Space colonization. A few notches lower down sceintist could do whatever they can find to do but the peak must be space coloniztion for centuries to come. Both adventure and resources await our species throughout the solar system. There is little doubt in my mind that we damn ourselves quite seriously if we fail the challenge of securing access to both the adventure and the resources. Yes, I believe God has given the Moon and Mars to Earth’s people as part of our manifest destiny to colonize. It is part of becoming who we are meant to become.

If we had self sustaining and vibrant colonies on the Moon and Mars trading with Earth. Peopled by growing populations and settlers then our lives would resemble that of our human ancestors for long ages past. Most of us would not go to space and would not live their but we would know that we were living in a world of expanding possibilities. Inddeed it would be better than much of the past because almost all could see that were were bringin life where no life had been before. Being both sane and optimistic would again be really possible. The prospect of interstellar travel right now is a near impossibility. The possibility of interstellar travel in the future of a moderately badly run human society with real colonies on the Moon and Mars is substantial. The possibility of interstellar travel in the future of a society descended from us if we have a few centuries of colony driven development on the Earth, the Moon and Mars is very hight indeed. Once honest people can say to their children that our species is on its way to colonizing the worlds around as many stars as it seems right and convenient to colonize then our whole frame of reference will have changed for what the Human race is about and can expect.

The most important factor about interstellar travel initiated by the human race is that it would be by far the best if it came after about 500 years of intense development of the Solar System. When there are thousands of operatiing populated spaceships, a dozen or more space stations and large factories and ports on the Moon and Mars fed by Lunar and Martian farms and with labor and finace experienced in space then interstellar travel and starships will have a different appeal than they can as we live in a world where perhaps none of the things listed above will ever happen. I believe we can begin to envision many of the steps we have to undertake. I have included some drawings and illustrations that I have posted in the Crater Cap Concept Colony Group as milestone on that projected road.

Humanity must perfect the colonization of craters in varied situations.Robotic ships on Mars starting the process will be a kind of simple practice for interstellar colonization as well as being the basis of much of the future economy.Craters will become huge complexes of cities and farms in some cases. But robots can start the all-important capping process.Eventually systems like my catapult idea would tie Earth to continuos and efficient launches into space just as imports fom space colonies and prodution for space in space will create a huge part of the economy.

What we need to do to get to be a species that lives engaged with the universe of our perception is first to dwvlope this solar system. This process will of course vastly impact our societies and culture. Not doing it is already having an impact. I believe this process can involve creation of entire Earethly eco-systems in canyons. It can be largely humane and part of a larger blossoming of human culture. One of my new Facebook friends Shaun Waterford is developing (and has largely developed) asystem of underwater habitats. I think colonizing the Moon and Mars can lead toa great synergy and cross-fertilization of ideas with those who want to explore the great potential of responsibly colonizing the pelagic ocean floor, seamounts and underwater coastal flats. Most problems will be different between spae and the sea. However, a huge number of problems will be the same, similar or have complimentary solutions. So what could life in space be like?

Life must be centered for centuries in craters on the Monn and on Mars. Craters are distinct features which can be studied and which have common characteristics. They exist on the Earth, the Moon, Mars, asteroids, several moons of our solar systems planet and can be theorized to exist in or near many other objects around our sun or other stars. Capping a crater has an intrinsic economic and resource wisdom to it because one is using the enormous energy already expended in creating the bowl and only creating one side. Frequently one could achieve enormous benefeits in blicking our cosmic rays and radiation. All of these benefits are true even for asteroids. However, in larger round objects like the Moon and Mars it is very likely that one could use the gravity to create a highly functioning biospheric hemisphere. In terms familiar to some, one could make a terrarium including one or more aquaria. Whether or not there is air or liquid water on the heavenly body would have little to do with the success of the crater cap colony. People could live in these and that is the basis of our little concept group.just a crude drawing of a robot for for the Mars early phaseSecond drawing of MATCHES (Mars Access to Crater Habitat Exploration Ship)Last of MATCHES drawings.I also think that once there is a crater colony (or certainly a few crater colonies) thriving on the moon then one would have a basis for many industries. Things manufactured on the moon would be esily lifted and deployed to Mars colonization, to space ships, to eath orbiting stations and to asteroid miners. One sixth gravity is economic magic that would make all solar system operations entirely different. Producing goods in space and dropping them to earth is intrincsically cheap. Thus carbon fuels highly refined could be lifted to the moon wherthe will be mixed with gasses made impure for colonies by various accidents and industries. These fuels would lift six times as much from the Moon as the would from the Earth and these fuels would not affect Earth’s air and climate when burned. Very precious things would be “downported” by Earth to maintain a balance. In the distant future components of landing craft returning to Earth would be built with precious metals needed by agencies and nations on Earth. This would create a flow of commerce to bring our population base into outer space. Within a few centuries perhaps a significant minority of cities and farms could be in outer space without any flash bang science that includes things we cannot imagine.

Picture yourself coming over the colony you are going to land on from orbit in a spaceline which has left a space station orbiting the Earth. You get a view from above of the mature crater cap colony. The white or other colored sheet covers the top of a crater and has few buildings but some identifying markings on it. You know the sheet is the uppermost of numerous layers in the crater cap. The clean sheet allows the features of this top to be studied from space, all colonies pay for numerous lunar sattelites and ships to photograph there colonies as they pass over. The richest have their own lunar-synchronous satellites. The blue discs you see from the space liner are solar power centers. The two railways intersect with a single airlock on the surface sheet. The colony has almost no profile or outlying features — you know farms, towns and mines are below the surfaces of these caps. While colonization proper is centered in craters there are still be plenty of astronomical observatories, laboratories, pipelines and spaceports which allow the colonists to have an exposure to their unearthly surroundings which over a lifetime amounts to a possible amount of exposure to the harsheness of space and the Moon’s natural environs we can scarcely imagine. However, when you arrive in your magnetically shielded and armored train to the Crater Cap Concept Colonies you enter the airlock and realize that you will almost certainly never return to Earth. An advanced society realizes that for most people the tip to space must be one way or it will never succeed as a way of life. But in the Crater colony life could be very much like Earth except that it would be lived in an earthly ecosystem and by earhtly pople under conditions of one sixth gravity on the Moon or one third gravity on Earth. There is no absoluteassurance it will be well done but if it were done well life could be pretty good there. Some colonies will get close to paradise and some will get close to hell as they are matured and countless decisions add up. Good life will be possible as good is defined in the minds of ordinary folk who are not as interested in science fiction as I am — is a possibility in space colonies.

Using entrances to mines that radiate from the crater with its central fertile fields and pure cliff dwellings that draw from traditions such as the Anasazi and Nabateans beautiful and functional residences with extra safety from breached caps would not use the fertile floors of the crater colonies. Each country and colony could develope a unique architecture in each miniature world that a crater would constitute.Many animals could adapt to life in these crater colonies.

The roll of animals and plants would evolve over time. the choice of animals and plants once an atmosphere was created would be varied. The early years we be very much better than life on the surface but much worse than any Earthly desert. Then there would be functioning small gardens and a pond with breathable air and the process would be onits way. Chickens could roost high on the walls and fly though the pressurized air in low g. with their aerating feet and droppings they would help in the phese of turning the floors of regolith into real soil.Larger crater rims would have parks around some of the more massive foundations of the cap. These parks would be outside themain warm and wet circulation of air in the colony. This would enable a cooler drier microclimate to make for a more pleasantly diverse living environment. Fish living in bodies of water on the moon and mars would be able to fill a normal if assisted ecosystem. Then children vould carry emergency vaccum suits in sealed cans as a weight when venturing into this wilderness area. They would benefit from the incidental weight training. Adults might be allowed to determin e their own risk and decide to use the suit/weight cases or not. Studies of the ill health effects of microgravity on the Space station tell us almost nothing about life in low gravity. Low gravity and true microgravity have so little in common. Living things operate in ranges. There would surely be benefits to some in low gravity whereas in true microgravity the negatives are too hard to overcome to realize many benefits.

Science fiction is one of the arts of our own time and place. We are invited by it to look at what we can do and how e can do it. I do hope though that because so much of our fiction is interstellar we are not distracted fro the great adventure in our solar system which really is calling to us and which will shape much of our destiny.

Outer space is that portion of the universe that is farther from the center of the Earth than the highest reaches of the Earth’s atmosphere. It makes up more than 99.99999999999999% of the universe which we can physicaly perceive. If we were to divide up all of the physical space we can see or detect equally among all the inhabitants of the Earth the amount of space occupied by all humans alive today would make a minute and entirely insignificant portion of the share belonging to each person. However, most of that space is dark empty and has hardly any atomic particles in it and it is so far away that physicaly using those particles in any way in the next 100 generations can’t be reasonably imagined. But even our solar system alone would allow us to use a fraction nearly as big as that we started this argument with or maybe bigger. In the solar sytem most of the oxygen is in outer space, most of the carbon is in outer space, most of the hydrogen is in outer space, most of the helium is in outer space, most of the metals we call precious are almost cerianly there and the metals we need for highly specialized uses abound in outer space. It is almost certain that there is more liquid water under the ice of Jupiter’s moon Europa than there is on Earth. Nothing between the Sun and the orbit of Pluto is intrinsically beyond the reach of our own basic technology to reach, tag and return from roboticaly. Cost, law, design glitches and time are clearly identifiable obstacles. I said these things were not intrinsically impossbible by rearranging and refining existing technology. Given thse basic facts, I believe that an aggressive space policy is in the interest of all humans and of the Earth and all its species so long as it is mostly a wise policy or even largely a wise policy.

Space colonization follows a chain going from observation, to exploration, to travel and exploration and then to stationing. After these things comes colonization. Space colonization has the chance to be the biggest change in human economy since the development of agriculture. The coming of agriculture was not an unmixed blessing but it was one of the most justifiable of all social changes in human history. Had humanity not become agricultural sooner or later things would have become much worse than they have gotten so far. Life today awaits at a crossroads as great as that of agriculture.The great works of irrigation for large scale agriculture created the mighty powers that ruled ancient China and Egypt and created societies that could pour weatlh into purchases that enabled other peoples to change from nomadic hunting or nomadic herding to a combination of nomadic herding and carrying trade goods. It enabled fisherfolk to increase their population by adding waterborne trade to their fishing economy. It enabled warrior bands to enter inot long-term contracts with landholding kings and to earn a livingpartly from keeping the peace. Agriculture really made a different human world and remade much of the world as well. The best hunter-gatherers were actually richer, healthier and freer than the new farmers but in the end the choice of the species as a whole to emphasize agriculture was a choice vital to both survivial and any real chance of prosperity. I think that space colonization requires a simlar leap and offers similar sets of consequences. I don’t really expect to live to see a working colony on the Moon or Mars. However, as long as I do live I will apply some of my energy to that transition humanity must make towards becoming a space colonizing species. The Crater Cap Concept Colony is the model I think we should be pushing towards making a reality.

While astronomy has always been a discipline that was a significant teacher and leader into fields of knowledge for much of the human race’s journey into development — it must yield to the leadership of those who will build permanent and sustainable colonies. On the day when Humans have a few colonies on the moon with tens of thousands of residents each it will be very easy to make huge progress i astronomy. However, aiming only for a golden age of astronomy will not necessarily bring about lunar colonization. The larger possibility must find the rank and leadership in these areas.

Once we have a couple of crater colonies on the moon we would need geosynchronous sattelite and another base perhaps at an L point between lunar and Terran gravity. These would be the places where all aging nuclear waepons were diposed of by either being loaded on spacecraft for second or third explosions or used in initial explosions to launch really massive spacecraft to move very fast on the way to other colonies and smaller robots on their way to the stars.

None of this is pure fantasy. I think we should divide up most of the surface of the Moon and Mars among all of earth’s nations unequally, sell some as new national sites and keep a good portion as a permanent UN mandate. Failing to act wisely now either means we willl lose humanity’s greatest economic opportunity or else nd up with a really horrible policy made under more pressing conditions. I am not optimistic that we will make good choices. But I think our behavior in this century will determine the human future’s outlook for all of foreseeable human society.

I am committed to specific goals but I support all who are sincerely striving for a human future in space that is wise and sustainable. Good luck and God Bless to all of you out there. I am not a likely expert or member of the space community but I cherish this hope for an expanding future. Perhaps the amateurish perspective will cost me a few Facebbok friends. I lost two inj the first year and have lost four lately. However, I am grateful for the professionals on my list at the time of this writing.

6. Constitutional Thinking

I have created a model for a new constitution of the United States. This could be adopted or modified and adopted by a constitutional convention. It is a possible appraoch to real and lasting change. It is outside of the mainstream of political discussion in my lifetime.
You can check out these ideas and this model at this link:

Any time a link does not work remember to try copying and pasting it into your browser. However, I believe the link should work well.

Moving to a D Minus World Part Two of Two
by Frank Wynerth Summers III on Tuesday, March 13, 2012 at 11:37am ·
7. Understanding Women, Men and Feminism

Men have a great deal of manning up to do if we are going to survive. However, this is the kind of manning up which acknowledges and does not destroy womanhood. There has been a long tradition of bad sexual behavior among people inmy view. I do believe it is possible for something to be long-lasting and widespread as well as deeply wrong.

First, human females are truly shockingly extraordinary. They are not only very different from men they are different from other female earthlings. Women distinguish our species so enormously that it is simply inevitable magic. The combination of human extreme bipedalism (walking on two feet) and the shape of chidlbearing hips combine with prominent breasts to create a figure which is very extreme sexual dsiplay compared to men’s beards and very little else is so specifically developed as sexual flesh. This is somewhat different from our nearest biological relatives the apes. It is very distinct from the myriad examples of ducks, deer, chickens, lions, turkeys and other well known species where the male expresses the physical “come hither” material in the sexual dialog. In most species there is either no sexual dimorphism meaning there is asexual morphism — meaning males and females look mostly alike OR the male wears the plumage.

Having shown a major difference we are only geeting started. A heathy adult female can have coitus on any day at any period of that day. Most females are penetrable (in species like large animals which penterate) only infrquently and are fertile only on these realtively rare occasions. Healthy adult human females are fertile and infertile every month when they are not pregnant or lactating to supply a dependent nursing heavily. The variations between fertile and infertile periods within the month are not common to the whole species nor linked closely to the weather but vary from woman to woman. Further, there is very little physical difference between fertile and infertile women so that estrus is largely hidden. This is also a very limiting set of sexual characteristics which human famles share with few if any other females on Earth if taken as a whole.

To add another level of complexity to the totality of the factors in the paragraph above the human female fertility cycle matches the length of one of the most obvious cycles on earth that of the moon but is not tied to its periodicity. It generaly runs according to the woman’s own biology but does tie in and sychronize to some degree with women she lives with and is somewhat (but very subtly and eraticaly) related to sexual stimulus from men especialy in very young women.

Additional to all the other differences there is the difference between the baby dlivered by a woman and an adult human. That difference is called the “degree of neotony”. Almost no creature has a greater degree of neotony and when one combines this degree of neotony with the degree of involvement and care a young human will generaly accept and seek from its mother this creates a greaer demand and matched capacity for mothering per individual human than almost any other earthly species.

These are actually only a few of the reasons why women are objectively one of the most fascinating and compelling subjects to which one could apply the human mind. I actually believe that one of the greatest windows for insight into the state of well-being, progress and potential of any society is to look at women as women within that society.

There are a great number of things to learn if one wants to understand womanhood and perhaps in the modern age we are losing the last ties to many of them. Among the most influential men of my own lifetime a few of them have been distinguished in large part by something having to do with sex and womanhood. These include Karol Wotija/ Pope John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, Hugh Heffner, Bill Clinton, Prince Charles Arthur George Saxe-Coburg-Gotha- Battenburg-Lyons-Windsor (or whatever one chooses to call the current Prince of Wales) and John F. Kennedy. However, unlike many religious people what strikes me about the modern era is how sexles and lifeless it is not how we are all a bunch of sex maniacs. These men while very different from one another are perhaps more normal in that sex is a pulsing shaping force in their public biography. Most modern biographies are perhaps best described as freakishly wierd. Sex is not a side note to the decisions people make in public office. Sex is very much a part of a sane governance.

In a royalist or aristocratic high republican or a number of other regimes the family has a stature which can tie together the privacy of sex, affection and home with the qualities of a public institution.The modern era has largely abandoned this whole vast set of institutions and patterns which tie these huge parts of the world together.

The point of all this is not that women should have no meaning or existence outside of their role as sexual coun terparts to men and mothers to children. However, the point is to show thattheir is almost limitless capacity for development and discussion in that aspect both of women and of the idea of women. To know woman one must first renounce that kind of asexual androgyny which has had a great deal of credence and influence in the world of my lifetime. Men and women are profooundly different and that difference is vital, useful and profoundly energizing in a decent and healthy society.

There are many layers of sexual exchange and perception between men and women. The Bible is one of the sources for wisom and the perception of ages regarding the relations of men and women. In the iconic story of Adam and Eve in the Book of Genesis in the Bible Adam is the first man and his words upon seeing the first woman are memorable. As Genesis 2: 22b-25 states:” When he brought her to the man the man said.”This one, at last, is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh;This one shall be called “woman” for out of “her man” this one has bee taken.”That is why a man leaves his mother an father and clings to his wife, and the two of them become one body.The man and his wife were naked but they felt no shame.”

The extreme intimacy of the passage is in comparison to the anmials with whom Adam cannot marry or form an intimate partnership. But it remains a very intimate passage. There is almost nothing that has been mor under sustained attack for millenia than this excited, intimate and personal recognition by man of his mate in women. Real moral science ia very demading and elegant pursuit and thus is more often abandoned than pursued. However, real moral science must always take a careful measure of relations between the sexes.

I think it deserves to be said in this context that I believe in a moral struggle as a desirable thing. I find that those who are not struggling have usually settled for something bad. One of the powerful shaping forces of humanity as it is remains the strong belief that anything related to the relational structure of humanity must either be very ancient, fixed and setled or else a really blank slate upon which any given generation can write or draw whatever it wants. For me I think that the entire mystery and meaning of humanity is something quite different. Humans have numerous intrinsic qualities that cannot really be changed much in any generation. Yet one may face the future with confidence when aware of these strictures of the past and present. A generation and an individual can compose any vast number of varied tunes using these notes given by nature. By preserving and fully working the great musical tradition one can even enhance the range and delicacy of notes available to future generations of musicians. Sexuality and the role of women is one of the great musical worlds in which the human race can operate. It is an area where we all practice some form of art whether or not we even acknowledge it.

What evolution, the idea of original sin, reincarnation, eugenics and quite a few other theories about the proper living out of humanity have in common is the idea that we pass on something different to the future based on our actions. Humans may not agree on what the mechanism for passing things on is, nor what ought to be passed on, nor how that which is passed on relates to present behavior. But in many different ways and at many different levels of intensity we remind ourselves and are reminded by those we put in charge of our most serious thinking that we are changing the present of future generations by how we live out our own present here and now.

This is a rather serious business and humans are able to make rather substantial changes in the population in relatively short periods of time. One of the most notable struggles of human race is our struggle to define and make ourselves as a species. That our greatest project is ourselves is a perspective which gives great importance to waman’s involvement in the human adventure. One of the characterisitics of the modern era is that we expect the totality of sexual relations to be easily defined. Consider that terms like: harem, concubine, paramour, mistress, courtesan, sister-wife, rival, Abbess, novice, midwife, maid, lady-in-waiting, placement, princess, Queen, Official Mistress and countless others once denoted roles which were available to women in many cases simultaneously and which in huge numbers of places have all disappeared down to the last one. I write here not so much to change the world but more as any defeated soldier may write when he decides that before his life ends he wants to make really clear how badly he views this new order and the triumph of what he fought against. So for me I see layer upon layer of both personal defeat and the coming to an end of much of what makes the human species human. It goes back to my recurring theme thayt life has mostly been a nightmare.

One thing about sex and womanhood being very near the core of the human moral struggle is that the issues related to womanhood and sexuality are subject to the same regional and epochal variations as are other part of the human moral drama. From my point of view I may say that all humans are severely confused and diseased in their understanding of these things. However, I would not say that they or we all suffer from the same delusion or disease. We may all be in error but we are in distinct errors across the species. A loose translation of the Bible called the Catholic Living Bible translates a passage as follows: Luke 11: 45-47a”Sir,” said an expert in religious law who was standing there, ” you insult my profession, too, in what you just said.””Yes,” said Jesus, “the same horrors await you! For you crush men beneath impossible religious demands that you yourselves would never think of trying to keep. Woe to you!””

Sex is an area where evil intentions , evil plans and hate often come dressed up as morality. One of the greatest problems humanity faces is the problem of overcoming the advantages acrued by evil in human affairs once evil is recognized as a real thing. I think that for me sex is an aspect of the human condition which accentuates hoew badly flawed our species is and yet, at the same time, is the point of glory at which we can most resemble the species we were once meant to be.

Sex remains the great risk and gamble on which we still place the most on the table. Where we can never entirely wipe out our divine destiny whether we believe in it or not.I think of Lawrence Summers my distinguished nonrelative ( as far as i know) who has had his name on the money of the United States of America and beeen president of Harvard and I think of the uproar and probable beginings of the move to boot him from the presidency of that famed institution. He merely suggested that the difference in representatation in hard sciences and maths and engineering between men and women migh have something to do with natural predilections varying by sex. He did not say women could not be good engineers, scientists or mathematicians. This is a story where I think the female faculty at Harverd is 100% justified in being very vigilant to the point of near para noia in guarding access to these fields for women candidates. I think Lawrence Summers — aside from having phenomenaly good taste in last names — was fully justified in speculating that there may be proclivities varying by sex which were relevant here. I think in that regard both sides in the dispute acted as relatively wise and intelligent people. Nonethless, I would favor the Swedish Parliament funding a Special “Silly Goose Award” comparable to the Nobel prizes they already give out and making all parties to this public dispute designated recipients. “Sex” it has often been said “makes fools of us all”.

Years ago, I watched the Miss USA Pageant and therewas speculation that one of the finalists was effectively disqualified by the very verbaly abusive ( on the web later) Perez Hilton for saying that she personally believed marriage was meant to be between a man and a woman. Mr. Hilton is misogynistic scum. That is a quality which abounds in male humans. His audacious moral hideousness in going into an inner sanctum of hetero-sexual celebration of attraction and oing all that he has done is vile. But so is covering over millions of cases of rape with non-notification laws on abortions for teenage girls. So is the female genital mutilation of millions of women throughout the world to destroy their sexuality. So is the killing of countless girls and women without prosecution by their families and lovers every year in the worst situations and without hope of justice all around the world. I am not sure the ladies of Harvard can afford quite the ivory tower they live in. However, in that way they resemble their male counterparts.

I do not believe that the story at the begining of the book of Genesis was written by Moses after visiting the origins of the human species in a time machine. I do not believe the writer had a Ph. D. in biology. I do not believe it is a book coded from another book which was largely a straight first hand bio-history of its time — that is what I believe about the Gospels. I am even willing to say that he early stories are myths which is a word that atheistic relativistic scholars love to use for them. However, I do think that they are true stories written to pass on ancient coded trruths and insights which come from miraculousy ancient parts of the human story. Why is so much in the Bible coded?

That is a question for a long an important note on another occasion. In this note we will examine a bit more of Adam and Eve. There are three phases of the sexual relationship betwwen the two. in very general terms I mean for one could argue for a dozen phases.

The first is the phase in Genesis 2: 22-25b which I have already quoted this is the relationship between Man and Woman which God intended as unique to the human species. This really reflected the Image of an ultimate divine nature. The qualities of that relationship are intimacy, passion, empathy, excitement sex, good bodily self-image and fertitlity. It sounds tiring to those of us with enough mileage but otherwise one who can think can see the logic and goodness of it.

To preserve this humanity needed God’s friendship and to avoid eating the fruit of the knowleddge of Good and Evil. The writer here is using code for cannibalism. Yes, that again. The passage says that iti is a tree in the middle of the garden of course humans are in the middle of their own world always. That on the day one eats it humans will die and again if humans are eaten then the human eaten will die. It brings knowledge of Good and Evil and we actually have a lot of data across many centuries and cultures to show that eating human flesh is a passage which brings cunning, insioght and moral guilt into human minds in a unique way whether the society endorses or forbids cannibalism.

The last set of relations is the abusive marrasige and the loss of God’s friendship which define behavior which is in the survivable margin for humans as we currently are. These last two phases of the story are descibed in Genesis Chapter three. We all are still living in the last phase at best from the story’s own point of view.

It goes far beyond my capacity in time and space in tis note to show instances of cultures where men have driven their lands into desert and ruin to make sure that women were starving and dispossessed and fit into one of three (to them) acceptable catgories hyper-breeding terrified slaves, spies or religiously deluded cattle reared as food. This of course has always included the need to kill and maim some large number of men who cannot overcome (or heroicaly resist overcoming) their lover for mothers, sisters, and female lovers. Some of the time homosexuals have led this misogynistic elte.

Life is often hell and human society often a sewer which exceeds my capcity to express and usually it involves building things on one of two principles men hating women or women hating children. Often this is dressed up as religion or ideology but it is really about that. This engine allows the most foul and wothless kinds of people to amass almost all available power and resources. It has happened occasionaly since time imemorial.

The sexualy intense path of paradise requires lots of restriction and guidance in the real world. It always has unless you believe we may have had an unfallen Eden somewhere in the pre-historic past. But it is the path which produces real joy and love, wealth, pressure for progress and other necessities. I presume that almost everyone alive today is someone iI would consider fundamantally insane. But I do not take such a dim view of insanity as some do. Homosexuality is a condition of some sons of women which is in my view tolerable when thaose who are homosexual know it is alimiting thing and have the humility to see it as a speciai status with some rewards and some disease like qualities requiring a routine of self -care, or when they publicly acnkowledge it as a kind of loss in bio-sweepstakes in which they make the best out of a less than first place postion. But when they think as Mr. Hilton does they are evil men encouraging other evil men in a way which opens on to an ininite pool of evil.

Women are tied to certain kinds of inferiority too. the way a man is supposed to feel superior is in the act of achieving coital satisfaction. Unthinkably in allowing the killer and crusher in him to feel fed by her sufferings in pregnancy and child birth and then letting the good and protective part of him make it up to her in other ways. Women are supposed to have a capacity for maistakes as a class which is no the same in men. If women stopped getting pregnant and being a little optimistic about it when everything was bleak and horrible there would never be a brighter tomorrow. What is wrong is that there have for hundreds of centuries been people racing to the bottom giving women less and less of their share for breeding expenses as it were. There is a lot more I could say on this subject. Men have also been maimed and crippled by women in many ways and that is also part of the drama.

I believe that we all face a need for learning more and better views of marriage, culture , midwifery and other subjects. However, only when humanity is able to see that women were maent to inflame men and so were made by God and yet we cannot handle it can we begin to handle it. I truly think that both medical contraception and the church sponsored studies of natural familyu planning in recent centuries can bring us much closer to what we are menat to be. And yet I would be lying if I sadi that I believe the Catholic Hieracrhcy or Gynecolgists have handled the test very well. I think there is a massive sexual crisis on Earth and that is a separate note because it relates mostly to the last 1,500 years where as what I have discussed is about all humans at all times. In the West our current disoprder is usually to be blindly iresponsible and lie about why. In the East it is to use responsibiliuty as an excues for racing to the worst positions because they are sustainable. I think that anyone who believes in a God Gods, Fates, Karma or Providence should be very afraid to account for our species’ sexual legacy. THe rest of you, well you sort of amuse me –maybe that is your cosmic purpose.

8. A World Vision

America is a country which is deeply connected to the world. It has not only global responsibilities but also global connections of many types. It ought to be constituted in a way which is more representative of its make-up and function.

9. Subsidiarity

We must learn the values of subsidiarity in our politics, design, resource management and economics. There must be an effort to understand how life works and take those lessons seriously. This includes issues known in terms as diverse as States Rights, Faith Based Communities, Community Policing, Professional Autonomy, Family Rights and many other causes which do not work together day in and day out in the world.

10. Leadership

America is perhaps on its way to trying to become the complete sack of crap it has long been trying to become. If that is where it is headed then there is no way to advise anyone on how to get there. However, if it wants to end up somewhere else we need to really change our views and understandings as regards leadership. I refer anyone to my Model Constitution of the United States of America.

11.Violence, Homicide and Mortality

The idea of not colonizing space and encouraging organ transplantation and retitring at 90% of one’s salary at fifty to live as long as possible is all part of the Vampirization of American society and the world. I think that the United States and other coutries should compensate those who are condemened to die and care for their bodies well and still profit by selling their organs. I think that when there are likely deaths organs should be prepared to be harvested andsome of the proceeds of all this should be devoted to policing the industry. However, I might be much happier in a world where there was no organ transplantation. Many people think organs last for natural life in the recipient. They do not in the case of vital organ many peoples organs are taken from not entirely dead people and given to the same sick people over anover again. The medical docotrs of the world are leading an industry which is near serial killing at its best. However, The use of swapped cadaver organs for living and at that moment mudered donors, organ pirates, bribed record keepers and others thugs are vastly more numerous than anyone can imagine given the delusions we live in now.


“My mom had a different experience with each of her organs. Her first liver transplant (she was #212 at her transplant center) gave her nine months, her second transplant gave her five years, and her third transplant gave her almost six years. When I look at my mom’s experience, I am so grateful for those extra-special years and the people who made it possible.”

I bring children in my care to hospitals and doctors and many of my closest associates and family members are in allied fields to medicine. I even hope that medical doctors will try to save me if my life is in danger. However, most medical doctors expect to be regarded in such a way that their profession qualifies them to be treated as a combination of a saint and a playboy scientist. I feel that probably a more realistic and up to date trend would be to regard them as I might someone who was a professional Satanist High Priest and Vampire Cult operative. I am a Christian who believes the Devil has his due as the Bible reiterates continuously from Job, to the Gospels, to Acts. But to pretend there is somereason to believe the Medical profession today is not entirely morally depraved is absurd.

The contraception issue that has just been in the news has brought up questions of American Catholicism and how Catholics relate to the wonders of the new Medical paradise. Most American Catholics who are sexually active use, or have used or will use contraception regularly at some time in their lives. Many of them believe the Church must change its official position on the issue over time. However, many of those who use contraception, believe the Church must change its official position over time and have been involved in some way in spreading that viewpoint do not want the Church to throw the baby out with the bathwater. They do not want a church that allows their children to grow up thinking a pregnancy is a disease. They do not want their young men to grow up believing it is perfectly normal to have sex with a young woman he is not committed to and have her believe she alone is at fault if a pregnancy occurs and that marriage ought not to be considered. They do not want teenage forgetfulness to provide a huge boon to abortion mills. They do not want young women to separate motherhood entirely from their sexual drives and fantasies.

The medical industry is also so entirely devoid of sensibility and responsibility in what it will spend in th exetension of lives of the very sick, very old and very cowardly in ways which bankrupt civilization. Some would compare this to the expenses of the mortuary arts. However, tombs last for centuries and remind everyone who chooses to be reminded that we will remember and honor the dead. This improves the quality of life of everyone who wishes it to be improved because everyone who is not insane expects to be dead eventually even if their cosmology allows that there may be other theoretical possibilities.

The medical profession is leading us to become truly evil people. Meanwhile our social engineers, preachers, priests, therapists and lawyers are making sure that we do not believe in evil. This is done on both the popular side of the prevalent absurd purist moralists and the equally popular liars and amoralists. The only real hope is in the thousands of lawyers, clergy and doctors doing solid work which is exploited by the liars and crooks as cover for their vast criminal and evil empires of dehumanization.

I recently cited on my timeline the work of a woman who is a friend of mine who assists Amnesty International. She is not someone who is my follower or who agress with most or all of my political views. She cannot be blamed for my ideas just because we had some coffeee together years ago and I think she is a fascinating person. Those are not radical positions they are only past events and my opinion. She is a Jew and an American of Italian-Hebrew descent. There have been many tribes and communities that tried to give value and dignity to human life. CS Lewis showed in the book Abolition of Man: Illustrations from the Tao how this moral symphony has existed in various cultures. However, by far the most serious efforts to prevent wholesale slaughter of humans with impunity which exist in the modern era come from two roots. One of these roots is Judaism and the other is Taoism. the Han Chinese has somehow got into his or her genes a an actual revulsion when someone is killed without any compensation whatsoever. Chinese executions feature celebrity and dignity by tradition. There are beautiful suicide resorts for those who are expected to die for social reasons. The breeding of people is such that even the nobles families believe they have some blood connection to every part of the super-society so that all have a family share in the success of the greatest. These tradtions are thousands of years old and largely survive in Communist China. But make no mistake the Chinese system is all in favor of slaughtering people in large numbers for fun and profit. The Taoist simply sees life as an asset and is willing to sacrifice himself to assure that his or her fellow human is not deprived of the asset by a charlatan or a thief. Even war is a transaction in Chinese thinking. The other North East Asian cultures have borrowed through breeding and learning this Han Chinese attribute. It is not that their own cultures really suceeded in making it unpopular to just kill anyone you can but rather that life and people work better when murder is less available than tea. Thus they adopted their neighbor’s work over centuries.

My friend the Jewish woman hurts when people are killed deliberately by other pople. She accepts military self defense and tries to hide the fact that evy collateral victim is like a personal blow. She is very much a Jew. The Jews have not had their own country for milennia and have not had armies or courts that could sentence criminals to die since then until Israel. Those were important exceptions. The lack of those things has weakened them and my friend supports AI which opposes the death penalty — I am a cheerleader for the death penalty. The Jews must learn that there is a time to kill but they must not be ashamed that while Brits were celebrating house buildings by slitting babies throats and pouring the blood into the mortar and Germans were burning their slaves alive every holiday they were learning “thou shalt not kill”.
Ancient Israel had actual official genocsidal wars (like all their neighbors) but the actual generals, kings and capatins were constantly recogniuzing the humanity of their enemies and making treaties and then even making friends. They just could not help it. They had death penalites ofr prostitutes, homosexuals and witches but they had the annoying habit of recognizing the humanity of the accused and allowing due process, thus many were spared for technical, personal and legal reasons and built systems to protect themselves. It is a shame it is too late to enslave the European Germans because they sought to erase the people whom our civilization owes almost everything to and which all have known. They operated under Norse masterminds who have never been blamed. The German and Norse suffering for the Holocaust is so trivial it has at times mades me vomit to think about it. I do not fault those who value not killing people as AI does — they desrve a voice. Life ethics have taken centuries of hard work and are essential to everything else. This is threatened in our world.

Any worthy successor to Western Civilization which is going to emerge will need capital punishment, war with casualites on both sides, contraception and natural family planning together, preparing the very sick to accept death and an understanding of homicide in the East. However, such a capacity for accepting killing and death must be grounded in ahuge amount of work and respect which supports the unique value of human life.

12. Time Framing

The time for action has come a long time ago.

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