War with Iran: A Recopied Facebook Note

War with Iran and Other Fun Things
by Frank Wynerth Summers III on Thursday, March 8, 2012 at 10:34am ·

I think that America’s President has helped to put us in a position where we are building down our forces while pushing back against China in the Pacific, antagonizing Russia and experiencing some kind of conflict commitment in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kuwait, Libya, Egypt and Iran and I believe he is doing this because he is working hard to destroy our country which he hates. When we think of war with Iran we have to think in that context. In seeking to destroy us he has many fans in Europe like the good old boys who gave him the Nobel Peace Prize. Our policies and President are bent on our complete destruction. But make no mistake the conflict between the United States and the Muslim world did not begin with President Barack Hussein Obama and it cannot end with him. Electing Barak Obama was a catastrophic tragedy of the type many civilizations cannot survive and ours may not but he is not coming out of nowhere. His father the Afro-Communist Muslim was not coming out of nowhere either. The Muslim Maphilindo recruiters who made veiled contact with him in Indonesia when he was a child were not coming out of nowhere. The “God Damn America” Black church he attended did not come out of nowhere.

Islam is a religion of struggle. It is a religion of war and conquest with the Non Muslim. It comes from the depths and basic fabric of the religion. Yes the Sufis turn the Jihad inside to perfect the self but the usual course for this is after all non Muslims have been killed, converted or expelled in given country. Obama is deeply rooted in a religion where many believe it would be a good and holy thing for a man to be a sort of Christian, to lie and deceive and to help create the downfall of a civilization which would lead to a Muslim regime. There is Islamist extreme republican Islam which is so toxic itt is hard to describe. There is the more noble Islam of royalist regimes like Jordan, Qatar, Oman, the UAE and Brunei which have a very hard tiome not remaining intrinsic enemies of the Christians, the West, the Buddhists. There are countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, para-state Kurdistan and Kosovo where an ethic of tolerance and diversity is enshrined in many ways but more often than not finds itself struggling against Islam not with it. There is Turkey by itself which is so bad, so noble, so intolerant and visious, so tolerant and enlightened that it cannot be discussed in any brief essay coherently but it is never a safe and good place nor non Islam.

Many Americans including people like David Duke who used to not reek of cowardice even if you disagreed with them believe publicly or secretly that if Israel were gone we would not be in conflict with the Muslim world. The truth is if Israel were gone, Islam would simply be free to unify its forces on other targets around the globe more easily. World conquest by force is the very heart of Islam and so is lying about that fact.

I believe the Muslim world is basically my enemy. I use the word basically however as though it actually means something. Sometimes I may have a common enemy with a Muslim and we might fight together. The situation can change in a place and time and friendship can break out. Their can be reasons for sustaining peace in a region but basically the Muslim world is my enemy. War with an Islamic power is usually good in my view and simply brings about the inevitable. Probably there is no path to what I would consider a decent future unless the powers that can do so wage many wars against Islamic powers.

If I were dictating policy by magic fiat in this country then I would do somethings that would encourage better relations with the Islamic world and some which would not. I would insist on the rights of a variety of peoples and Holy Places in Israel but never without taking the opportunity to remind the Islamic world that most countries at their near worst are better places for Christians, Jews, Zoroastians and varied pagans to live than most Muslim countries at their best. But Polygamy need not be evil, their royals need not be treated as commoners, their art and poetry need not be ignored in much our studies and their military traditions and exploits need not be forgotten in our histories. For those who wonder what I would do if I were President under the system we have now — I am not running. For those who wonder what system I think we ought to have see the long document at the end of this link: https://franksummers3ba.wordpress.com/major-themes-of-this-blog/new-model-constitution-of-the-united-states-of-america/

But all the possible reasons to reach out to the Muslim world will not resolve the conflict. In the end the must be met with a will to resist which will not exist for centuries perhaps. A resolve to retake formerly Christian countries like Egypt, Turkey, Libya, Chad, and others and run them to suit the reform of the religion and to allow the preaching of the gospel and to kill Muslims who kill or try to kill converts. Islam cannot be contained. A thousand years of pushing back must begin but we will not be ready to face those facts for centuries. For now there can only be coexistence with the horror and enmity and lies of most Islamic politics and an armed struggle for survival. So for that reason I am in basically in favor of a war with Iran. But it may not be an easy war.

It might be fun to have a war with Iran — or it might not be. Iran is a big-ass country not in the sense that these people have unusually large assemblies of gluteal muscles but in the sense of contemporary speech which indicates that a thing, place or people in bigger than usual. This big-ass country is just a tiny bit smaller than Alaska and is the eighteenth largest country in the world. Iraq is about twice the size of Idaho and is ranked in the fifties among countries by size. Afghanistan is a little smaller than Texas and is ranked in the forties among countries in the world. Vietnam was ranked in the sixties among nations arrayed by size and was a little larger than New Mexico. South Korea is about the size of Indiana and North Korea is about the size of Mississippi. So they would be our biggest opponent since World War Two in terms of invading someone’s geopgraphy. In addition we have got some kind of bubbling engagement in Iraq, Kuwait, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Libya which might be affected if it came to a land war with all of its inevitable miscues and complications.

Another fun thing about Iran as a place to invade is that Iran has about eighty million people. This ties in with their strong trade relationships with Europe, Russia and China. So they have eighty million people supplied better than Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya may ever have been and hard to compare with our wars with Vietnam and Korea. There is no country as nearby as China was to Korea and Vietnam. However, we are unable assure ourselves of the degree to which forces in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Palestine and Egypt as well as places we are not currently at war with will be galvanized by these forces.

We must find a way to resist Iran but we must know that Iran has a right as a sovereign nation to escalate any such attak into a full-blown war. They in Iran have something to join others in that struggle. There will never be real peace unless a foreign power imposes a constitution in Iran where the 2% of Non-Muslims are allowed to increase and have at least 5% of votes in one section of the legislature and the Muslim sections of the constitution are pressured to evolve. This policy would not be strong or harsh as you probably think it would be. This would be a wonderful tolerant and free breeeze blowing into the Hell of Muslim political politics. As for revenge itself someone of my heritage has an almost infinite cause for revenge against Muslims but I am willing to take only such opportunities as are almost forced upon me and I am willing to believe that in time by supporting minorities in Muslim countries that have non-Muslim minorities, by working with great Muslim Knights and Sufis we can have an idea of coexistence with Islam which is not suicidal. But our current view of coexistence is suicidal.

I have never fought an Islamist army in person and I feel plenty of shame and guilt about that. However, I am braver and have paid more dues than a lot of people will ever know. That is simply the truth. This is another simple fact. Islam is the enemy of most non-Muslims whether they admit or not. It is better to seek a custom of chivalry and honorable war than to fill yourself with the lies and crap of loose talk of peace. We better find a way to see the fun in war with Islam for centuries or we have no chance of seeing much of anything survive. Once they do not have to compete with other cultures they will really get toxic I think.

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