Setting up my ten most watchable people

This blog has been declining in function and readership/ viewership since February of this year which was its peak. Often now it does not function well at all and I am probably going to abandon it completely. However, I would like to get out two more posts in my watchable people series if possible. There would have been more had the blog not ceased to operate well. Now if I can just finish up I will:

My ten most watchable people in continuity with what they have clearly begun will be:
Benedict XVI, Prince Charles of Wales, Princess Catherine Elizabeth Duchess of Cambridge, Britney Spears, Queen Sofia of Spain, Philip Lord Norton Baron of Louth, Dr. Carl Brasseau, President Barack Hussein Obama, Vladimir Putin and ten Mark Zuckerberg.

The five taken from those already my list of one hundred who are included for potential to break out and make a different mark are:
Myself, Sir Richard Nicholas Branson, Charles Allan Murray, Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales and Vitaly Alexandrovich Lopota.
At least eight and not more than nine of the people on my final list will come from those two short lists above. One or two will come from among the remaining eighty-five names on the basis of reasons not so easily categorized. However, whether a long and more satisfactory post will be possible I am not currently sure. But at least a final list of ten will be posted before the eleventh of September ifat all possible.
The last four of my 100 most watchable in the second post 9/11 decade can be found at this link:

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