The Note

I have more or less abandoned blogging for now and there have been a lot of doors closing in my life. I have always been able to say that things were dangerous, bad and strained from my point of view but it seems that the level of foreclosed options has reached a new level. Nonetheless, I will try to post that list of ten and drop in with some new posts now and then for those of you who still come by to check this out. I think that threatening and bad circumstances can be opportunities but there has to be something good to work with which is proportional to some frame one can devise for the situation. Right now I am having trouble devising such a frame. Things are just really bleak in so many areas of life and such large threats are countered by such small resources on my part. I consider myself a fairly brave man but I think courage can be worn away by exhaustion and hopelessness most surely and I may be near the end of mine.

But today, life goes on a little longer. I do what I still can do regardless of the consequence…

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