D-Day Mentioned

This has been a day very unlike the day when the Allies stormed the Beaches of Normandy in my own life. It has been a day when I have achieved little against small opposition. I have not even been able to post a note remembering D-Day and have lost two posts I wrote completely.

When I think of all that the American forces endured and others did it makes me want to make sure that we have done all we could do to make Americ and the world around America a good and strong place. They failed to save millions of innocents across Europe. Losses were horribly heavy and yet there is no doubt it was a glorious day and one to remember. It made certain the fall of the Third Reich. I want to at least mention their sacrifice and heroism here today. HONOR to the US and Alllied FOrces that won the day on the coast of Normandy…

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