Waiting, Weary and Watchful for a Wanton Wetting

I am real tired. I cannoy get any of these links to work from this post. I have had blog problems lately. But if you copy and paste or drag them then here are some flood web sites without much comment:

Red Cross in the Acadiana region:

Evacuation shelter and relief programs:

Keep informed about the flood, help friends and neighbors, stay in touch with officials. Protect yourself, be paranoid. Also look at this site: http://gohsep.la.gov

This barely a post but there is more anyway. If you live in the areas of south Louisiana which will flood and you have already secured life, loved ones livestock, valuables and pets then please consider securing or evacuating all hazardous materials you can with your neighbors. To follow the flood see the following link: http://emergency.la.gov

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