Just About Everything…. more or less

This is one of those Sunday mornings like many other mornings when there is a great abundance of things to write a blog post or a Facebook Note about in these near and present days. Here is a list of some of the things I could and possibly should blog or do a Facebook Note about today:
1. The horrific damage and high death toll created by the enormous number of tornadoes which have ripped across much of the southern United States. This is even more true because I live in the section of the country affected even if not in the regions most devastated.

2. A bit more about the British royal wedding and the absence of prominent Americans in the crowd. There is a whole series of important articles to be written about what this weekend means in all sorts of ways.

3.The White House Correspondents Association Dinner is always good for a post and its jokes are always worth reviewing.

4. The Beatification this weekend of Karol Wotija, Pope John Paul II.

5. The scrubbing of the Endeavor launch by NASA.

6.The NFL draft

7. The unresolved dispute between NFL labor and management

10. The Obama long form birth certificate

11. The killing of Gaddaffi, Khadaffi, or whatever you chose to call the Libyan premiere’s grandchildren.

12. The killing of the military troops and the contractor shot in a base by an Afghan stationed there.

13. Steve Carrel leaving the hit show he has led through successful seasons.

14. The special election I voted in yesterday for State representativee.

But faced with such choice and also with my own fatigue I will not really do a post right now. I will only list these things and say that in life we all struggle to remain informed about the things that we think concern us and to respond to the issues and demands that arise from these events. It is never all that easy and sometimes we just have to pass on some things we would like to do. There is tomorrow, whether we like to procrastinate or not. We do not have to be able to do everything to do something. Doing something worthwhile is often the mostwe can ask of ourselves. Even if we wish we could ask more.

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