John James Audobon’s 226th Birthday

John James Audobon has had an enormous influence on Louisiana culture and its asthetic sensibilities. The great, hunter painter, collector and naturalist who specialized in birds was also ve y accomplished in depicting both their actual food and behavior in a still scene. He was even more accomplished in showing their environment correctly with almost no exceptions. He made bery careful observations when he found a bird and set those down in a permanent record of real artistic merit. His work, though criticized by some of our own era has provided a vital benchmark for many aspects of conservation and ecology in our time.

For a good summary of his most important stay in Louisiana well presented with art see this product of LSU press:
One of the reasons that my own political opinions favor more radical than conventional change is because I think we will need such change to be effective as regards the environment and our environmenal policy. But we are not starting without any assets. Among the greatest part of the conservationist heritage of the Western Hemisphere is the work of John James Audobon.

A documentary is based on the book above which aired on Louisiana Public Broadcasting and is quite good I think. It gives a glimpse into the life Audobon lived here.

To see some of theart he did as provided by the society which acts in and under his name you can check out this website:

The actual first edition prinitngs of his great works in book form are among the great treasures of humanity and deserve to be. Pricey as such thing are they are probably undervalued. However, better or worse prints of his works adorn walls in Louisiana and elsewhere with frequency and form well beloved connections with the outside world.

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